Monday, November 3, 2008

Halloween- version 3.0- the finale

Whew! Halloween went on fo-e-vah around here! Anybody else feel like it wasn't this big of a holiday when we were kids? I think it was a little bit bigger this year because it was on a Friday, and I think we probably overdid it, too (can't believe I'm admitting that, can you?)!

Saturday held a whole new realm of outfits.

We had a family party Saturday afternoon and Ollie got to be the much-coveted Buzz Lightyear and of course Henry had to be Sheriff Woody. The only problem with that is that they don't make any Sheriff Woody costumes, so I had to make one! (I know what you're thinking. Send the kid as one of the other costumes he had on at the other TWO Halloween events. But you have to know me. I'm ridiculous with this kind of stuff. At least I 'fess up. I'm starting a therapy group if anyone is interested...)
I searched many stores for a yellow plaid button down shirt and finally found one at Dillard's. I got the cowboy hat, boots and badge at Wal-Mart. I had the bandana and had to make- that's right- SEW the cowboy vest. I used this pattern:

Wait, hold on, I stink at sewing and didn't use a pattern. I just bought some cow print material from Hobby Lobby and cut out what I thought was a vest (I had a big vest and just penciled a smaller version). Then I sewed the edges and stitched the ribbon along the edges. A big shout out to Connie and Irv for helping me with her sewing machine- Connie for the helping and Irv for the repairing of the machine.
Here is the final version of the costumes (sadly, the best picture I got of them together):I was a "Dairy Queen" at this party. I just came up with it that afternoon and I think I needed a sash that said that. Had I thought of it before 3:00 pm day of, then I might have gotten to that sash, but alas, this had to do. This is my friend Angie's husband, Nish. Super nice family and Angie and I planned Hands On Truck Day together, so I got to know them well through that. Then that night, we had an adult party that was a blast!
Here are some shots of some of our dearest friends being their normal goofy selves- only expressed through costumes.

This costume owned me because Jason T. REALLY looked like Howie from Deal or No Deal. And Gina could easily be a model, so it really wasn't a stretch! How cute are they? (Jason's head is already bald, but he changed his facial hair to look like Howie.)Craig and Beth were hilarious Spartan cheerleaders that bursted into cheer at any moment. And Beth has red hair, so it was funny to see her with a black wig. Larry and Amanda as Batman and Batwoman. And we were Little Red Riding Hood and the Big Bad Wolf. Jason said he liked this costume because he didn't have to smile for all the pictures. Isn't that mask scary? We didn't let the kids see it; it's that creepy!

I hope your Halloween was great and you're on into November now. I haven't noticed a SINGLE Thanksgiving decoration at Target or Wal-Mart. They've all gone straight to Christmas. I was even humming along to Christmas music today in Sam's!!

Don't forget to vote tomorrow... unless you're a Democrat... then you vote on Wednesday.


annieck said...

Seriously, Hil. You amaze me! Making costumes, and not just the one and only costume...the third costume. My kids would LOVE having you for a mom! :)
LOVED the costumes you and Jason picked out. You looked like a hot momma. I'm sure Little Red Riding Hood never looked so good. :)

LOOK WHO'S MARRIED!!!! said... are a great mom. i love all the costumes. congrats on surviving another halloween. and, yes, i kind of remember halloween being a big holiday...but i guess that's because i had younger siblings than you. =)
i love the spartan cheerleader people. i was that last year...dr. ashley mathews was the boy cheerleader with me. lol.

becky said...

unless you are a democrat...that rocks!!! Lord, please have mercy on our country...

LeAnne said...

what a fun momma!! you guys look awesome and you did a terrific job on the woody costume!! LOVE IT!! thanks for reminding those democrats to vote on Wednesday...hope they all get the memo!!

Lindsey said...

i love reading your blog because i crack up everytime. props for making the multitude of costumes. and i agree with annie, you were a dashing red riding hood!

Amy said...

very impressive...and what a pretty red riding hood you are!

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