Thursday, July 30, 2009

Around our Table

Around OUR table, you are quite likely to see a child with elbows {and boats} on the table

Elbows, elbows.1

another child shoveling in his food {literally- shovel compliments of our beach trip}

shovel collage

and a dog waiting patiently- for what I have discovered is a deal between said dog and youngest child {who has been caught feeding dogs several times}.


Yes, this is the norm for our table most every day.

In this post where I shared about Homemade Gourmet, you wouldn't believe who dropped by in the comment section: Tami- the FOUNDER of Homemade Gourmet. Holy Cow! How crazy is that? I forwarded the e-mail with the comment to my friend, Melanie- the HG Consultant, immediately. Then I called her because I hadn't heard back from her {do you do this??}.
Melanie's egg-zact words were, "Tami?? Tami VanHoy?? THE TAMI VAN HOY?"

It was almost as if Jon Bon Jovi had commented on my blog that he likes Melanie's guitar playing.

So fun!

Tami has a wonderful blog called Around the Table and she seems like a super nice and {obviously} smart gal. Go give her a hello over there when you can and check out her recipes.

I can assure you, her table doesn't bear a smidgen of resemblance to mine.


Tami said...

Oh Hillary...let me reassure you that my table is much like yours, only the hands and faces are much bigger! My children are now 21, 19, 16 and 14, three of which are boys and dinner time is still a source of entertainment! I can still sweep up a full meal from the floor when everyone has finished their plates! The 'toys' on the table now have batteries and can complicate our ability to have a great family conversation; and while shovels are not common, "use your fork please" is commonly heard.

Loved the story and will certainly give a personal holler to Melanie. I'll be sure to print this blog and point out the rock star reference to my teenagers! I'm sure they will fall on the floor laughing with echos of 'are you kidding me' :)

Thanks for the great shout out on your blog...and I am so very sad that I could not go to the She Speaks conference. Have a great time!

Teresa @ Grammy Girlfriend said...

Those are the cutest glad that I stopped by....My blog reading has been so little the last few weeks...but have a few free days to catch up.

The Gunters said...

I found this article and thought of you!

Mr. and Mrs. Nurse Boy said...

So, this post reminded me of my life when we had a dog and only one child. Life was so good. The mop and I did not have much of a relationship. Our loyal dog was the delightful mop.

Enter 2 more kids and the dog has left us.

The mop and I are best friends. Except I hate mopping. So, more like a longtime friend that drives me crazy, but I have to keep her in my life.

Don't you feel sorry for me? Can I borrow your dog after every meal? Just for about 3 minutes?

Mrs. Nurse Boy

Lori said...

Hilary! I saw your photo on Musings of a Housewife. What a great shot, and I'm sure you had a blast at the conference. Hope to hear all about it!

Lori said...

Oops - forgot that other 'l' :)

Your Frugal Friend, Niki said...

Love your doggie!


Anonymous said...

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