Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Where does your story be in?

I love Hobby Lobby. If you don't have one in your town, well, you should move. It's that simple.

At Hobby Lobby, they have all kinds of decor, baskets, frames, floral, etc... They also have weekly sales on about every other thing and then they have a sale on the other portions the next week. This week wall decor is on sale and I found the cutest vinyl wall sayings that you can apply yourself. A girl at my table on my Emmaus walk sold this stuff, so I learned more about it, then. But, these were already done for you and looked so great (and did I mention they were 50% off?)! I wish I had space over my kids' beds (both have windows and curtains) because they have awesome sayings/ quotes/ Bible verses for kids' rooms.

It is NOT easy to put up, but I was so proud of myself to get it up there evenly. This morning, I walked downstairs to find this:

So, Home is where our story be ins... what about yours?

We have laughed so hard at this all day. I mentioned several times that I'm going to take off the u and r in your so it would say, "the place yo story be ins". Kind of like a Toyota truck that just says "yo".

I'm just glad I didn't step on the "g" that was on the floor this morning. I glued it up there tonight. I'm sure the next owners of this home will be thrilled.


annieck said...

That is hilarious!!!

holly said...

did you do the emmaus walk weekend? i am involved with the catholic version of it (cursillo). did you love it?

Donna said...

Yo story been a good one. That is so funny- I LOVE LOVE LOVE any type of quote thingy- and these wall things are BEAUTIFUL. Did you notice the Duggars have quotes? I remember when they did the house they put them all over- even in the kids' rooms. How funny that you watch them! I love to see how other moms just get by day-to-day- TLC is smart!

Sonia Parker said...

Hey Hilla! I LOVE the idea of putting words on your walls too! So much that I just signed up to be an Uppercase Living Demonstrator! Let me know if yo' need any mo' words fo' yo' wall! ;-)

Dalia said...

Very true definition of a happy home, just like mine also.

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