Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Whirlwind Saturday

We had to cram a lot of things in on Saturday. First (at 8:00 am to be precise), I met Melissa at her studio to take in studio birthday shots of Harris. She has done all our shots and is amazing. I'll be sure to post a link to Harris's pics when I get them.

Then the rest of the family met us there at 8:30. When Owen was one, we decided to do pictures with us and both sets of grandparents. I don't have a picture with both my grandparents and always thought that would be neat, so now it's a mandatory thing on the first birthday. (Feel free to borrow that idea- we've loved it!). So, this year we all wore black shirts and blue jeans. Here are a few shots from the "shoot". I don't want to give too much away because this is totally our Christmas card, too! (I'll combine anything.)
Moving the sofa out to the middle of the woods:

Many a grandparent available to hold children! It was so nice!Then, Harris and I left to go home for his nap and for my cooking of lunch. The rest of the family went to Owen's soccer game. Jason said it was a black out for his soccer team.

Here is my table decor that I was a little proud of. I got the gourds at Target (I think) and just sliced a space in them for the namecards. I got the pumpkin stamp and ink, placecards and sparkly gourd picks that I placed on top of the napkin at Hobby Lobby. Then I finally found some orange placemats and matching napkins at Bed, Bath & Beyond (they were seasonal- up at the front).

So, lunch for 15 was served! I ordered bread bowls from Publix (just order 1 lb. loaves of bread at the bakery and then cut open the top and dig out most of the bread- great for snacking!) and served chili (recipe on the side bar) and a big salad. Of course we had birthday cake (from Publix) for dessert and Harris loved his! He was literally in elbow deep!

Owen had a great time playing with our nephew Gavin who is 6. Owen thinks he is SO cool! He calls him "Gaffin". Pretty cute. You like how we put the kids near the wine rack?? Only the best for our children...Then Harris got to play with all his birthday toys. This isn't one of them, but I am pretty proud that he is riding it! It was one of Owen's presents on his first birthday...Harris did get a Pottery Barn Kids chair that his Nana and Grandpa have given all their grandchildren. He loves it and was sitting in it again tonight!I refused to take off the cute birthday outfit for pictures even though it was clearly smeared with icing. So, we all collapsed that afternoon and didn't do anything until Sunday after nap time! Really!! We were all in pjs all day! It was wonderful to recover!!


LeAnne said...

awwww...he is so cute. man, what a busy saturday! looks like you guys had a fun birthday celebration for Harris. great idea with the family pictures!!

Laura said...

love the picture setting...the couch in the woods will be so cool! and very impressed with your meal and your adorable place settings! very mini-martha of you!

Hollie and Janie said...

what a fun birthday! yall had such a busy day! you always have the best ideas!!

becky said...

well hello martha!! look at your little crafty self. i would still be trying to figure out where i was gonna sit 15 people, much less going to the extent of bread bowls. i'll be sure to hire hillary's catering for my next event!!

mary caroline said...

love love love all the pictures! can't wait to see the final family pic...settee outside=fabulous idea! Looks like a fun Saturday had by all :)

Emily said...

hilllll.. you are so creative and crafty! i love the place settings!! and i CANT WAIT to see harris' pictures!!

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