Monday, April 13, 2009

He is Risen! The Easter Post

How 'bout some chocolate? I'm sure that's what the Lord intended for Easter Sunday, right? Nothing like a hollowed out chocolate bunny ear or sugared up marshmallow to remind you of the miracle of salvation!
We know it's a worldly version of the real celebration, but we still do it- because I love chocolate! And what better excuse to party? I wish I could tell you I made a cross cake like Donna or tomb cookies like Darby, but I just stuck snickers and kit kats in plastic eggs this year. My lack of craftiness was compensated by the weather (and the fact that I the Easter Bunny gave the boys new trains, so they were happy)!

We had a glorious day here in Huntsvegas, so we were thrilled! Not since this Easter
had it been sunny, so we were excited for the sun (and the Son) and the warmth.

After our service, we were off into the wind to take our ceremonial picture in front of the flower cross at our church.
Will there be a day when we can plop our kids in front of a camera and tell them to smile and they DO IT? I'm not sure such a time exists...
We went out to Jason's parents' house to eat massive quantities of deviled eggs, veggies (hidden in cream of mushroom soup and fried onions) and ham until we couldn't hop around after eggs any more.
This is Jason's sister Carrie (and girls) minus her hubby who had to work (Boo! Hiss, even!).

Henry heard there was a bunny on the loose and he was bound and determined to find him.
That waskally wabit is not going to get away with his littering this year! Diesel and I will catch him!
We did actually see a real bunny hop through my in-laws' yard! It was great! He was not carrying any goodies, though, so he couldn't have been the real Easter bunny.

And, as is true to form if you have more than one child, there are plenty of cute pictures you can get of them individually:

But it's REALLY hard to get a picture of them in the same shot looking at you, much less pretending to be happy (one child is not even in focus below, so you know I'm reaching here). I think it's easier to get your children to sit still during church on Easter Sunday... wait- no... that's UNHEARDOFANDIMPOSSIBLE, so the picture thing is still your best bet.
You can't blame me for trying. I got nothin' frame-worthy, but I've got a King who is praise-worthy, so I'll take that as cause for celebration any day!
Hope you had a wonderful Easter!


Hollie and Janie said...

Beautiful pictures of your family! Thankfully, my furry child will sit and smile for a bone!! I can never get a good picture of my neices (the actual human ones!). perhaps we could try photoshopping the kids into one picture!!

Sabrina said...

Your boys are just too cute. I also tried to get a couple of pictures of the kids. Since I am never in pictures (because I seem to be the only one who knows how to focus...) I tried to get Tom to take a picture of both the kids and me. No go... I did finally get a decent one of me and Lucius...but Maggie just wouldn't sit still!! One day, maybe when they are like sixteen just minutes before they get their drivers licenses, we can get a decent picture. Until then, happy trials. :-)

Katie said...

Ooowee those are some cute little boys! Great minds think alike! The Easter Bunny brought a train or two here as well! BTW, I got some great wooden Thomas heroes off of Ebay not too long ago for like three and four bucks! Brand stinkin' new and in the boxes! Awesome right? I mean toy stores are so very proud of those things huh? We don't have too many wooden ones because of that.
Glad you enjoyed some sun as well as the Son! Both were so bright this Easter!

The Stain Family said... Your boys are adorable in their Easter getup. Glad you had some sunshine for Easter. We had buckets and buckets of rain. Didn't matter though, we still celebrated His love.

{I find it hilarious that you told the truth about O's school project. My 5th grade science project was rebuilding a small gas engine. What? I know nothing about engines...and I knew LESS when I was in fifth grade! ha...guess that's what you get when your dad's an agri/shop teacher!}

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