Wednesday, October 8, 2008


Henry is ONE today!! Holy Cow! When did that happen??

We had a wonderfully normal and fun day today. It rained most of the morning and Becca is babysitting for us this week while the kids are out of school for fall break. Ollie loves her (and all teenage girls) and I do, too (not the teenage girl part)! She and Cooper (our regular babysitter) are good friends and Cooper is out of town, so I'm so glad Becca could help all this week.

After Jason got home today we went to the park since it finally dried up after lunch.
Here's my big one year old swinging- his favorite thing:

Here's his 33 year old daddy being an idiot fun-loving, as usual, with his superman swinging.
How can you not love these cuties?
Alright, it's confession time. Here is Henry LEGALLY facing forward in his car seat. He has been ILLEGALLY facing forward in his car seat for six weeks since our trip to Kentucky at the end of August. It's so different with your second child. I always said it wouldn't be... but it is.
And then cake after dinner, of course! This is leftover cake from Ollie's birthday (in the freezer, people, of course). Refer to the last statement about your second child if you are thinking that you would never do such a thing.
We will have Henry's real party on Saturday with all our family in town. I promise I'll get him his own cake then.

I haven't posted a video in a while, so here is a fun one of us singing to Henry tonight after dinner. Be sure to listen to the dog howling and you can't miss Ollie.

Happy Birthday, Henry! You are a precious child of God and we are so thankful to have you in our lives!!


Jenny said...

So sweet! Happy Birthday, Harris!

Amy said...

sooooo cute! have fun celebrating this weekend!

annieck said...

Hillary, seriously, he is such a GORGEOUS kid!!! I just want to squeeze him. :)
LOVE the park pictures. PRECIOUS!!!

becky said...

happy birthday harris!! and i have found conflicting info on alabama's car seat laws...some say 1 AND 20 lbs and another place said it was 1 OR 20 lbs. with my boys, i abided by the 20 lb rule!! there was no way they would have made it to 1 facing backwards!! so again...i'm your DHR winner here lol!!

IdiotHusband said...

Hey, that move takes some skill! If you're balance is off just slightly you're looking at a nice little faceplant. Besides, who would you rather show them. A seasoned pro such as myself or some mamby pamby preschooler? ;)

Carrie said...

Happy Birthday, Harris! Can't wait to see you this weekend!

And Hillary, I did notice his seat was turned around in your picture where you guys visited Thomas the Tank Engine, but I didn't think it was proper blog etiquette to call you out on your own blog! ;-)

Amber Brockett said...

Happy Birthday big man!!! Hope you have an awesome day!! Time flies by Hillary so now is the time to start thinking about another one!!

Emily said...

happy belated! hope yall had a wonderful bday..AND party!..i'm about to get to that post...a little behind..working my way up.

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