Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Who's this bank robber?

You've gotta love a matching hat and sweater- even if he looks a little sketchy- like he could steal your Cheerios at any minute. I mean, can I puh-lease have a few cute things with boys? Why do the girls get all the cute stuff?

Here's Henry before pre-school today playing on his little car. He pushes this thing around the living room and kitchen all the time- except when I'm trying to record him doing it.

He's walking most of the time now and still looks a little intoxicated, but he's getting the hang of it.

Thanks for all your well wishes. I am feeling like a human today thanks to some steroids and antibiotics (sorry, Annie). I had a bad sinus infection and have cut it off at the pass! Hooray! It's just hard to be sick when you're the mom. Anybody got an Amen for that??


annieck said...

You are SO funny! Well, I guess since you've resorted to drugs, I can no longer associate with you. You know I don't like you druggies. :):):)
I'm glad you're feeling better!!! :)

Harris looks So cute! I like his matching hat and sweater. As for choices for're not kidding. What's the deal? When I walk in Janie and Jack, the sides are equally split, boys on one side and girls on the other. Difference is, the girls side is SLAMMED with clothes, and the boys side is super slim. It drives my mom CRAZY. :)

Donna said...

Okay- he is just plain adorable- do you have to smile every time you look at that little happy face? Glad you are feeling better- it is awful when mommy is the one sick- we keep this train on track!

LeAnne said...

glad you are feeling is SOOOO hard when mommy is sick!! i was telling annie (via a facebook comment) that i've recently discovered the neil sinus rinse. it works WONDERS for sinus pain and terrible cold symptoms. now...IT IS NOT A VERY PLEASANT experience but it works!! (i think)!!

you are so right about the boy clothes...but look at that little face...ADORABLE no matter what he is wearing!!

Susannah said...

Harris is adorable! I know about them not performing when you tape them... Anderson just stops and looks at me, like what are you doing?!:)

~k said...

Your boys are precious!
Love your blog- so glad to "run into" you!!!

Hollie and Janie said...

He is just adorable!! My niece, who just turned one, is walking, too, and it's so funny b/c she reminds us of frankenstein when she runs!! Glad you are feeling better!! I am horrified of needles, but have learned to love them when it comes to getting over a cold!!

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