Thursday, November 13, 2008

Can I get a Whoop Whoop?

Under 2 dolla will make me holla!! Hooray!!
This was at Sam's Club early this morning. The one on South Parkway in Huntsville, AL if you're wondering! I have a business club membership (which I would highly recommend) which means you can shop at 7 am without all the other people being there. I go after I drop the kids off at pre-school and there are about 2 other people there shopping and people falling over themselves to check you out. Don't you wish all shopping experiences were like that?
I did NOT get gas this morning, though, unfortunately. I have about 3/4 of a tank, but I'm sure I'll be there soon enough! I hope that price just keeps going down!


becky said...


LeAnne said...

YAY!! the super walmart closest to our house was $1.99 this morning...i called 3 people to share the good news and celebrate!!

annieck said...

You make me laugh.:)
Huntsville seems to get the cheaper gas prices a lot faster than the Ham. I can't wait to see gas under $2! I honestly never thought it would get that low again.
Whoop whoop indeed! :):):)

Susannah said...

THis a.m. in Prattville before work the price was the same. Isn't it fabulous!!:)

Susannah said...

Thanks girl! He is our life! Your boys are ADORABLE!! Yes, we will be in Dothan for Thanksgiving and we will be getting together with you guys. And btw...both Adam's and my parents live on the same street as your folks, Rampart(well technically yours live on Burbank, but you get the picture). Hope you have a great weekend!

Eve said...

Annie, you're right, Huntsville seems to have lower prices than B'ham. I did see $2.08 at Wal-Mart today and had to look again to be sure. Maybe we'll see under $2 soon!

Gray Matters said...

We actually had a couple places in Annapolis that low today but the lines were way to long for me!

Donna said...

Those prices bring a tear of nostalgia- I thought under $2 was gone for ever! We have $2.06 as our lowest- you got something good going on in H-town!

Carrie said...

Four days later in the ATL - $1.86! Nyah Nyah! ;-)

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