Friday, October 31, 2008

Just another day at the office

Much like The Office, Jason's office dresses up for Halloween. There are prizes and things, apparently. Today Jason is reprising his role as Bob Ross. If you don't know who this is, you really missed a treat.
Here he is this morning putting his finishing touches on a painting in our house (yeah, right):

And here we are at a party in 2006 as Bob Ross and a Happy Tree (again, if you didn't see this show, you don't get it... and you just had to see it).
So, I'm curious how your day is going, Jason. Please do tell.

And as for The Office last night, was anyone else confused about the costumes? Was the show all supposed to be on one day? They all started out in costumes, then some weren't in costumes, then they were again. It was just a little odd. Which is why I like the show, but I was just a little lost there.
Was I the only one?

Happy Halloween!


becky said...

bob ross...that is awesome!!

annieck said...

Ya'll are SO much fun! I love your creativity!!! Bob Ross and happy trees...haven't thought about that in YEARS!!!
LOVE it! A+!!!

Bob Ross said...

So far I've been pretty well received. Everyone seems to have picked up on the costume except maybe one or two people. Unenlightened folk apparently.

I'm very proud of our company. Out of the 20 people that are actually here today, I'd say at least half of them are dressed up. One guy had a Great Budda costume and filled his office with smoke making it look like a temple. Nice!

holly said...

love it!

Matt, Carrie and Lucy Allen said...

bob ross..that is great! happy little! um, yeah when we were watching the office last night, i was loving all the costumes (stanley-hilarious! and 3 jokers-hilarious) and then all of a sudden they weren't dressed up...i was confused. i guess they just skipped to the next day after they showed pam dressed up...?

Amy said...

Love the Bob Ross get up! Not familiar with the Happy Tree. I hope your children know that they have VERY fun parents. They will either think you are awesome or they will be insanely embarrassed by you...but really, what are the chances of kids being embarrassed by their parents...I'm guessing they will go thru both phases.

mary caroline said...

this is hilarious!! did holly tell you that Marcus's office all dressed up on Friday and that he won the best costume prize....he was, of course, a hippie!!

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