Tuesday, April 7, 2009

I was all set to talk about Idol...

And then Bible study came along tonight. I am hosting a Beth Moore study at my house and it has been a WONDERFUL group of ladies and amazing material. I have truly been blessed by the company, the lessons and the forced cleaning of my house each Tuesday. If you happen to work with me, then you might notice a small lag in my e-mail return time on Tuesdays because, well, I'm vacuuming. At least I shut it off momentarily if my boss someone calls.

In this {and most Beth Moore studies} we chat for about 45 minutes to go over our homework sessions and then watch an hour long video. This week's video lesson was on meanness and it was full of truth. It was dozens of lessons all rolled into one. It highlighted the background of meanness, how women are really good at it and how we can stop it.

As I was waving the last guest goodbye, I started to think about AI and how I'd planned to write all about it. And even though they are thrusting themselves in front of America to be judged, I just all of a sudden felt convicted about being mean towards these people I don't know. So, in the spirit of "living at peace with everyone", here is my Paula Abdul, super nice version of reviewing Idol.

The contestants this week are singing songs from the year they are born.

Danny Gokey- Stand By Me
The OLDEST contestant, born in 1980, sings first.
Please, PLEASE tell me somebody else out there feels old if he is the OLDEST? It makes me like him even more! He does a great job. I ♥ Danny!
Side note: Wanna know how to make a heart? Like that one right up there? I learned this trick from Darby. Go to Edit HTML in your post, then type &#9829 where you'd like the heart and once you flip back to Compose, there is a cute little heart there! YAY!

Kris Allen- All She Wants to Do Is Dance- 1985
I remember this song clearly on the radio and I think the video. I wonder why he is on the "little" side stage again, but he does a great job! I might just as well ♥ him, too! And I love how his wife looks at him lovingly. Sweet little newlyweds. I'm sure she loves those girls thrusting themselves at him.

Lil Rounds- What's Love Got to Do With It- 1984
I wanted her to do very well, but I totally typed what Simon said before he said it. Since I'm not saying mean things tonight, I think I will quote Simon who remarked, "I'm forgetting why we loved you so much".

Anoop "Anoop Dog" Desai- True Colors- 1986 {Born on the same day as David Cook? What are the odds?}
He did a really good job with this song. I was a little concerned about "the dog" singing Cyndi Lauper, but he pulled it off! And he represented those Tar Heels well. Nice come back Anoooooop. Randy even said, "Dude. You can actually sing." I should hope so in the top 8 of American Idol! Way to go, dawg.

Scott McIntyre- The Search is Over- 1985
I will make no blind jokes tonight. Or funny eye/ expression jokes. I won't even tell Scott to stop talking back to the judges because it's awkward. And I'd hate to say that he stinks, so I won't say anything. You know. Bambi's mother and all.

Allison Iraheta- I Can't Make You Love Me- 1992
The fact that I was in high school when she was born weirds me out a tad. I think I remember driving around with inward teenage angst/ heartache listening and relating to this song in my blue Mazda 626. It was the kind that had a square back- not the new fain-see rounded backs. And she was probably did not have solid poop, yet was enjoying a teething ring.
While there is something wrong with that, she is still amazing. They ♥ her and so do I. Randy even said she could, "sing her face off". Now that's something I'd like to see.

Matt Giraud- Part Time Lover- 1985
He plays the sketchy R & B bad boy SO well! He even scats a little. Who knew? This piano bar man is really talented. Watch out JT! Great job, Matt! All the judges want to name their first born after him.

Adam Lambert- ??
I would love to tell you all about him, but Fox apparently ran over and BOTH {BOTH I TELL YOU} recording devices did not record his performance at all. Poor Adam. I am sure his performance was amazing. Even with guyliner, he is still an awesome "artist"- as Kara would have commented. And the 2.4 seconds I saw of him going to commercial break looked like he was looking normal.

I wonder if this will be controversial. Did this happen to you? And do you exclusively watch this Tivoed? Let me know if you saw Adam and how he did.

Hope you enjoyed this happy, heart- filled, happy version of Idol. Just ignore those things I crossed out. That wasn't me. The devil made me do it.
If you'd like a little more snark, here was my last review.

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LeAnne said...

HILLARY!! I can't believe that you missed Adam...OH NO!! Okay, since Idol went over Simon was the only one that got to speak and he said no words were even necessary. He gave Adam a standing O...has he EVER done that before??? Danny is forever my fav but Adam was truly awesome last night...now THAT is a guy that can sing his face off:)

Matt, Carrie and Lucy Allen said...

ugh! i missed it too! my dvr cut the channel off to record another show (plus AI went over...) but i just read on msn how much simon liked it. maybe we can watch it on the internet somewhere?!

Lydia said...

I missed Adam too. We ONLY watch this via DVR (it's the only way I can tolerate it all!) I would love to have seen Adam's performance. I'm going out on a limb to say he's one of my faves!
Oh, and on a separate note, I drove a gold Mazda 626 in high school! ha!

Smoochiefrog said...

Adam actually didn't have the guyliner on last night. And would you believe he was a blonde child with freckles? Cutie patootie!

annieck said...

Adam was AWESOME! As much as I wanted Matt or Kris to be my favorite, Adam totally rocked it last night. :)

Vicki said...

Your comments are absolutely right on, and many times hilarious! I saw Adam, and while I don't really like him, I must admit that he has tons of talent. But I don't think he should be THE IDOL.
By the way, I love reading THIS blog much more than the CI!! Ha, ha.....

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