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Laura's Wedding

I think that you're supposed to title things about a wedding as belonging to the bride and the groom, but who are we kidding? And especially since the bride is one of my very best friends- it's her wedding. But she did marry a wonderful man named Chris- so in case his family is reading this- it can be "Laura and Chris's Wedding".

Back to Laura's wedding. Laura is one my closest friends from high school. She's bright, funny, thoughtful- and I should mention an event planner- so I knew this was going to be good! Laura has lived out in Austin for 7-8 years and that's where she met Chris, so that's where they got married. She works for a minor league baseball team- the Round Rock Express- and he is a chef. He used to work there and that's where they met. Fun, huh? Almost as fun as our Space Camp love... but that's another post.
So, Jason and I flew in Thursday and we got to have dinner with our dear friends Jeff and Janet and their little boy Noah! It was our first time to meet their almost 2 year old and he is a DOLL! I can NOT believe I didn't get any pictures, but they are all super adorable and just wonderful friends, so fill in your own mental image here.

Friday during the day, we had a non-bridesmaid (Laura didn't have bridesmaids, but we were classified as non-bridesmaids) luncheon/ pottery painting party. Laura picked us up from the hotel in the Round Rock Express huge van and drove us all to the pottery place.
Not just a bride, but a large motor vehicle operator, too!
Not everyone was in town, yet, but all of us who were there had so much fun! We all painted Christmas ornaments for Laura and Chris and I think that is the BEST idea! I hope they turn out great and Laura promised to send us pictures after they've "cooked".
Then Friday night we had the after- rehearsal fiesta at the baseball stadium- where Laura still works.
Me and Jason by a Round Rock- is it "the" Round Rock? I don't know- but that's Dell Diamond behind us.
As you might gather, this was a Mexican themed dinner and it was delicious. I mean lip smacking, knock your mamma good. I went back for 2 plates. And I was full after 1. Really.
There was a live Mariachi band and singers, slideshows, speeches. It was awesome.
Rachel, Laura and me
Then when we got home we decided to all go hit the town. Helloooo 6th street! Austin is the live music capital of the world, so it was great fun! Always something to do!
On Saturday, Jason and Jeff (our friend mentioned earlier- one of Jason's best friends from high school) went on a self-proclaimed "play date". They went and watched English football-soccer- live at a pub that specializes in such things. They had a burrito and Guiness beer for breakfast. That's right. Go ahead and gag- I did. They loved it.
I went with the girls (who were all in town at this point) to one of the best BBQ places I've ever eaten and it was just down the street. Thankfully we walked... or rolled... back to the hotel in time to get dressed for the wedding.
So, the buses left at 2:30/ 3:00 for the 4:00 wedding. Why? Well, Laura picked a church that they fell in love with out in the country. It is so beautiful and you can see how they love it. It's amazing. The inside was beautiful, but the architecture is divine and there is nothing around for miles except fields and cows. It makes it all the more breathtaking!

The wedding was wonderful. The pastor was Laura's childhood pastor from Dothan and Laura was the first child he'd baptised at their church in Dothan. When he left when she was 7 or 8, Laura told him he would have to marry her. It all finally came full circle! Is that not the best story?
AND, if you think that is good, Laura had a GOSPEL CHOIR at the wedding! Talk about chill bumps! They brought down the house. It was so amazing. Please have one if you are getting married soon. You will NOT regret it. I wanted a harp, but I should have gone with a gospel choir.
After the wedding was over and they were officially hitched, we all slowly tricked out of the church and meandered around waiting for the buses and taking pictures.
My girls: Sarah, me, Rachel and Meg- so proud of our bride!
Then word started spreading that Nolan Ryan was there. Now, he owns the team that Laura works for, I knew he'd been invited and she is good friends with the family, but last I'd heard, he hadn't RSVPd. We all started looking...

And there he was!
We didn't want to be all up in his face and dorky, so we let it ride...
until the reception!
He was there, too, and as soon as I saw him talking to Laura I told Jason to make a run for it. And he did. He totally used my dear friend (and his, too,) to smooze up to Nolan Ryan. And he loved it. He shook his hand and chatted briefly. He even came back to the table and updated his facebook status from his iPhone to, "Jason just shook hands with Nolan Ryan". I'm sure Laura didn't mind at all- and I was so happy for him! But I was still too cool to go get a picture of him shaking hands, so you'll just have to believe me.
Back to the reception- the little details were over the top. Laura's family has a beach house in Panama City Beach and the sand that held the candles on the table was from there. The candles and sand were in jars that the family had all collected. And the flowers on the table were floating gardenias- her favorite because her grandmother had those outside her house. Laura's brothers sang and played the guitar for their first dance. And all the guests got a CD of the couples favorite music- it's terrific. And there was a mashed potato bar after you got done with all the "real" food. Need I tell you more or do you already love her, too? The Happy Couple!
Laura and Me (note that the Texas air had reaked havoc on my well-styled hair- oh well- Laura's hair was beautful and held up all night, so I guess that's what matters!) What a radiant bride!
Of course the band played Sweet Home Alabama, lots of Beatles music, which made Jason happy, and there were plenty of drinks, toasts and champagne. It all ended with a sparkler send-off and the happy couple on the way to Mexico. I will admit that I was day dreaming of a honeymoon in Mexico a couple of times, but was just as thrilled to get back home to my boys.
They had a great time with Jason's parents and even went to see electric trains at a friend's house on Saturday. They said Owen didn't stop jumping up and down. I can't wait to see him on Christmas morning...hint, hint.
So, thanks for indulging in my super long, picture filled post. I hope you had a great weekend, too, and I've got a fun treat with wedding pictures as soon as I can get a couple old ones scanned in.
Laura's little extra touches were clearly from someone who is a professional and has been to a lot of weddings. What are your favorite wedding details? I have to admit that the CD is the best gift ever! I've played it several times already. My cousin Marcus and his wife Holly had a jar of pear jelly bellys as you walked into their reception that had "The Perfect Pear" on the jar. that was adorable and hit the spot before the meal! I loved that, too!
Leave your cool ideas in the comments section.


LOOK WHO'S MARRIED!!!! said...

Wow. Thanks for posting those! It was nice to see everyone again. The wedding was AMAZING..Laura definetly used her event planning abilities here. I have to admit it reminded me of my wedding..the sparkler send-off part at least.
Nolan Ryan? Awesome.

becky said...

so fun!! when you have been married what seems like forever, it's nice to have a friend pop up and get married now. we have an engagement party to go to in a few weeks and i just feel...old. married almost 8 years, 3 kids...what are we doing there??
the pics of you and jason are super cute!

Tara said...

How cute to see how all of you girls together again! How fun! Loved the beautiful pics. And a nice getaway...what is that like? It's been so long! :)

Rachel said...

Loved the post!! What a fun weekend. I miss you already!

Hollie and Janie said...

What a fun weekend! The pictures are so cute!! So glad yall had such a great time!

Brandi Bartee said...

Hillary, I can't for sure place Laura. What that Laura Whatley?

Donna said...

My favorite stuff- your outfits- so cute! Love the jacket at the wedding! A C.D. is a great gift for a wedding- and the pear jelly bellys are cute too. If I ever have twins I might use that.

Laura said...

Fun post! I am going to print it out, because it is a wonderful wrap up of the weekend and you noted things that I surely would miss in my recollections! Thank you so much! Send pics when you can...looks like you got some great ones! Love, Laura

Laura said...

and p.s. just read this again tonight...thank you for all the sweet compliments! I am so glad you had a good time! I love you!

mary caroline said...

What a fun wedding weekend! Loved the pictures...and details!

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