Sunday, October 19, 2008

Hands On Truck Day

First of all, thanks to all of you for making me better about the Poison Control Center- so glad you've all called them, too!

Saturday was Hands On Truck Day at Sci-Quest. I am on the board at Ollie's pre-school and my position this year is community fundraising. So, we partnered with Sci-Quest to do this program. Since we are all about hands-on learning (and we have a bunch of families with small kids), then we made good partners! I talked about this earlier and it does take several months a little while to plan, but was totally worth it. It was a fundraiser for our school so we sold lunch, t-shirts had face painting, balloons, etc. It turned out to be a beautiful day and I am so thankful to God for that! Literally, I had been praying over October 18th for several months. If it had been raining the whole thing would have been cancelled! WOOHOO! It was beautiful (very windy and cold, but I'm not complaining)!! There were plenty of trucks there: firetrucks, concrete mixers, hum-vee, bucket trucks, SWAT van, school bus, moving van, street sweeper, 18 wheeler- about 30 trucks.

Ollie had a great time and was jumping up and down- the WHOLE time. He was so excited. It was hard to get a picture of him standing still!
Here's a picture that is kind of scary to think about if you flash forward a few years:

And little H-man hanging out:
Ollie driving the firetruck (a white one- there was a red one there, too):

And my favorite- a cute little dalmation puppy that the firemen brought. You gotta love that little hat!
So, all and all, a good time had by all. I heard a lot of compliments, so that made me feel good. I need to write some thank you notes and have a wrap up meeting, but then it will be DONE! Speaking of thank you notes, I am still working on those for Henry's birthday, too, so family- know that they are coming. I was just a little tied up with this event this week- no more 'scuses.

Hope you had a fun weekend!


Susannah said...

Hi Hillary! It's Susannah Ivey from Northside Methodist! Your little boys are beautiful!

Lisa said...

We have the same thing in our town called Touch a Truck. Nicholas loves it! Looks like you did a great job planning.

Donna said...

What a fun day. Hillary, you do more than ANYBODY I know. I think some people, like you and Sarah Palin, are born with the ability to multi-task like nobody's business.

LeAnne said...

That is very cool...we've never had anything like that here. AWESOME!! Looks like you did a FANTASTIC job!

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