Wednesday, October 29, 2008

It's finally happening...

I don't want to say that I hate it when this happens. It actually makes my world a tad bit easier (and my biceps a tad bit weaker), but I guess it's finally here.

His preferred mode of transportation is still crawling. And he'll probably take a few weeks to get the hang of it, but we can't put off the inevitable anymore (I have to quit pushing him down now). I hope you enjoy my sweet little angel baby slowly morphing from a baby and into a toddler. I'm trying to hang on to every minute of it.


Sonia Parker said...

It was so fun to watch Harris take those first steps! He is so adorable! I can't wait until we are there! PS. Jason and Owen have impressive swinging abilities too! ;-)

annieck said...

Way to go, Harris!!! He's a big boy now! :)

Matt, Carrie and Lucy Allen said...

what a little cutie! lucy was walking way too soon (10 months!?!)but it helped us b/c up until then she was a fussy baby...once she was on the move, happy as can be! oh, loved your post on halloween/trunk or treat! good stuff...

Carrie said...

Yea Harris! So cute!

And what's with the scruffy look, Jason? I don't think I've ever seen my brother with more than a goatee!

Jason said...

It's a winter thing. I do it about once a year, get sick of it and shave it off a few weeks later.

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