Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Mama(s) of the Week- Award Style!

Since this week is a very special week for me {I'm headed to the beach with 7 of my closest friends from college on Thursday!!}, I'm highlighting 7 of my friends and passing along this award from Leanne. Wow! Thanks, Leanne!
Here are the rules to share this award:

1. Post the award on your blog, and link to the person who gave you the award.
2. List seven things you love.
3. List seven blogs you love.
4. E-mail or comment on those blogs to let the people know you've given them the award.

Hmmm. Just seven things I love?
This should be easy, but it is hard! OK- shopping when I have money to spend and find what I need, rainy afternoons with a nap, sitting under an umbrella on the beach {have you noticed my fair skin??}, laughing- in general- like a good, belly-hurting laugh, listening to my husband's jokes {he is much funnier than yours truly; why do you think I married him?}, enjoying my children {not disciplining or teaching them- just enjoying their company} and sappy romantic comedies.

OK- now the EASY part! There are so many blogs that I love, but this week I am awarding this Kreativ Blogger Award/ Mama of the Week to 7 "Other Mamas" who don't have physical children, yet. Not that they aren't mamas by my standard, only in the technical reproductive they still have control of their bladder sense.

1) Laura at Do Not Stop Thinking of Life as an Adventure {the longest blog title in the world}.
Laura is one of my dearest and oldest friends. She is 5 months older than I am, so I can call her old! I've known her for such a long time that I have blackmail pictures of her handy- I mean anywhere. She's 3rd from the right here. You should definitely visit her blog for her awesome wedding tips. She got married in November in her temporary {*ahem* move home, puh-lease} hometown of Austin, TX {I was there- as a non-bridesmaid} and it was amazing- TRULY. She is also a phenomenal photographer!

2) Mary at Social Graces
Mary is somewhat related {my cousin married her sister}, but it feels like we are much closer than that. We've even tried to make up a pseudo name/ title for ourselves, but cousin-in-law-ish will have to do. Mary is a FAB-O designer in Tallahassee and she also doubles as drop-anything-to-help-my-new-niece Aunt Mary and a wonderful photographer. I can't wait to spend time together over the 4th! You've got to check out her designs and photography. She's also an excellent writer!

3) Hollie at Happenings in Holliewood
Hollie is a friend and sorority sister from college and has a FUN blog to read. It's all about her happenings with Janie- her Airedale Terrier. Hollie {and Janie} are so stinkin' creative! They always have a fun adventure with a short, furry perspective! You will love to check in on them all the time!

4) Amy at These are the Days of My Life
Amy is formerly a friend from work, but now she is just a wonderful friend! We aren't officially working together anymore, so I love being able to keep up with her through her blog. You have got to check out her posts highlighting her grandmother's small town newspaper happenings. They are too good to be true!! Hilarious! And Amy has gotten into some painting lately and her work is fantastic!

5) Sara from Trying to Survive Sin City... One Day at a Time
Sara and I graduated from high school together {for the record, if you know me, Laura and Sara- that would be 1/ 10th of our graduating class} and she also just got married last fall! She has the most fun story of meeting her dream guy and picking up and traveling cross country to live in Las Vegas! She's a die hard Alabama fan {I'll forgive her for that} and has a great Southern perspective living out west. Definitely a fun read!

6) Ivy at The Smith Family
Ivy and I are blog friends and she also lives in Tallahassee {do you and Mary know each other? You should!}. She just had a birthday this weekend, so Happy Birthday, Ivy and she has great stories. I loved her recent post about a local football coach. You should click over there and hang out with her for a while!

7) Shana at That's What She Said
Shana is one of my dear friends and sorority sisters. She wins the funniest blog title of most that I know. She is dry, witty and serious about her walk with the Lord. Did I mention she's also brilliant and a PA? She is one of the people that made me realize in college that you could still be rip-roarin' funny and be a Christian. She's the whole package and lives really close to our Christmas-baking-partner-in-crime Donna and I am super jealous! Drop by and tell her Hey!

Whew! Talk about a Click Fest this week! You can do it! You won't regret one single second of visiting these Other Mamas!


Ivy said...

Awww! Thank you! I feel so special...this made my day!

LeAnne said...

YAY!! so glad you played along! and i'm thrilled for all you gals getting together at the beach...our girls weekends rarely make it out of the "talkin' about it" phase. take lots of pictures, it'll be great to see all of y'all...maybe emily will be sporting her new camera:)

LOOK WHO'S MARRIED!!!! said...

Thanks for the link....I feel special too!
And, I guess if you forgive me for being a BAMA fan, I can do the same for you....

Hollie and Janie said...

Thanks, Hillary!!! You are very sweet!! We "other" mamas appreciate the shout out!! It was fun to play, but so hard to pick just a few blogs! There are so many incredible ones!! You know I am a huge fan of The Other Mama!!!

mary caroline said...

thanks hill!! what a fun surprise and treat this week! can't wait for the 4th too...

your cousin-in-law-ish :)

Anonymous said...

well, i am so honored! coming from my blogging idol, this is definitely something special. i'll get on this post shortly! have a great time at the beach! THANKS!!!

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