Sunday, November 2, 2008

A Quick Link to our Pictures

Melissa Tash is our good friend and photographer. She took some pictures on Harris's birthday weekend and here is her blog link with a sneak peek of them. I saw her at Sunday School this morning and she said they were all ready, but I haven't gotten a link to all the shots to preview, yet.
Enjoy! I'll be sure to post pictures from Friday night tomorrow. Too... late... must... sleep...


annieck said...

Oh, Hillary! They are incredible! How in the world did she get such a great shot of such a large group? I can't even get a decent picture of my two boys!
They are really really great. I know you must be thrilled!

Amy said...

What AWESOME pics! I love the 1st little outfit and what a great idea to get the grandparents together for photos.

Amy Nunnally said...

What fabulous pictures! Your boys are just precious. And your Mom and Dad ... !!! Please tell them I said hello!

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