Friday, April 10, 2009

Good Friday

His Choice
By Sharon Cumiskey

Nothingness, an endless void
Until He raised His voice.
All that ever will be – was!
Creation was His choice.

With life the seas were teeming,
He filled the sky and land.
Adam and his mate came last. Perfection was His plan.

A Tempter seeking victims
Connived to gain a soul.
In an instant all was lost,
Redemption was His goal.

He sent a plan through Moses,
The Law – to guide our lives.
Man fells short of God’s demand
To win His heavenly prize.

Now holiness is foreign
To mankind’s sinful heart.
Another way was needed
One Satan could not thwart.

God chose a teenage virgin.
Angle choirs rejoiced!He knit a babe within her womb.
Creation was His Choice.

The Son who grew with wisdom
Into a faultless man,
Sent her as a sacrifice.
Perfection was His plan.

The tempter sought this God/ man,
But lost as was foretold.
Sinless as a spotless lamb.
Redemption was His goal.

A plan so cruel and heartless,
The Cross – to bear all sin.
Christ chose to hang there for you.
That heavenly prize to win.

Still holiness is foreign
And mankind is still lost,
But Satan was defeated
By Christ’s death on the cross!

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