Friday, October 17, 2008


Does that number ring a bell? It should if you have kids. It's the Poison Control Center.

Ollie CLIMBED up on top of the changing table in the living room (at least 3 1/2 feet tall) and decided to use the hand sanitizer up there and then lick his hands. I peeked around the corner while I was cooking dinner and he had it all over him and had his hands IN HIS MOUTH!!!

Has anybody else read those scary e-mails where the child licks the smallest amount of hand sanitizer and dies??

Well, I called Poison Control and went through this whole rigamarole. She was getting so much information from me and part of me was thinking, please don't report me to DHR and the other part was thinking, my child could be dying and your asking my child's weight!!! (I realize that's important, but I just wanted to know something to do right away.)

So, after the quiz (including the amount that he had ingested- how am I supposed to know that?? If I would have seen him and been able to measure it then I would have STOPPED HIM!), she told me to give him some water and a snack. I was supposed to be looking for signs of drowsiness or dizziness (like not being able to walk straight). She was actually very nice after the formalities and said she'd call me back in an hour.

Sure enough, she called back right in an hour and said if he hadn't experienced any symptoms in that hour (which he hadn't), then he was fine. Whew! Thank goodness!

Now, what am I supposed to do with my little climbing monkey? I think that changing table could have fallen on him which would have been much more harmful. And now we have to hide that great hand sanitizer that we stole in massive quantities from the hospital when Henry was born (that's right- it's lasted us at least a year).

Geesh. Always an adventure around here. Sometimes I might like a nice boring night.


annieck said...

Bless your heart! I'm glad he's ok.

Eve said...

Wow, you had a scary day!!! I'm so glad that everything turned out okay. I have been so scared that Genna would climb up her dresser that we got some of those straps that bolt furniture to the wall so that if she did, it would not fall on her...she hasn't tried, yet, thank goodness. I know that sounds extreme, but I don't worry about it anymore.

becky said...

how in the crap did you steal it and why didn't i think of that? after AC i had a total addiction to that particular kind, and of course you can't find anything like it anywhere.

oh...the main point (LOL!!) i'm glad he's good. i would have freaked out too. i changed the car stuff to the wet wipes. mine haven't attempted to lick it yet. PTL for picky eaters i guess.

LeAnne said...

i recognized the number immediately...i've called it 3 times since Kylee Anne was born. ALWAYS an ADVENTURE indeed!! Thank goodness Harris is fine!

Jenny said...

Gannon ate hand sanitizer when he was 13 months old (I was sitting RIGHT NEXT TO HIM), and so the infamous call to Poison Control. They told me the same thing. He was okay, thankfully, aside from having breath that smelled like sanitizer. She said due to the high concentration of alcohol in it, that he might display signs of drunkeness, but thank goodness he didn't! We've since had the lesson of not putting your hands in or near your mouth until the sanitizer is completely dry, etc. That is sure not a good feeling to have to call them, though! Very scary, and makes one feel like a really crummy parent! I'm glad Owen's okay, though. At least he didn't feed any to Harris while he was at it..

Emily said...

how scary! we had a scare like that with elizabeth drinking you said how the heck do you know how much they ingested?? anyway. so glad owen is okay!

Carrie said...

So glad he's OK! And give yourself a break. It's impossible to keep your eye on them 100% of the time. At least you caught him in the act!

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