Friday, October 3, 2008

Dear Blog,

I have not forgotten you. It's just that life has gotten in the way of documenting our life. Harris will turn one on Wednesday, so I'm sure I'll have something to post about that. And I have lots of witty and fun things to say about politics, more bumper stickers, the plethora of meetings you have to attend as a mom, fall fashions (haha- that last one is a joke), but I just don't have time to sit down and put them together in nice packaged posts.

To recap our week, though: I was in Birmingham 2 days this week and Jason held down the fort (all children alive and accounted for- lunches mixed up, but other than that they are clean and healthy). I got to play Bunco with some friends last night and got some GREAT shoes at the hostesses house (she just closed her shoe store and was selling everything at 90% off! That's right!!). Don't I have a great husband to be so cool with me galavanting around pretty often?
Harris will be walking any day now. He is standing by himself and holding things over his head proudly, but not moving. OH! And he says, "choo choo" for a train!! Does that count as a word? Today was Harris's last day at Whitesburg Mothers Day Out and I cried leaving today. His little old lady teachers are so sweet and special and love us all. They wrapped up his favorite ball to play with and gave it to him as a present. Isn't that the sweetest thing? They wrote on it, too. Precious. I know he will love his new school though- he'll start with Owen after fall break. One stop in the mornings and afternoons will make mommy a new woman.

Jason and I have a SUPER date night planned. We're going for a quick bite to eat, then for a couples massage (WHAT?? I KNOW!! Can you believe I talked Jason into this? He says that he's thinking of it as "sports therapy".) and then off to a party- no cake, action figures or balloons involved.
Hope you have a wonderful weekend ahead!


annieck said...

Hillary, you always crack me up! I never even know what to comment on.
I look forward to the updates. :)
"Choo choo" definitely counts as a word.
LOVIN' the couples massage!!! Or "sports therapy"...HA!!!

becky said...

i think i may be jealous...wait...i know i am.

Emily said...

ohhhh...couples massage sounds wonderful right now! how was it??

Emily said...

ohhhh...couples massage sounds wonderful right now! how was it??

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