Saturday, November 29, 2008

Underdog Schmunderdog

It's a big football Saturday and we are all (including me, Jason and my parents) decked out in our best orange and blue.
We know it's a long shot, but we're still hopeful!

Here are our future football players in their jerseys:

War Eagle!!

Friday, November 28, 2008

You Turkey!

Hope you're having a wonderful Thanksgiving. We are down in Dothan enjoying time with Mom and Dad and extended family. Jason is not "enjoying" it so much since he is down with the funk, but thankfully dad got him some good drugs this morning. He'll be back to normal by tomorrow, we hope (we- meaning me- hoping I don't have to drive the whole way home!).

Does your family have that picture? The one where you take the same picture in the same spot every year?
We have one such picture spot at my grandmother's house. She has many pine trees in the front yeard and has a white iron circular bench around one. I've never seen another one of those, but she has had it there for-e-vah. I think it's even rusting a bit and I was afraid we might break it (I would hate to be the final picture there!). But, it managed to hold us as it's held different family members hundreds of times before. Here's the outcome:

Now, I'm at my mom's house and can't figure out how to recrop. (Photoshop? Any help here?) That uneven-ness is driving me a little bonkers, but I think I'll manage to get over it. Hope you do!
So that's our update from the road: loads of food, friends and family. We're loving it!

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Feeling the Love

You might have noticed that I normally don't participate in tags. Not because I don't like them- I love reading yours- I'm just feel the pressure to come up with clever things and I always feel like I come up short. It's like blog peer pressure sometimes so I just ignore it. (Every PBS after school special would be so proud.)
BUT, my sweet friend Becky tagged my blog with some Love, so I'm passing on the love. She asked me to name 5 things I love (nice at Thanksgiving, right?), so that's easy!

In no particular order:
1) Dryer sheets in the winter- they sure have helped with the constant snapping lately.
2) iPhone/ TiVo/ Garmin GPS for running- every gadget that my hubby has made us get over the years. I love them all. I'm addicted. Like he said I would be. I don't know if I like that after all.
3) Remote controls for most everything in this house- we just need one for the fireplace and then we might use it.
4) Baby gates- we have 2 that are strategically placed right now and we couldn't do without them. I don't know what we're going to do about the Christmas tree this year? Can anybody envision a tree with ornaments just on the top and a cage around the bottom? That's what I'm thinking about...
5) Jesus, my family, health, good friends- all the things that you would expect to be on this list. I am extremely thankful for them all and have my nice list of 30 here from my birthday if you want to be serious. I just thought of these silly things that I'm thankful for this morning!

So, I'm supposed to pass on the love to 5 other people's blogs (but don't feel like you have to participate if you have family in town and you're cooking, etc- just get to it when you can):
1. Donna
2. Holly
3. Emily
4. Annie
5. Larry (that's right- a boy. You should see Larry's post yesterday about what his 5 year old Joshua's thankful for)

And if you want to participate and start your own, that would be fine, too. I could list about a dozen (or more) folks whose blogs I love. If you are down there on the right, then I love your blog!

Happy Thanksgiving! I hope you're feeling the love!

Monday, November 24, 2008

Laura's Wedding

I think that you're supposed to title things about a wedding as belonging to the bride and the groom, but who are we kidding? And especially since the bride is one of my very best friends- it's her wedding. But she did marry a wonderful man named Chris- so in case his family is reading this- it can be "Laura and Chris's Wedding".

Back to Laura's wedding. Laura is one my closest friends from high school. She's bright, funny, thoughtful- and I should mention an event planner- so I knew this was going to be good! Laura has lived out in Austin for 7-8 years and that's where she met Chris, so that's where they got married. She works for a minor league baseball team- the Round Rock Express- and he is a chef. He used to work there and that's where they met. Fun, huh? Almost as fun as our Space Camp love... but that's another post.
So, Jason and I flew in Thursday and we got to have dinner with our dear friends Jeff and Janet and their little boy Noah! It was our first time to meet their almost 2 year old and he is a DOLL! I can NOT believe I didn't get any pictures, but they are all super adorable and just wonderful friends, so fill in your own mental image here.

Friday during the day, we had a non-bridesmaid (Laura didn't have bridesmaids, but we were classified as non-bridesmaids) luncheon/ pottery painting party. Laura picked us up from the hotel in the Round Rock Express huge van and drove us all to the pottery place.
Not just a bride, but a large motor vehicle operator, too!
Not everyone was in town, yet, but all of us who were there had so much fun! We all painted Christmas ornaments for Laura and Chris and I think that is the BEST idea! I hope they turn out great and Laura promised to send us pictures after they've "cooked".
Then Friday night we had the after- rehearsal fiesta at the baseball stadium- where Laura still works.
Me and Jason by a Round Rock- is it "the" Round Rock? I don't know- but that's Dell Diamond behind us.
As you might gather, this was a Mexican themed dinner and it was delicious. I mean lip smacking, knock your mamma good. I went back for 2 plates. And I was full after 1. Really.
There was a live Mariachi band and singers, slideshows, speeches. It was awesome.
Rachel, Laura and me
Then when we got home we decided to all go hit the town. Helloooo 6th street! Austin is the live music capital of the world, so it was great fun! Always something to do!
On Saturday, Jason and Jeff (our friend mentioned earlier- one of Jason's best friends from high school) went on a self-proclaimed "play date". They went and watched English football-soccer- live at a pub that specializes in such things. They had a burrito and Guiness beer for breakfast. That's right. Go ahead and gag- I did. They loved it.
I went with the girls (who were all in town at this point) to one of the best BBQ places I've ever eaten and it was just down the street. Thankfully we walked... or rolled... back to the hotel in time to get dressed for the wedding.
So, the buses left at 2:30/ 3:00 for the 4:00 wedding. Why? Well, Laura picked a church that they fell in love with out in the country. It is so beautiful and you can see how they love it. It's amazing. The inside was beautiful, but the architecture is divine and there is nothing around for miles except fields and cows. It makes it all the more breathtaking!

The wedding was wonderful. The pastor was Laura's childhood pastor from Dothan and Laura was the first child he'd baptised at their church in Dothan. When he left when she was 7 or 8, Laura told him he would have to marry her. It all finally came full circle! Is that not the best story?
AND, if you think that is good, Laura had a GOSPEL CHOIR at the wedding! Talk about chill bumps! They brought down the house. It was so amazing. Please have one if you are getting married soon. You will NOT regret it. I wanted a harp, but I should have gone with a gospel choir.
After the wedding was over and they were officially hitched, we all slowly tricked out of the church and meandered around waiting for the buses and taking pictures.
My girls: Sarah, me, Rachel and Meg- so proud of our bride!
Then word started spreading that Nolan Ryan was there. Now, he owns the team that Laura works for, I knew he'd been invited and she is good friends with the family, but last I'd heard, he hadn't RSVPd. We all started looking...

And there he was!
We didn't want to be all up in his face and dorky, so we let it ride...
until the reception!
He was there, too, and as soon as I saw him talking to Laura I told Jason to make a run for it. And he did. He totally used my dear friend (and his, too,) to smooze up to Nolan Ryan. And he loved it. He shook his hand and chatted briefly. He even came back to the table and updated his facebook status from his iPhone to, "Jason just shook hands with Nolan Ryan". I'm sure Laura didn't mind at all- and I was so happy for him! But I was still too cool to go get a picture of him shaking hands, so you'll just have to believe me.
Back to the reception- the little details were over the top. Laura's family has a beach house in Panama City Beach and the sand that held the candles on the table was from there. The candles and sand were in jars that the family had all collected. And the flowers on the table were floating gardenias- her favorite because her grandmother had those outside her house. Laura's brothers sang and played the guitar for their first dance. And all the guests got a CD of the couples favorite music- it's terrific. And there was a mashed potato bar after you got done with all the "real" food. Need I tell you more or do you already love her, too? The Happy Couple!
Laura and Me (note that the Texas air had reaked havoc on my well-styled hair- oh well- Laura's hair was beautful and held up all night, so I guess that's what matters!) What a radiant bride!
Of course the band played Sweet Home Alabama, lots of Beatles music, which made Jason happy, and there were plenty of drinks, toasts and champagne. It all ended with a sparkler send-off and the happy couple on the way to Mexico. I will admit that I was day dreaming of a honeymoon in Mexico a couple of times, but was just as thrilled to get back home to my boys.
They had a great time with Jason's parents and even went to see electric trains at a friend's house on Saturday. They said Owen didn't stop jumping up and down. I can't wait to see him on Christmas morning...hint, hint.
So, thanks for indulging in my super long, picture filled post. I hope you had a great weekend, too, and I've got a fun treat with wedding pictures as soon as I can get a couple old ones scanned in.
Laura's little extra touches were clearly from someone who is a professional and has been to a lot of weddings. What are your favorite wedding details? I have to admit that the CD is the best gift ever! I've played it several times already. My cousin Marcus and his wife Holly had a jar of pear jelly bellys as you walked into their reception that had "The Perfect Pear" on the jar. that was adorable and hit the spot before the meal! I loved that, too!
Leave your cool ideas in the comments section.

Thursday, November 20, 2008


We're headed to Austin, Texas for Laura and Chris's wedding!
Jason and I are flying out.. oh, okay.. NOW and the kids are staying here with Connie and Irv! Thanks Nana and Grandpa!
Talk to you on Sunday!

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

If Henry was a Girl...

had brown and multi-colored yarn for hair and wore it in pigtails, this is what he'd look like:A lot of "ifs", but you never know...

Monday, November 17, 2008

No Binging, Just Purging

The dreaded time has come to trade out my clothes for the next season. Our closet isn't big enough to hold enough clothes for all seasons, so we just take it the 2 seasons at a time- you know- dead of winter (50 degrees) and summer (104 degrees).

It is definitely sweater time here and I have been pulling them out of big rubbermaid containers in my hall for fear of what I knew had to be done. The purge.
I didn't just need a swap in/ swap out this time, I was in need of a Stacy-and-Clinton-esque re-haul (if only I had the money that comes along with that) because of all the crapola that has been accumulating in my closet. I've been gently purging over the years, but not enough to make a difference.
Here's the problem: I completely and totally relate to clothes as if they are humans.
I know that sounds crazy, but hold on.
Almost every piece of clothing in my closet has a story or a memory attached to it. They all make me feel a certain way and most of them can be traced back a long way- like old friends. I have pants that I wore on my first job and felt so smart in (grey slacks- still fit!!). There's the sweater that I was wearing when we told our Sunday School class we were expecting Owen (pink turtleneck). I think the outfit from when I first met Jason (navy sleeveless top and khaki shorts) is long gone, but it's still etched in my memory- along with many of the date outfits I scrutinized and hurriedly threw on before he arrived.
A royal blue dress that I wore to our senior formal is still here and I will never part with that one. I worked so hard to fit in it (with Donna) and I felt like I was on top of the world. We were on top of the AmSouth building in downtown Montgomery, so we actually were pretty close.
I had on a purple top when Jason proposed on the beach. I wore a peach shirt the day I went in to have Owen and a white one for Harris- both with grossly large maternity shorts that I still wore back home. I can also recall what I was wearing when I did embarrassingly stupid things or stuck my foot in my mouth. This is generally pretty often, so I've got lots of stories in that section of the closet.
I remember that I had on a khaki pants suit at my Grandfather Hart's funeral. And a black maternity dress (that was on loan from Emily) at my Big Daddy's funeral- and the only pair of maternity panty hose I could find in town. I had just had Harris the day before my mom called to tell me that my Other Mama unexpectedly died. I just remember sobbing into my blue print hospital gown- and realizing that I wouldn't get to talk with her about this precious new baby. Not on this side of heaven, at least.
Most of these aren't even memories from pictures, but they are just tangled up there in the cobwebs of my mind. It's like the lyrics to Achy Breaky Heart or Ice Ice Baby- they just don't leave. You're welcome. Hope you enjoy singing those.
For years, I had been thinking things like, "I wore that skort around summer 1998 when I met Jason's parents, so it might come back in style in just a couple of years". But, after a reality check, I decided to do a big purge tonight and this is what's leaving and going to find a new home at Goodwill:

You can't see most of this stack, but here is a side shot of the pile with some really interesting jeans in there (pink sweater on top right is the Sunday School announcement one):

I've built myself up for this all day. You know you will not wear these clothes again. You can do it. It will feel good. The clothes aren't the memories... you will still have the memories.
But it's still hard. I'm looking at the pictures now thinking "I should take those to a consignment shop and sell them! There's some good stuff in there!", but I know it would never get done. They would continue to live here and suck up space in my closet or garage.
So, here's the final product. My side of the closet:

I'll have to see what stories come from this group. It looks pretty promising. I can already see the outfit I'm wearing to one of my best friend's wedding this weekend. And look at all those camis! Woohoo! Wait- those are undershirts. Nevermind...

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Mission Completion!

Much like the Little Einsteins, I had a mission this week. It was not only the usual (full time job, full time children, full time husband, organizing a community fundraiser, laundry, dishes, cooking, cleaning, grocery shopping- on a budget with coupons, etc), but this one was for school.

Monday I had to present my paper in my Recent American History class at UAH, but the actual paper wasn't due until Friday. If you're just catching up, I am taking a few undergraduate classes to fulfill a pre-requisite before I start a Masters program in History at UAH. I graduated with a minor in history, so I just need a couple of classes. I think I want to teach at a college level, but I'm honestly not all that sure I'm an "academic". Here's why:
I did all the research and just knew that I could whip that paper right up. I'm a writer, right? I do have a degree in English and love to write- THIS WILL BE EASY!

It has been a decade since I've written a "paper" and I honestly forgot how difficult it is to put all the pieces together- especially the formatting, spacing, capitalization, etc. I had to re-learn all of that! I've written a ton of reports for work, so the fact that I was still "in shape" that was the fallacy I was believing.
I started about 8:30 on Thursday night (I know- this is sad, but I'm being honest here- I had all the research done already) and I stayed up until 3 in the am finishing it. And really, I still had 2 pages left out of the 18 it needed to be, but the majority was done. And it was double spaced, folks, thankfully. I was the one in class who asked when he assigned it!

So, Friday, I thought I'd just lay back a little with work and finish it. And I did- with only a few minor work disasters going on. I worked about 4 more hours on it on Friday morning and then had the footnotes and bibliography left. This is where it got sticky. I worked for THREE hours on the footnotes and then another hour on the bibliography! I hadn't even looked at a CMS formatted ANYTHING in a LONG time. So, it took my brain a while to readjust. And I hadn't documented my notes like I wish I would have. It took FO-e-vah.

If you do the math, that would be 14.5 hours just writing this stinking paper.

Here is the cool part, though. You can turn it in online! Isn't that wild? I guess that they've done it for a while with internet classes, but I guess I just assumed that you e-mailed it if you did that. There is even a website and the professor set up and code and password, etc. Crazy!

So, MISSION COMPLETION! I just hope I get a good grade... (and he doesn't check all the references, but that's a different story)

I started thinking about why this would be so hard when it was SO easy a few years ago. I could write papers left and right. But I was in the groove, had nothing else to do and my brain wasn't scattered with all kinds of other useless information. I think if you are in college full time then you are just used to using that side of your brain. Mine still needs a little dusting off, but I worked it up to a shine the other night! Whew! Glad that one is OVER!

Kathy's Cure Trike-A-Thon

The long time former-administrator at Owen and Harris's pre-school, Kathy O'Reilly, is one of the dearest, sweetest people you ever will meet. She battled and defeated breast cancer 5 years ago and then about a month after she retired in September of this year, she found out that she had a reoccurance and she is now battling bone and brain cancer.

She has done so much for our family with Owen and she had worked at the school for 23 years! She really has made that school successful and has devoted her life to it. Her daughter was one of Owen's one year old teachers and her grandson is there, as well. With all that said, can you tell I love this woman? She's amazing.

So many people love her that we are really concerned about her finances since she needs some help right now. So, we got together and did a Trike-a-Thon for her to show her how much all the kids love her and support her. It was so sweet and special. We were scheduled to hold it outside, but today's high was about 44, it rained all last night and it was ugg-lee. So, we moved it indoors to a local church gym. There were 3 different divisions: the fun run (for the youngest kids who can't ride- like Harris), the tricylcle division and the bicycle division (where there were several scooters, as well). We had 3 different tracks for these and it actually worked out pretty well, logistically considering that we (meaning some other people- I was a little late- don't want to take the credit here) threw the tracks together this morning and had to scratch the original outside plan.

Here's our trike rider with his registration:

Here's Owen with Ms. Kathy. He was more interested in riding than posing, but I was so glad to see her. And I'm glad she got to come. She was a trooper!

I know, I know. We found out today that Owen's tricycle is entirely too small. He doesn't ride it alot, so we hadn't noticed. His poor little knees were hitting the bars and are probably bruised, but he was still out there going to town. I think we might work on an upgrade for Christmas.
The kids got a tally mark on their backs each time they completed a lap. We got pledges and donations either per lap or just a flat donation. I just asked for all flat donations because I didn't want to deal with math... or go back to someone and tell them Owen completed 432 laps! Ha! I can't wait to find out how much we raised!

So, please keep Kathy in your prayers. Recent good news is that her chemo is working and she had a clean brain scan this week. Praise God! She is taking treatments at MD Anderson in Houston and having to be driven back and forth every other week (because airplanes have too many germs- more than that room full of kids, though? Doubtful!).

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Can I get a Whoop Whoop?

Under 2 dolla will make me holla!! Hooray!!
This was at Sam's Club early this morning. The one on South Parkway in Huntsville, AL if you're wondering! I have a business club membership (which I would highly recommend) which means you can shop at 7 am without all the other people being there. I go after I drop the kids off at pre-school and there are about 2 other people there shopping and people falling over themselves to check you out. Don't you wish all shopping experiences were like that?
I did NOT get gas this morning, though, unfortunately. I have about 3/4 of a tank, but I'm sure I'll be there soon enough! I hope that price just keeps going down!

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Who's this bank robber?

You've gotta love a matching hat and sweater- even if he looks a little sketchy- like he could steal your Cheerios at any minute. I mean, can I puh-lease have a few cute things with boys? Why do the girls get all the cute stuff?

Here's Henry before pre-school today playing on his little car. He pushes this thing around the living room and kitchen all the time- except when I'm trying to record him doing it.

He's walking most of the time now and still looks a little intoxicated, but he's getting the hang of it.

Thanks for all your well wishes. I am feeling like a human today thanks to some steroids and antibiotics (sorry, Annie). I had a bad sinus infection and have cut it off at the pass! Hooray! It's just hard to be sick when you're the mom. Anybody got an Amen for that??

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

This is what I feel like today

A rotten pumpkin. I have the crud. The yuck. The funk. Whatever you want to call it. I think it's probably just a sinus infection, but it's pretty bad.

Aren't these lovely pumpkins? Jason took them to the trash this morning, finally and we are excited to not have neighbors running away now. At one time the were cute, but we did pumpkins way to early this year while decorating for Harris's birthday, so they went bad about a day after Halloween. They went well with the dead mums that I did not water ONCE. Nice, huh? I guess we'll toss those, too.

I had my big class presentation yesterday and I am so thankful to have that over. I stayed up late all weekend working on it and I think that's why I'm sick. It was on the Cold War's effect on the Space Race, so I got to polish up my space history- I love it. I have to tell you that it was a good show. I love standing up and talking in front of people- what, you don't?- so, I was in my element. I even passed out space ice cream at the end. I think it was a hit.
I cancelled a meeting about school fundraising this morning because of my cruddiness and the fact that we were supposed to meet at a pregnant friends' house. I don't think she wants me over there. But, good news is that the other girl who was going to be at this meeting has a husband who is an ENT who is sliding me in at 12:45!! WOOHOO!
And my kiddos are at pre-school today. So that makes things a little easier. I know. I fundamentally disagree with them being in school on Veteran's Day, BUT our school calendar was a little different this year. The board (me included) decided to send ALL of our teachers to a conference in February and close the school for 2 days. With that, we had to come up with 2 days to make up somewhere since our elementary classes have to be in school for 180 days. Blah, blah. I'm just rambling now. And breathing through my mouth. Ugh. You should call me. I sound like a creature from the black lagoon... on drugs.
Off to take more meds and lay on the sofa. I might even watch Chuck again! Do y'all watch that show? It's great! And they toally teased the Jon and Kate wedding/ vow renewal! It's not until NEXT week. How can they drag out one trip to 4 weeks!?
Thank you, Veterans! We wouldn't be here blogging about whatever without you!! I love my freedom!

Friday, November 7, 2008

Just your average Thursday night...

At the Dunham home.
One child who thinks he IS Buzz Lightyear (we are going to have to surgically remove this costume):One child whose favorite toys are in the trash (ok- recycling bin): And a little explosion:

The culprit:
Don't ask me how it happened like my husband did. I shook up the salsa- like you always shake salsa, so you don't get just the juicy part at the beginning- and it just popped when I opened it! And it went everywhere! I had a red polka dotted shirt, a phone with an onion stuck in the earpiece and salsa in my EYE! Ouch! Thankfully my eye is fine, but there is never a dull moment around here. I'll invite you all over next time for tacos and show you my little trick. It's kind of like a pinata... just with salsa.

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Haunting Memories of Grace-less Times

And all of you, serve each other in humility, for "God opposes the proud, but gives grace to the humble*".
1 Peter 5:5 ( *Prov 3:34)
I have always struggled with grace. Not the tripping over my feet gracefulness, but the knowing when to shut my mouth kind. I don't know why that is, either. I'm a smart girl. I "play well with others" most of the time. But sometimes I just keep talking without the right thing to say. I've always, always admired people who can handle any situation with a smile and seem to make people feel good whatever the circumstance is. I can think of several lovely ladies off the top of my head, but sadly, I do not fall into that category.
Last year about this time of year, I had a newborn and a 2 year old. I was on maternity leave and was dealing with some post- partum issues. Now, I wasn't "depressed", per say, but I just had some hormones out of whack (as to be expected) and was not quite feeling like myself. And you can't tell when you're in this situation, but you can sure tell when you come out of it.
One Thursday morning I mustered up the will to get to Coffee with God. This is a wonderful Bible Study that my friend Gina (Deal or No Deal model below) started 2 or 3 years ago. Everybody comes if they can and if they can't then that's fine,too- which is why it has such a wonderful following- no pressure! We meet at a coffee shop and discuss topics that Gina e-mails out the week before.
So, I got Harris dressed, probably re-dressed, then the same for myself. I think I had to pump, change a diaper, etc. I was late, but scooted in and if I recall, didn't even have my Bible.
As the group went on, I just listened, talked and enjoyed the company, but there was one girl that I didn't know there. Toward the end of the meeting, she came up and asked me if she could hold Harris and my first and very quick response was, "I don't know you. I'm sorry." Now, you may think that is justified since it was the winter-ish and I had a 5 week old and you are not supposed to give your new children over to strangers. Those were exactly my thoughts, too, at the time. I was even a little appalled that she asked. I was SO proud of myself for telling her no, even. Before we left, someone hastily apologized and introduced us, but it was AWKWARD. I think I let him sit in her lap a little before we had to go, but it was just a weird situation. The whole thing is stinging in my gut as I'm retelling the story. And this is why.

I came to find out that this sweet woman had a dying 6 year old at home. That's right. A little boy who was DYING and here I am hogging my baby like she is a kidnapper at Bible Study. I was so PROUD of myself that I had told her no and that she was in the wrong.
You know what God says about that: "God opposes the proud, but gives grace to the humble".
I realize that you can't pass around your newborn to everyone who asks in cold season, but my attitude was what was in the wrong place. On purpose, I had been proud and a little hateful.
Fast forward to this Saturday night- one year later- at our Halloween party. This woman and her husband walk in. I immediately knew it was her although I'd only seen her that one time. And I remembered that the host of the Halloween party had also brought her to Coffee with God that day. Dang it. I have had nightmares this past year about what to say, how to make up for being so rude. I got the e-mail that her son had died a few months after the incident at the Bible Study. Ugh. Why can't I just be the graceful one in those situations? I start to kick myself all over again.

So, I wait for the right time and went over and apologized. I didn't mention anything about her child, but just let her know that I was sorry about the situation and how I'd handled it. I was sorry that I was rude, and I was going through some issues at the time. And I apologized for being so un-Christ-like right there in Bible Study. She was very nice and understanding. I even thought that she may have forgotten, but then she said something about it and I realized she knew exactly what I was talking about. Ick. She hadn't forgotten my stinging words, either.
I know I can't ever take back the whole scenario, but hopefully I let her know that I was sorry about it. And maybe I have learned a little lesson. You have to be humble to have grace. Especially the grace that flows from God. Pride just gets right there in the way of that. And the acknowldgement of God's grace is what makes you humble and allows you to be graceful in words and deeds.
And the irony of it all is: guess where God (via Gina) gave me this verse? At Coffee with God the Thursday before that party Saturday night.
So, if you think that God doesn't care about the details, you are wrong, my friend. He is right there trying to weave His Grace through all of them.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

What's bringing me peace tonight?

This video was a very well- expressed version of what's giving me peace tonight. Please take 4 minutes to get a great perspective of the turmoil that's going on in our country as the election results roll in.
Here is a little info on John Piper, who is speaking.
Thanks to my friend Shelley for sharing it!
I was listening to Rick and Bubba today and they were talking about this being their favorite night on TV. It would be mine, too, if the media wasn't so one sided. But it is funny seeing them try to ad lib for 4 hours, call states when they have 0% reporting and swear that they won't "call" the election until the magic 270 is reached- yeah right. So pull up a bowl of popcorn and a blanket- it should be entertaining.
And because I like pictures with posts, here are Olivia and Owen (saying "cheeeeeeese", but looking away) playing at the party on Saturday afternoon.

Monday, November 3, 2008

Halloween- version 3.0- the finale

Whew! Halloween went on fo-e-vah around here! Anybody else feel like it wasn't this big of a holiday when we were kids? I think it was a little bit bigger this year because it was on a Friday, and I think we probably overdid it, too (can't believe I'm admitting that, can you?)!

Saturday held a whole new realm of outfits.

We had a family party Saturday afternoon and Ollie got to be the much-coveted Buzz Lightyear and of course Henry had to be Sheriff Woody. The only problem with that is that they don't make any Sheriff Woody costumes, so I had to make one! (I know what you're thinking. Send the kid as one of the other costumes he had on at the other TWO Halloween events. But you have to know me. I'm ridiculous with this kind of stuff. At least I 'fess up. I'm starting a therapy group if anyone is interested...)
I searched many stores for a yellow plaid button down shirt and finally found one at Dillard's. I got the cowboy hat, boots and badge at Wal-Mart. I had the bandana and had to make- that's right- SEW the cowboy vest. I used this pattern:

Wait, hold on, I stink at sewing and didn't use a pattern. I just bought some cow print material from Hobby Lobby and cut out what I thought was a vest (I had a big vest and just penciled a smaller version). Then I sewed the edges and stitched the ribbon along the edges. A big shout out to Connie and Irv for helping me with her sewing machine- Connie for the helping and Irv for the repairing of the machine.
Here is the final version of the costumes (sadly, the best picture I got of them together):I was a "Dairy Queen" at this party. I just came up with it that afternoon and I think I needed a sash that said that. Had I thought of it before 3:00 pm day of, then I might have gotten to that sash, but alas, this had to do. This is my friend Angie's husband, Nish. Super nice family and Angie and I planned Hands On Truck Day together, so I got to know them well through that. Then that night, we had an adult party that was a blast!
Here are some shots of some of our dearest friends being their normal goofy selves- only expressed through costumes.

This costume owned me because Jason T. REALLY looked like Howie from Deal or No Deal. And Gina could easily be a model, so it really wasn't a stretch! How cute are they? (Jason's head is already bald, but he changed his facial hair to look like Howie.)Craig and Beth were hilarious Spartan cheerleaders that bursted into cheer at any moment. And Beth has red hair, so it was funny to see her with a black wig. Larry and Amanda as Batman and Batwoman. And we were Little Red Riding Hood and the Big Bad Wolf. Jason said he liked this costume because he didn't have to smile for all the pictures. Isn't that mask scary? We didn't let the kids see it; it's that creepy!

I hope your Halloween was great and you're on into November now. I haven't noticed a SINGLE Thanksgiving decoration at Target or Wal-Mart. They've all gone straight to Christmas. I was even humming along to Christmas music today in Sam's!!

Don't forget to vote tomorrow... unless you're a Democrat... then you vote on Wednesday.

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