Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Halloween Candy

I bought it WAY too early this year. I thought that it would be nice to have some candy for all those people who were visiting this weekend. I even bought a cute little ghost dish at Target. But all those people left and all the stinkin' candy is STILL here. I think the ghost is laughing at me now. Ugh.

I got my favorites: a bag of the square caramel things (although they taste more plastic-y than they did when I was a child), a bag of mixed candy corn and a mixed bag of snickers, twix, dark milky way and regular milky way. Who can walk past that every day? I might as well just stick them in my back pocket because that's where they'll permanently affix, but instead I shove them down my throat. And I tell myself that it's a reward. I don't know why I don't know by now that it's a punishment. I only remember that when I'm jumping into my jeans in the morning.
Here's my thought process: "I made it through the morning without one piece, so I can have just one piece after lunch. Well, that's just the tiniest little twix I ever did see, so I think 2 would be appropriate for a proper reward."
Et cetera. You get the point.

And I forgot that I also bought those caramel Hershey's kisses. Can you tell I love caramel? I took those to our youth group Sunday night, though, so most of those were eaten... by me... and I let the kids have a few.

So, when is the best time to buy Halloween candy? I don't think they run out of candy near Halloween, do they? The aisles are overflowing with those orange and black crates full of yumminess.

What is your favorite candy? And is there one that you would put back in the bag for your sister (or brother)? And didn't you hate it when people gave you things like apples and raisins? Who were those people, anyway? Do you buy "good" candy for other kids? Or the cheapie mix with the breakable smartie- wanna-bes and suckers that fall off the stick? There's a reason that package is $4.00 and the others are $7.

Fess up. What are your Halloween candy indulgences?
I made it through this post without a piece of candy, so I'd better go back upstairs and get a treat!


annieck said...

You are SO funny! I want to come to your house! You have all the good candy!!!
I confess...I no longer buy candy for treak-or-treaters. We're usually not home. I haven't bought candy since I was pregnant with Tristan. That year, I got so frustrated because so many teenagers came trick-or-treating. That drives me crazy!!! I mean, there should be some kind of age limit.

As for the type of candy...I tried to buy the good stuff because I remember getting all the yuck when I was young. I usually bought the stuff like sweet tarts and smarties because when I was a kid, I didn't like chocolate. Now that I'm an adult, I always hope the parents buys chocolate so I can eat it! :) How selfish, right??? :)

Thanks for the funny post!!!

holly said...

I buy the good stuff for the same reason as Annie! I did the same as you Hil, and bought candy early. I couldn't pass up the display at Pulix. When they have the Brach's candy corn mix (with those yummy pumpkins!), I give in. I bought them to reward Alex for good days at school...which is rare, so the Brach's is pasted to my butt too ;)

becky said...

*gasp* DEVIL!!!! i cannot believe you are talkin candy here. however, since i can go on and on about a major food group like that, i'll try to keep it brief. first, there is no ghetto mix here. for me and my house, it's all about the name brand. pretty much if it is chocolate, i'm gonna eat it. the rest of my house is on board with it too. and i prefer skittles and starburst in the fruity candy. however, we don't get a lot of trick or treaters out here in the country, even though we are a neighborhood surrounded by several others. i think so many people do trunk or treat now. so i just take candy to that. and girl, can i just tell you i have bought the sams bag before?? oh yes ma'am. but haven't been that brave since. now when i have 2 massive teenage boys, i'll probably give in!

LOOK WHO'S MARRIED!!!! said...

My favorite candy is Starburst Jelly Beans because both the candy shell AND inside are flavored. However, I don't think they make them in small packages for trick-or-treaters yet.
I don't know about you, but I felt like we always got a TON of tootsie rolls and tootsie roll pops. I ended up getting sick of them before I was half way done.
I heard a story recently. A man, who lives at the end of a VERY dark and creepy road, gives a 3 lb bag of M&Ms to each kid brave enough to make it the entire way. Apparently, he spends $400 on M&Ms at Costco every Halloween. WOW.
I'd buy the candy early since they only run out of the good kinds...just hide it from yourself. =)
P.S.You deserve a Twix bar a day!

Donna said...

Okay- on our Virginia trip we got candy (we always do candy for road trips and's non-negotiable) and I had a kit kat and twix. I mean- that is heaven on earth! For trick or treaters I get hershey miniatures and eat the bag myself b/c we are usually out trick or treating- I just catch the couple of obnxious teenagers that are still trick-or-treating at 9:00 (without costumes) when we are back. Shana had a HUGE bowl of candy corn at her house tonight and I took it as my mission to obliterate it! I will not put candy in my house- it would be the end of me.

Tara said...

My favorite is the good ol' Reese's Peanut Butter cup. If I bought them for trick or trickers more than a day before Halloween, between the 3 of us, they would be gone in a flash. We all love them in our house. So usually I buy one bag of those for our family (and don't display, put in the cabinet) and ration them out each day. And I also buy some for the trick or treaters b/c I remember how much I hated bad, cheap candy or (gasp!) raisins or toothpaste! What are those people thinking?!

Jenny said...

I buy it late so I don't end up eating it (which I would). My fave is Kit Kat bars, and I told Melody last night that I'm sure she'd get lots of those trick-or-treating! In years past, neither of my kids have liked chocolate (except M&M's and Hershey's kisses), so I always pigged out on the Kit Kats and snickers. Hopefully this year I will resist... :) I'll probaby buy it the day before Halloween, just to be safe! I get the good stuff...Blow Pops, Hershey's choc bar mix, etc. YUM!!

Matt, Carrie and Lucy Allen said...

oh my! don't even get me started on candy! and yes, I am diabetic, which makes it even more tempting!! my halloween fave is definitely the candy corn and pumpkin fall mix! and you gotta love all the little bite size candy bars (esp. twix & snickers) that don't make you feel too guilty(except when you eat 5 at one time)i try not to buy too much (i have already gone through a bag of candy corn and twix) and just raid lucy's candy after trunk or treat and trick or treating (see, take them to more than one thing and they won't notice you've been sneaking all the candy!) oh and i gotta give it to the person who wrote about starburst jelly beans-my absolute non-halloween/easter candy fave!! they are sooo good!!
great post!
Carrie Allen

Carrie said...

Those miniature chocolate candy bars...mmmm....I usually bought only the chocolate because that is my absolute FAVORITE until one year, one little boy came to my house, and said, "I don't like chocolate! Don't you have anything else???" The boy's father was mortified. Since then I buy a bag of Skittles or Twizzlers to mix in with all the chocolate. This can be a problem because I'll end up giving those away and saving all the chocolate for me!

Emily said...

first.,.what is "trunk or treat"? i've done the same thing hill "i'll just get this for the 'company'.. yeah RIGHT! i got snickers, butterfinger, m&m's and those yummy caramel reece's cups! and the bowl is almost empty :). and then for trick or treaters i'll usually buy something fruity.. smarties are my favorite! you know you gotta buy soemthing you like because there are always leftovers.

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