Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Henry's First Day at MSH

I can't believe it's finally here! A HUGE day for mommy! The kiddos have to be 12 months old to get into the program at our pre-school and Henry has finally made it.
HENRY AND OLLIE ARE AT THE SAME PRE-SCHOOL!!! PRAISE THE LORD!! I can't tell you how nice it is to have one place, one code to enter the building, one school newsletter, one set of school pictures, lunch guidelines, etc. Not to mention the driving time (was 45 min- now 20) and gas!!

Here is a picture of Henry on his first morning on Monday:
OK- I know this picture isn't impressive, but it's outside agaist the wall- not a very photogenic place. But each classroom has it's own playground, so this is the young toddler playground (there is a beautiful garden on the other side of that fence).

This is a much better picture of the area. I took this on Ollie's birthday when I stayed late to help with the celebration. This is Ollie's playground (adjacent to Henry's) and those aren't clouds in the background, those are the mountains. It's really beautiful!

And just for kicks, here's a picture of Ollie on his first day at MSH. I put them in the same shirt on purpose- a good luck charm, I guess.

And if you think they might look alike, here is a picture of both of them on their first birthday.

You'll definitely be able to tell they're brothers!

Today (Tuesday), I took Henry into his classroom first and Ollie pitched a fit when we left for his bro-ver. "Where Henry??" (not so cute in a whiny voice). Anyway, it was semi-sweet and he was concerned that we were just LEAVING him somewhere! Ollie's teachers told him that he could go visit him during the day if he wanted to. He didn't- I'm sure he forgot all about him- but he did ask where he was as soon as he saw me. Apparently in Ollie's mind he is a permanent fixture on my hip!

Henry is adjusting well and loves his teachers and new friends. Hoorah!! Mommy has a tiny bit more of sanity! I'll take every ounce I can get!


annieck said...

YEAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!! That's awesome!!! The school looks and sounds SO nice. How great for you and for your precious boys!!! :):):)

It is amazing how much they look alike. WOW! Both so adorable.

small excavator said...

very clever.

becky said...

i am so behind on your posts! and i can't believe how alike they look. you can't even tell my boys are related!

Gray Matters said...

I love the comparison picture of the two of them - they are definitely brothers. So cute!

Emily said...

yay for harris..AND mommy! he's so adorable and i was JUST thinking (before i saw the highchair pics) that harris looks soooo much like owen.

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