Thursday, October 9, 2008

Henry's One Year Stats

Look at this noggin'. It's big, but it's pretty cute!
Before I forget them, here are Henry's one year stats from our trip to the doc today:

25 lbs, 12 oz.- 85th %
31 in - 87th %
?mm head circumference- something in the 40's- 90th %

Ollie was never on the actual chart, so I know that Henry is a bit smaller than Ollie was, but he is super healthy! Praise the Lord!

And our poor little guy got 5 shots today (one was his second dose of the flu shot). It's always so hard holding them down for those. You know they have special shot people and the doctor is never in the room when they give the shots? It's so that the kids don't associate the shot with the doctor. Did anyone ever think that the kid might associate the shot with the mom pinning him down??? Just an idea.

Alright, off to clean my house- which I'm sure I'll be doing most of the day tomorrow, too. My mom and dad, my sister and nephew and all Jason's family (4 adults, 1 teenager and 2 babies) are all coming over for lunch on Saturday. We're having chili in bread bowls. I'll have to share my easy chili recipe. It's from Southern Living, so you know it's good, but this one is actually really easy.


Jenny said...

Cute Harris..
I totally agree about the shot thing. It is not okay by me to hold them down, and why aren't the nurses just a little nicer about it?? Have you noticed that? We had Nurse Ratchet last time. Did I spell that right?

Good luck with the family coming; should I say my prayers for you, even though I know you'll pull it off like a charm? :)

Donna said...

Happy Birthday Baby Harris! What a punkin face! I love him! So sorry he got yucky shots- hope your party is fun! Looking for a good chili recipe (and your last sidebar receipe is from JULY!)

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