Saturday, November 1, 2008

Halloween- version 2.0

Friday was a busy day for us, including our second dose of Halloween.

To avoid Halloween candy and such at school (or at least, I think), the 2 pre-primary classes took a field trip on Friday to Tate Farms. This is one of those pumpkin patches with animals, hay mazes and hay rides, etc. You all have one in your town, I'm sure. It's the way that farmers actually make money these days. It's $7/ head for us city folks to find out how they had fun in the good ole days (and the second one we've been to this year). Harris was here, too and was in the stroller or with Connie most of the time. Thank goodness she came to help out!
Here is Owen with his gal pals Merritt and Olivia, again: Petting a goat with his teacher, Ms. Rosanna:
Riding the horse swing:
Playing in the corn crib:And picking his pumpkin:Then we went out to Connie and Irv's to nap and get ready for Trunk or Treat at their church.
Harris was a giraffe this time:Owen was Thomas the Tank Engine (and really learned exactly what the whole candy business was about). Three generations of Dunhams being goofy (as the Dunhams are known to do- these in particular):And a quasi-decent picture of the 4 of us! Wow! (Thanks, Irv!! Good job!)

We got home somewhat early and decided to actually go door to door trick or treating on our street! This was the first time that Owen had done it, so we had to keep pulling him OUT of people's houses since he kept walking in after they opened the door. I guess if people give you candy at the door, it can only get better if you go inside, right?

Then my scruffy Bob Ross husband shaved his beard (hoorah!) and we crashed.

2 more parties today and then we are done. I think we should rename this holiday Hallo-week!


Amy said...

Great family pic! Love your little giraffe.

mary caroline said...

so cute!!! Looks like a fun time...I have a crush on the giraffe :)

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