Thursday, April 30, 2009

Swine of '09

Is anyone else con-"swine"-d at home? We have 2 probable cases of swine flu in the county, so all schools, pre-schools, day cares- anything that usually welcomes a child- is CLOSED until Monday. Apparently there are 2 children at a kindergarten class at Heritage Elementary {which is a very good school, by the way} who have symptoms of the swine flu. I’m still unsure what the difference is in the swine version vs. the regular old flu, but I’m pretty sure you shouldn't be eating bacon.

Um, seriously. I know that last part isn’t true. They’ve only said it 482 times on the radio. They’ve also said “not to PANIC, but to be PREPARED”. And then they casually mentioned that there is a rush of hand sanitizer in every store in town. So you can see that no one here panics.

I cannot believe that I am about to admit this, but I went to Wal-Mart at 6:00 am. That’s right. I have become ONE OF THOSE PEOPLE. But I wanted to get some stuff to stock up and didn’t want to drag the kids {aka germ catchers} out, so I had to go while Jason was home before he left for work. I just got a few things
and a little bit of hand sanitizer.
I know. I’m the problem. And I’m okay with it. If any neighbors need anything when we are in lock down, Defcon stage 9 ½, I’ll have it.

So, what are we doing today? Well, I still have to work {I am teaching 3 trainings today!} and the kids are getting closely reacquainted with Thomas the Tank Engine.
As if they hadn’t talked to him in a while…

And they might possibly be watching more than the recommended daily amount of television today.
It’s not like we haven’t camped out at home for MANY days, but now there’s the pressure to not go ANYWHERE! No playgrounds, no stores, no book stores with train tables. Those are my regulars. I feel kind of like I did with a newborn- but with more sleep and without maternity leave.

And the MAJOR thing I’m worried about is the Day Out with Thomas that is scheduled for this Saturday in Chattanooga. We’ve had tickets since January and if this durn pig thing messes that up, I might have 2 sad little train fanatics. We’ve had a big countdown calendar on the fridge that casually disappeared this morning- just in case.

Alright, we’re on to Diego, now. He’s returning condors to their home nest today. I hope that in the next episode he returns some swine to Mexico.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Eight is Enough , Magic 8 Ball , Eight is Great!

As you can see, Eight is a hard anniversary to title! I just found this picture today and tore it {as you can see on the bottom} off of a frame to scan in. This isn't the best picture of Jason, but we were so young and happy, so who cares?

I loved everything about our wedding. I loved the flowers {my extended family owns a florist}, the formality {our wedding started at 7:30 because of several factors, but it was a late, dressy one}, the family and friends {were you there?? Holla in the comment section!} and, of course, the groom.

As I mentioned in last year's post on our 7th anniversary, Jason gets me. I still don't understand how he gets my CRAZY and QUIRKY self, but he does. And I love him for it. He's the funniest person that I know and so, in honor of our 8th wedding anniversary, here are the

Top 8 Reasons I Love My Husband/ Funniest Things He's Said This Week:
8. Jason takes and hides the children on Tuesday nights {even when it's our anniversary} so I can clean the downstairs and KEEP it clean for Bible Study and then he puts them to bed and hides himself while women invade his home.

7. We were sitting in a lecture during our Sunday School hour {guest speaker in town from Lithuania} and the speaker mentioned liturgical dancing. I leaned over and asked Jason if he knew what liturgical dancing was. Without skipping a beat, he said he did NOT know, but he was sure that the Duggars did NOT practice it.

6. Jason is a great hands-on dad. He loves, cuddles, wipes snot and hineys with the best of them. He's totally into being a dad. And the boys love him, climb on him, make him laugh/ laugh at him and can't wait until they hear the garage door open every afternoon.
Many thanks to his dad {and mom} for being great parents! You raised a good dad; they don't just happen very often.

5. I was doing laundry this weekend and asked Jason if a wadded up pair of his socks on the floor was dirty or clean {they were folded like they were clean}. He said they were dirty, "of course". I suggested that I was confused since they weren't in a dirty laundry basket. To which he replied, "when I throw my clothes on the floor that means they're dirty- don't you know that by now?" And when I turned around to smack him he was already running. Really funny.

4. He is a very patient teacher. I don't know if I've ever told him before, but the man has the patience of Job. For example, my mother calls him with computer questions like, "What was my password for that again?" and "How do I get this to attach to that e-mail?". Mainly I love him for talking her through these so I don't have to.
{Sorry, Mom. You know this is the truth. But I am sorry to out your computer "mastery" on your birthday- well, when you read it it will be 4/29. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, MOM!}

3. Jason has been tearing down our kitchen, you know {can I add here that I love that he's handy?} and he was tearing the final bits off the wall above the stove last night when I was cooking tuna steaks with pecan crunch coating {I can't find the recipe to link there, but it's a Southern Living one that's delish!}. As I was crunching the pecans, breadcrumbs, etc, the wood bits were falling nearby. He casually commented that he liked more fiber in his tuna, so he was going to toss some over to me. Then he faux threw them in for 10 minutes.

2. My hubby is truly a man of God who is trustworthy, honest and loyal. I can really say that without reservation and for that I am thankful every day.

1. We were at Ollie and Henry's pre-school parent meeting last Thursday night and when the kids and music teacher with acoustic guitar were filing onto stage to sing their performances, he leaned over to me and whispered, "I dare you to yell, 'FREEBIRD!'".

Here's to eight times eight more years of dirty socks, inside jokes and liturgical dancing. {The Duggars are missing out.}

Happy Anniversary, Jas. I love you!

Monday, April 27, 2009

The Breakfast Room Remodel

I guess I get to call it a "remodel" since there was some minor construction involved.

There would be major construction involved if I could ever keep that room clean, but alas, despite just being a "breakfast" room, we eat all our meals in there, the dogs eat in there, the kids tromp through there to go outside, trains reside there, I slowly and gracefully glide tromp back and forth for cookbooks there, etc.

I'm all for a well lived in house, but I just don't want mine to look the part. Oh well. Too late for that wish to come true.

If you'd like to see the whole Breakfast Room saga unfold,

I wish I had before pictures that were good enough to add here, but there was NOTHING in this room except painter's pinkish beige on the walls.

Here is what it looked like when we bought the house.
Apparently it was not even worthy of taking some decent pictures of the room! But since you now know how much use it, it definitely needed a little spunk.

Here is same view now.
I {heart} these curtains. Connie and I found this fabric for $2.99/ yard (or maybe $3.99?? Who cares when it's that cheap?} in Fayetteville at Sir's Fabrics. If you live anywhere around here {Huntsville, Ala} that store is a must. I'm also a big fan of hangin-em-high. I always hang as high as I can to make your room look taller! Curtain rod and ends are from Bed, Bath and Beyond and I most certainly used those coupons that they throw at you every day in the mail.

OK. I'll try to connect all the dots for you. Here is the wine rack that is to the right of the curtains. I found it YEARS (like 8 years) ago at a Tuesday Morning and spray painted it black. Here is my favorite picture of it from our old house. That is Ollie at 15 months and I call this picture, "Only the FINEST Whites". Back to the breakfast room, continuing to the right, here was the big empty wall that is now full of fun stuff. I know the second rooster is superfluous, but I couldn't find anything else and I knew something had to do there. Much like I couldn't find another word for "superfluous". You know what I mean. TOO MUCH ROOSTER. I'm working on it.
You might notice the personalization on the big rooster board there.
As in, it's our own little restaurant. Get it?

I had it made from Signals because I just loved it. I'm not particularly fond of fowl or things that cluck or cock-a-doodle-doo, but the Rooster is a symbol from the Emmaus Walk and unless you are in the cult, I can't explain it to you. Or something like that.
Basically it reminds me of a new morning which I need most every day.
To the right of the big rooster, there is the entrance to the kitchen and then this wall.
Then in the corner to the right of that is this little nook. I was so excited about this table because it was Other Mama's and I remember right where it was at her house! How special to have it here now!
The black pineapple and saying were from Uppercase Living and my friend Sonia sells their wonderful product. They have ALL KINDS of great stuff and here is her website with info if you're interested.
Then we are back around to the other corner of my tiny 12 foot square room! Whew! Hope you didn't get dizzy! The final corner holds one problem, though. This bookcase!It's driving me crazy all of a sudden and I've got to change it.
Here are my thoughts: I think I'm going to paint the back of it.
WAIT! Come back! Don't comment against the idea, yet.
I think I'm going to take a shelf or 2 out to allow for some taller things and paint the back wall of it. Any color ideas? I've thought about maybe the yellow and the white mixed for a lighter yellow? Or maybe a pale green? Whatever it is, this collection of knickety knacks has got to get gone.
It doesn't fit in with the new digs!
Please ask away if you'd like to know where I got something. The paint color is Deep Cowslip #5 by Laura Ashley sold at Lowe's. Who knew Cow's Lips were Gold??
Thanks in advance for your bookshelf ideas!

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Girls Beach Trip- A Planning Guide

I decided that since I don’t want to bore you with all the eating, gossiping and facebook stalking catching up and yakking that we did on our trip, I thought I’d encourage you and provide a FREE guide to how to plan your own trip. {Not that you would ever actually pay for my advice, but somehow things are more attractive when they are FREE.}

1. Gather group of girlfriends. Ours has a nice bond that we all pledged the same sorority the same year in college {we’re “pledge sisters” if you are in the loop with sorority vernacular}. You can have a connection of anything: same aged children, common workplace, bunko group or you all like sleeping, eating and margaritas.

See? Anything!
Blake and Alecia on a boat ride. My parents were nice enough to come down and dad took us out on the boat! He's starting a charter boating business if you're interested on a great trip the next time you're on St. George Island!
2. Find a place that is far away to escape. For us, we have tried meeting at people’s different houses before, but the person hosting usually still has a family to take care of, so I know it’s harder on them. For example, Emily lives outside of New Orleans, so we have always loved to trek down there, but she still has to be a mom and wife there. Not that she complained, but it is always nice for everyone to be able to get away. St. George Island is not only beautiful, but FREE {see, isn’t that word more exciting?}. Other Mama and Big Daddy bought the house almost 20 years ago and our family is delighted to share it.
3. Plan EARLY. We picked this date about 6 months ago. You will always have things that come up and since we had this FIRMLY on our calendars, we turned down everything from weddings to work trips and carnivals to conferences. {Did you like my alliteration? I’m a fan…} You wouldn’t believe how popular our weekend became, but we had our trip on the books!
4. Think about food. We e-mail around a rough draft about a week before of who will bring breakfast, lunch, snacks, etc. We usually eat breakfast and lunch in and then go out to dinner so no one has to clean late at night.

This is Amanda, me and Emily going out to dinner on Saturday night with no makeup on and one of us (*ahem, possibly me*) has not showered!
5. Have plenty to talk about. For us, the big news this year was that Amanda has adopted 4 children from the Ukraine! Their whole story is here. Thankfully, talking has never been a problem for our group and I’m sure not for yours either.
We have seen each other through marriages, divorces, pregnancies, children, infertility, spirituality, surgeries and all kinds of drama in between. There is something comforting about being with a group that knows all about you: your good and bad, your strengths and your weaknesses. We have all known each other for close to 15 years, so there are plenty of hairstyles, boyfriends and jeans that I might not want Y’ALL to know about, but these girls have seen me through all of it- including some Jordache jeans that may or may not have originated at Goody’s in Troy.

6. Write down your memories. I know this sounds awfully cheesy, but we have a book that we bring to every girls weekend. Each time we all write down a few things about the weekend, what’s going on in our lives and our hopes for the next year. It even feels awkward when you are writing it all down, but looking back on all our notes is precious.
How special will that book be 20 years from now?

OK! I think that’s it. Just add it all together for a wonderful weekend. We are all especially grateful to grandparents and husbands who helped juggle all our duties to be able to escape and come back more rejuvenated. I don't how I would make it without those momentary breaks from reality.
What an honor it is to know and love you girls! My life would surely be the poorer without you.
Until next year!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

An Update Full of Updates

Hello blog world!

How are you?
I'm fine, thanks.

As you know from probably staring at the post below, I went to the beach! And my little vacation turned into a blog-cation, as well. I'm nice and rested and have a little menu of what's to come/ what's been going on.
After a nice L-O-N-G season {because of 42 rained out games}, Ollie finished his second season of soccer. His little pot belly {showcased nicely in that polyester-mix jersey} did not inhibit him from running and chasing the ball a lot. No goals, yet... at least not for our team. Actually, the only goal he scored was for some other team- not even one he was playing. He just ran onto a field and kicked a ball in a goal.

I think that counts. Don't you?
Here's an updated picture of the girls from this past weekend. We had a great time that deserves a whole post to be written this week.
Remember our kitchen? Well, it turns out that this is NOT a load- bearing wall- thank goodness! And right now we are looking at a lot of space! YAY! I love it already!
And our breakfast room is "done" and I'll have to give that a whole post, as well, but here is a sneak peek:
Henry is just as happy as can be and is TALKING all the time. He repeats everything you say {can be dangerous, right?}. But he ends anything that ends with an "r" or an "s" with an "ee" sound. Like Thomas is "Tommy" and Arthur is "Artie" {these are both trains}. And he even calls his brother "brothie". I'm off to Tar-jay with little man and "brothie" for a few things for dinner. Thanks for your patience with me and I look forward to giving you the whole low down this week!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

To Do List

1. Get stuff ready for kids while gone to beach (lunches, clothes, etc)
2. Dream about sleeping late CHECK
3. Fold and put up clothes that are piled in the hallways
4. Send out directions to our beach house to friends (back roads way with lots of lovely gas station details- as in which gas station to avoid so as not to become fodder for local cat-calling from oyster men)
5. Prep casseroles and food for family this weekend
6. Grocery shopping for beach food involving lots of dips and things I like to categorize as "shower" food CHECK
7. Get car washed so people traveling with me don't ruin their clothes whilst brushing up against pile of filth and so I won't be embarrassed by the sheer mass quantity of empty water bottles and goldfish in car.
8. Pack my own stuff for trip (thinking I might need to find maternity swimsuit for this lovely little pooch I've got going on- NO- not the pregnant kind, the Kit Kat kind)
9. Soccer game AND pictures tonight
10. Update blog

Hmmm... Can you tell which one of these fell on the bottom of the list? So sorry to be MIA (from my own blog and from commenting on your blogs)! I didn't even get to watch Idol last night; I started to, but fell asleep half way through it.

It's probably telling that I decided to watch 18 Kids and Counting first because I wanted to see the big Duggar announcement! Did you hear? Josh and Anna are expecting their first child! Duggar grandbabies! Do you wander how many grandchildren Jim Bob and Michelle are going to have in 30 years? Maybe 84 or so? What would that Christmas look like? You'd need a flow chart to remember which child belonged to whom. WOW! Another Duggar generation...

I'm off to see these girls who I love dearly. I had to miss last year because I had a new little man, but this was March 2007 (last time I got to see them all) and I was about 10 weeks preggers with Henry (can somebody say Designated Driver)?
I don't think there are any DDs coming this weekend, but fortunately we don't have anywhere to go on St. George Island. We're just going to sit back, laugh, relax and eat food that must contain cream cheese, salsa and/ or ham. Get out your sunglasses, flip flops and trashy magazines, girls! It's going to be fun!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Mama(s) of the Week- Award Style!

Since this week is a very special week for me {I'm headed to the beach with 7 of my closest friends from college on Thursday!!}, I'm highlighting 7 of my friends and passing along this award from Leanne. Wow! Thanks, Leanne!
Here are the rules to share this award:

1. Post the award on your blog, and link to the person who gave you the award.
2. List seven things you love.
3. List seven blogs you love.
4. E-mail or comment on those blogs to let the people know you've given them the award.

Hmmm. Just seven things I love?
This should be easy, but it is hard! OK- shopping when I have money to spend and find what I need, rainy afternoons with a nap, sitting under an umbrella on the beach {have you noticed my fair skin??}, laughing- in general- like a good, belly-hurting laugh, listening to my husband's jokes {he is much funnier than yours truly; why do you think I married him?}, enjoying my children {not disciplining or teaching them- just enjoying their company} and sappy romantic comedies.

OK- now the EASY part! There are so many blogs that I love, but this week I am awarding this Kreativ Blogger Award/ Mama of the Week to 7 "Other Mamas" who don't have physical children, yet. Not that they aren't mamas by my standard, only in the technical reproductive they still have control of their bladder sense.

1) Laura at Do Not Stop Thinking of Life as an Adventure {the longest blog title in the world}.
Laura is one of my dearest and oldest friends. She is 5 months older than I am, so I can call her old! I've known her for such a long time that I have blackmail pictures of her handy- I mean anywhere. She's 3rd from the right here. You should definitely visit her blog for her awesome wedding tips. She got married in November in her temporary {*ahem* move home, puh-lease} hometown of Austin, TX {I was there- as a non-bridesmaid} and it was amazing- TRULY. She is also a phenomenal photographer!

2) Mary at Social Graces
Mary is somewhat related {my cousin married her sister}, but it feels like we are much closer than that. We've even tried to make up a pseudo name/ title for ourselves, but cousin-in-law-ish will have to do. Mary is a FAB-O designer in Tallahassee and she also doubles as drop-anything-to-help-my-new-niece Aunt Mary and a wonderful photographer. I can't wait to spend time together over the 4th! You've got to check out her designs and photography. She's also an excellent writer!

3) Hollie at Happenings in Holliewood
Hollie is a friend and sorority sister from college and has a FUN blog to read. It's all about her happenings with Janie- her Airedale Terrier. Hollie {and Janie} are so stinkin' creative! They always have a fun adventure with a short, furry perspective! You will love to check in on them all the time!

4) Amy at These are the Days of My Life
Amy is formerly a friend from work, but now she is just a wonderful friend! We aren't officially working together anymore, so I love being able to keep up with her through her blog. You have got to check out her posts highlighting her grandmother's small town newspaper happenings. They are too good to be true!! Hilarious! And Amy has gotten into some painting lately and her work is fantastic!

5) Sara from Trying to Survive Sin City... One Day at a Time
Sara and I graduated from high school together {for the record, if you know me, Laura and Sara- that would be 1/ 10th of our graduating class} and she also just got married last fall! She has the most fun story of meeting her dream guy and picking up and traveling cross country to live in Las Vegas! She's a die hard Alabama fan {I'll forgive her for that} and has a great Southern perspective living out west. Definitely a fun read!

6) Ivy at The Smith Family
Ivy and I are blog friends and she also lives in Tallahassee {do you and Mary know each other? You should!}. She just had a birthday this weekend, so Happy Birthday, Ivy and she has great stories. I loved her recent post about a local football coach. You should click over there and hang out with her for a while!

7) Shana at That's What She Said
Shana is one of my dear friends and sorority sisters. She wins the funniest blog title of most that I know. She is dry, witty and serious about her walk with the Lord. Did I mention she's also brilliant and a PA? She is one of the people that made me realize in college that you could still be rip-roarin' funny and be a Christian. She's the whole package and lives really close to our Christmas-baking-partner-in-crime Donna and I am super jealous! Drop by and tell her Hey!

Whew! Talk about a Click Fest this week! You can do it! You won't regret one single second of visiting these Other Mamas!

Monday, April 13, 2009

He is Risen! The Easter Post

How 'bout some chocolate? I'm sure that's what the Lord intended for Easter Sunday, right? Nothing like a hollowed out chocolate bunny ear or sugared up marshmallow to remind you of the miracle of salvation!
We know it's a worldly version of the real celebration, but we still do it- because I love chocolate! And what better excuse to party? I wish I could tell you I made a cross cake like Donna or tomb cookies like Darby, but I just stuck snickers and kit kats in plastic eggs this year. My lack of craftiness was compensated by the weather (and the fact that I the Easter Bunny gave the boys new trains, so they were happy)!

We had a glorious day here in Huntsvegas, so we were thrilled! Not since this Easter
had it been sunny, so we were excited for the sun (and the Son) and the warmth.

After our service, we were off into the wind to take our ceremonial picture in front of the flower cross at our church.
Will there be a day when we can plop our kids in front of a camera and tell them to smile and they DO IT? I'm not sure such a time exists...
We went out to Jason's parents' house to eat massive quantities of deviled eggs, veggies (hidden in cream of mushroom soup and fried onions) and ham until we couldn't hop around after eggs any more.
This is Jason's sister Carrie (and girls) minus her hubby who had to work (Boo! Hiss, even!).

Henry heard there was a bunny on the loose and he was bound and determined to find him.
That waskally wabit is not going to get away with his littering this year! Diesel and I will catch him!
We did actually see a real bunny hop through my in-laws' yard! It was great! He was not carrying any goodies, though, so he couldn't have been the real Easter bunny.

And, as is true to form if you have more than one child, there are plenty of cute pictures you can get of them individually:

But it's REALLY hard to get a picture of them in the same shot looking at you, much less pretending to be happy (one child is not even in focus below, so you know I'm reaching here). I think it's easier to get your children to sit still during church on Easter Sunday... wait- no... that's UNHEARDOFANDIMPOSSIBLE, so the picture thing is still your best bet.
You can't blame me for trying. I got nothin' frame-worthy, but I've got a King who is praise-worthy, so I'll take that as cause for celebration any day!
Hope you had a wonderful Easter!

Saturday, April 11, 2009

You'd think this would be a post about Easter

But it's not. We did do some *mean* Easter egg hunting today and had a wonderful time with family, but I'll update that info {and hope for ONE good picture} tomorrow.

Today, we had a big bunch of family time at the house. I love those Saturdays when soccer games get cancelled and we don't have a birthday party to attend you get to relax. I have had one big project on my list for a while now and today was the day to tackle it.

Remember this Multi-Cultural Festival that I mentioned a couple of weeks ago? Well, it's still on- even though it was MOVED {danggit}- and it happens next weekend. There are 7 classrooms in our pre-school and each one focused their activities, performances, decor, etc on one continent. Ollie's continent is North America; Henry's is South America {our family is Western Hemisphere, Western Hemi only, apparently}. Henry's only class assignment was to bring in paper towel tubes for the rain sticks they are making. Wheesh! We can handle that. We go through those suckers like fruit snacks and wine bottles capri suns.

Ollie's big home assignment was to make a poster about a state that he chose. And he chose Texas- presumably because it's the size of a planet. I'm sure the size appealed to him and there was probably a cowboy or barbecue or something on the map.

I've been putting this durn poster off now for a while and was secretly THRILLED when I didn't have to have it in last month. But, SINCE I'M GOING TO THE BEACH AT THE END OF THIS WITH GIRLS!!!, I figured I'd go ahead and get this knocked out.

As much as Jason and I tried, begged, pleaded and threatened Ollie to help us, he did not care one iota about this poster. It was like we were trying to get him to watch HGTV. Or maybe a movie that we want to watch that does not include animation or talking animals.
We tried to lure him with the stickers, the glue, the scissors- anything- but NO! He would get into it for about 4.6 seconds and then he went on about his business with trains or something that makes sounds and has wheels. Here is Mr. Excited with the finished product. You can see the thrill exuding from his rolled eyes. Taking this picture was about as much time as he spent with the poster.I hope you can see the poster because I'm actually proud of it. The whole background is a state of Texas map and we highlighted the Texas state flag and flower (bluebonnet- thanks, Laura!), the Cadillac Ranch in Amarillo, the state capitol in Austin, the Alamo in San Antonio, Gruene Hall in New Braunfels {oldest dance hall in TX} and Johnson Space Flight Center, of course. {Jason and I have actually been to most of those places when we traveled all the time pre-children.} Then I put the cute little stickers all over and a bandana in the corner.
With all this work, and since I'm firmly anti-plagiarism, here's the By Line for Ollie's first big school project:
{As you probably know, Ollie is not his real name, so the real part on the poster looked normal.}
He's not getting any sort of a grade {can you imagine grades in pre-school??}, so I'm not too concerned. And I thought the other parents would get a good chuckle out of it.
I may do my kid's homework, but at least I'm honest about it. Until he gets to elementary school. Then I'll just have to lie...

Friday, April 10, 2009

Good Friday

His Choice
By Sharon Cumiskey

Nothingness, an endless void
Until He raised His voice.
All that ever will be – was!
Creation was His choice.

With life the seas were teeming,
He filled the sky and land.
Adam and his mate came last. Perfection was His plan.

A Tempter seeking victims
Connived to gain a soul.
In an instant all was lost,
Redemption was His goal.

He sent a plan through Moses,
The Law – to guide our lives.
Man fells short of God’s demand
To win His heavenly prize.

Now holiness is foreign
To mankind’s sinful heart.
Another way was needed
One Satan could not thwart.

God chose a teenage virgin.
Angle choirs rejoiced!He knit a babe within her womb.
Creation was His Choice.

The Son who grew with wisdom
Into a faultless man,
Sent her as a sacrifice.
Perfection was His plan.

The tempter sought this God/ man,
But lost as was foretold.
Sinless as a spotless lamb.
Redemption was His goal.

A plan so cruel and heartless,
The Cross – to bear all sin.
Christ chose to hang there for you.
That heavenly prize to win.

Still holiness is foreign
And mankind is still lost,
But Satan was defeated
By Christ’s death on the cross!

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

And the walls...

Come tumblin', tumblin'...

DURING (we won't call this after quite yet)And this is how our kitchen stovetop area looks right now. Hopefully there will be a big hole there soon! We're trying to determine if that is a load-bearing wall. We might be looking at our roof right there soon if it is...
Here's hoping this is going to be a "interior" re-model and not a sunroof addition to our home!

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