Monday, April 27, 2009

The Breakfast Room Remodel

I guess I get to call it a "remodel" since there was some minor construction involved.

There would be major construction involved if I could ever keep that room clean, but alas, despite just being a "breakfast" room, we eat all our meals in there, the dogs eat in there, the kids tromp through there to go outside, trains reside there, I slowly and gracefully glide tromp back and forth for cookbooks there, etc.

I'm all for a well lived in house, but I just don't want mine to look the part. Oh well. Too late for that wish to come true.

If you'd like to see the whole Breakfast Room saga unfold,

I wish I had before pictures that were good enough to add here, but there was NOTHING in this room except painter's pinkish beige on the walls.

Here is what it looked like when we bought the house.
Apparently it was not even worthy of taking some decent pictures of the room! But since you now know how much use it, it definitely needed a little spunk.

Here is same view now.
I {heart} these curtains. Connie and I found this fabric for $2.99/ yard (or maybe $3.99?? Who cares when it's that cheap?} in Fayetteville at Sir's Fabrics. If you live anywhere around here {Huntsville, Ala} that store is a must. I'm also a big fan of hangin-em-high. I always hang as high as I can to make your room look taller! Curtain rod and ends are from Bed, Bath and Beyond and I most certainly used those coupons that they throw at you every day in the mail.

OK. I'll try to connect all the dots for you. Here is the wine rack that is to the right of the curtains. I found it YEARS (like 8 years) ago at a Tuesday Morning and spray painted it black. Here is my favorite picture of it from our old house. That is Ollie at 15 months and I call this picture, "Only the FINEST Whites". Back to the breakfast room, continuing to the right, here was the big empty wall that is now full of fun stuff. I know the second rooster is superfluous, but I couldn't find anything else and I knew something had to do there. Much like I couldn't find another word for "superfluous". You know what I mean. TOO MUCH ROOSTER. I'm working on it.
You might notice the personalization on the big rooster board there.
As in, it's our own little restaurant. Get it?

I had it made from Signals because I just loved it. I'm not particularly fond of fowl or things that cluck or cock-a-doodle-doo, but the Rooster is a symbol from the Emmaus Walk and unless you are in the cult, I can't explain it to you. Or something like that.
Basically it reminds me of a new morning which I need most every day.
To the right of the big rooster, there is the entrance to the kitchen and then this wall.
Then in the corner to the right of that is this little nook. I was so excited about this table because it was Other Mama's and I remember right where it was at her house! How special to have it here now!
The black pineapple and saying were from Uppercase Living and my friend Sonia sells their wonderful product. They have ALL KINDS of great stuff and here is her website with info if you're interested.
Then we are back around to the other corner of my tiny 12 foot square room! Whew! Hope you didn't get dizzy! The final corner holds one problem, though. This bookcase!It's driving me crazy all of a sudden and I've got to change it.
Here are my thoughts: I think I'm going to paint the back of it.
WAIT! Come back! Don't comment against the idea, yet.
I think I'm going to take a shelf or 2 out to allow for some taller things and paint the back wall of it. Any color ideas? I've thought about maybe the yellow and the white mixed for a lighter yellow? Or maybe a pale green? Whatever it is, this collection of knickety knacks has got to get gone.
It doesn't fit in with the new digs!
Please ask away if you'd like to know where I got something. The paint color is Deep Cowslip #5 by Laura Ashley sold at Lowe's. Who knew Cow's Lips were Gold??
Thanks in advance for your bookshelf ideas!


Lydia said...

Love the room and especially the Cow's Lips!!
I think removing shelves and painting the back of the bookcase is a great idea. I would paint the back black to pick up the other black accents you have in the room. Of course, if you plan on putting black accessories on the shelf then that obviously wouldn't work. How about picking up that great rust/red (sorry, the pic won't enlarge and I can't tell exactly what color it might be) from the drapes.
One last thing, how in the world do you have your boys trained not to knock over the beautiful wine rack? That would be a disaster area in our house!! ha!

Darby said...


Looks great! Love the curtains, love Ollie, love how you pulled it all together! Can't wait to see the bookshelf... it's only 6 am and I've only had 2 sips of coffee so I can make no suggestions at this hour.... :)

Katie said...

Hey Other Mama! The room looks great. I love those curtains as well. I can so tell you've watched some trading spaces talking about hangin' em' high! We had that same color in our dining room at our old house! Great minds huh? Here's a thought, my MIL, who is a fab decorator, took the shelves out recently in her built-ins and lined the back wall with a few fabrics because she couldn't decide what she wanted just yet. After a few weeks of looking at the fabrics, she picked a coordinating fabric, slipped the shelves back in, put all her goods back on the shelves, and it looks fabulous! Straight out of a magazine! She lives in Fairhope and I tell her all the time she must be featured in something. Good luck!

Ashley said...

Looks like you have a lot of black accents in the room, I'd probably go with painting it black!
Ashley H.

Gray Matters said...

Looks great - I definitely think taking out a few shelves will really help things on the bookshelves stand out more. Maybe try an unexpected color on the back - something from the curtains?

pcb said...

Hey, I have Cow's Lips #4 in my kitchen...painted it about four years ago because I needed COLOR (it had been khaki). I use a lot of red, black, and green in my kitchen, too. I love the idea of painting the bookcase. I know you said just the inside but a friend of mine painted a piece in a very distressed red and it's awesome. Her's was dark but you maybe could pick up the color in the rooster poster, even on just the inside back of the shelf. I would say to wallpaper it but that does add to the cluttered look.

Love your room!

Becky said...

you could totally paint the whole thing kind of a taupeish neutral color (base of the curtains) and the inside backs of the book case the green in the curtains. distress it a little on the corners. (but i have NNNNOOOOOO design gene in my body. so take that for what it's worth.) i love the room. and i totally want the "God is great..." painting.

holly said...

love it! De Colores!

LeAnne said...

the room looks awesome...and i like katie's idea about the fabrics!!

Susannah said...

Love the room, it looks so great! You have the touch girl! I'm thinking black for the back of the book case. I LOVE black and yellow and don't think bumble bee...I think it would be chic! Think about it!!:)

pheather said...

Hey, Hillary!

The room looks great! You have such great stuff in there. Oh, how I wish we had some cute stores around here! I love that curtain fabric and the roosters, too. And I paint everything black - so that's my vote for the bookcase.

Oh, and my sister bought me a Lisa Leonard necklace in honor of baby #2! I'm so excited to get it! Thanks for letting me know about her!

Heather G. :)

annieck said...

Looks A-W-E-S-O-M-E!!! Please come decorate my house! I am CLUELESS!
What talent you have, my friend.

Nicole said...


Shelley said...

i did not read all the other comments so i don't know what they said, but i am always partial to green. pick a green from your curtains and paint either the back or your whole book shelf that color. i too love the curtains and have used cowslip in my last two houses. i always go first to the Laura Ashley section at Lowes. it looks great. oh and i really "need" that pineapple stencil so i am going to check out her site.

mary caroline said...

Beautiful transformation Hill!! My favorite is the corner with Other Mama's table - I love the arrangement. And I love the curtains!! You can beat less that $4 per yard for nice fabric, that's for sure!

Donna said...

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it! LOVE the curtains- love other mama's table. You got skills girl- p.s. your makeupless pic from the beach trip is pretty- you still look so young!

Anonymous said...

Okay so I totally dont know you. I came over from Kellys Korner.

Anyway---paint the bookshelf...and I would go like a distressed barn yard red.

Good luck---your breakfast room looks delightful!

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