Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Eight is Enough , Magic 8 Ball , Eight is Great!

As you can see, Eight is a hard anniversary to title! I just found this picture today and tore it {as you can see on the bottom} off of a frame to scan in. This isn't the best picture of Jason, but we were so young and happy, so who cares?

I loved everything about our wedding. I loved the flowers {my extended family owns a florist}, the formality {our wedding started at 7:30 because of several factors, but it was a late, dressy one}, the family and friends {were you there?? Holla in the comment section!} and, of course, the groom.

As I mentioned in last year's post on our 7th anniversary, Jason gets me. I still don't understand how he gets my CRAZY and QUIRKY self, but he does. And I love him for it. He's the funniest person that I know and so, in honor of our 8th wedding anniversary, here are the

Top 8 Reasons I Love My Husband/ Funniest Things He's Said This Week:
8. Jason takes and hides the children on Tuesday nights {even when it's our anniversary} so I can clean the downstairs and KEEP it clean for Bible Study and then he puts them to bed and hides himself while women invade his home.

7. We were sitting in a lecture during our Sunday School hour {guest speaker in town from Lithuania} and the speaker mentioned liturgical dancing. I leaned over and asked Jason if he knew what liturgical dancing was. Without skipping a beat, he said he did NOT know, but he was sure that the Duggars did NOT practice it.

6. Jason is a great hands-on dad. He loves, cuddles, wipes snot and hineys with the best of them. He's totally into being a dad. And the boys love him, climb on him, make him laugh/ laugh at him and can't wait until they hear the garage door open every afternoon.
Many thanks to his dad {and mom} for being great parents! You raised a good dad; they don't just happen very often.

5. I was doing laundry this weekend and asked Jason if a wadded up pair of his socks on the floor was dirty or clean {they were folded like they were clean}. He said they were dirty, "of course". I suggested that I was confused since they weren't in a dirty laundry basket. To which he replied, "when I throw my clothes on the floor that means they're dirty- don't you know that by now?" And when I turned around to smack him he was already running. Really funny.

4. He is a very patient teacher. I don't know if I've ever told him before, but the man has the patience of Job. For example, my mother calls him with computer questions like, "What was my password for that again?" and "How do I get this to attach to that e-mail?". Mainly I love him for talking her through these so I don't have to.
{Sorry, Mom. You know this is the truth. But I am sorry to out your computer "mastery" on your birthday- well, when you read it it will be 4/29. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, MOM!}

3. Jason has been tearing down our kitchen, you know {can I add here that I love that he's handy?} and he was tearing the final bits off the wall above the stove last night when I was cooking tuna steaks with pecan crunch coating {I can't find the recipe to link there, but it's a Southern Living one that's delish!}. As I was crunching the pecans, breadcrumbs, etc, the wood bits were falling nearby. He casually commented that he liked more fiber in his tuna, so he was going to toss some over to me. Then he faux threw them in for 10 minutes.

2. My hubby is truly a man of God who is trustworthy, honest and loyal. I can really say that without reservation and for that I am thankful every day.

1. We were at Ollie and Henry's pre-school parent meeting last Thursday night and when the kids and music teacher with acoustic guitar were filing onto stage to sing their performances, he leaned over to me and whispered, "I dare you to yell, 'FREEBIRD!'".

Here's to eight times eight more years of dirty socks, inside jokes and liturgical dancing. {The Duggars are missing out.}

Happy Anniversary, Jas. I love you!


BASSakward Tales said...

that is so very sweet...i am sure he loves you the same way...your whole family is beautiful...on the inside and out...

Lori said...

Thanks for including us in such a sweet tribute to your husband. Happy anniversary! :)

Sabrina said...

Happy anniversary to you!

Ivy said...

Sounds like you have an awesome husband! Mine is a great one too:) Happy Anniversary!

Carrie said...

I remember the wedding quite well. You made a whole day of it! I especially loved the brunch earlier. Those mimosas were wonderful!

And I'm so happy to have a sister-in-law like you that can put up with my brother's quirkiness too! I love you guys!

Hadley said...

Happy Anniversary! Sounds like y'all are a great match!

Ashley said...

Happy Anniversery, It sounds like you guys are just perfect for each other! Ashley

VanderbiltWife said...

How sweet. Happy anniversary! My DH and I are nearing the big 5 this year. I love having someone who "gets me" too. So rare!

Becky said...

happy anniversary. and now, i love jason b/c he gets the importance of the duggars. good catch sister!

Laura said...

Great post! And Happy Anniversary! Or as my mom once called it, "anniversity." That's a blog post of it's own!
I was happy to be a part of your wedding day!! It was beautiful!

amy kennedy said...

Happy Anniversary Hillary! Hope y'all are doing something fun to celebrate. And happy b'day Mrs. Hart!!

Rachel said...

I am leaving you a comment!
What a beautiful day it was! Thanks for putting up with all my hair changes on your wedding day!
I love you so much (and Jason too)!

mary caroline said...

a little late but Happy Anniversary to you and Jason! I still remember Listening to Holly T talk about the beautiful dress Lacy was going to wear in your wedding :)

annieck said...

LOVE this post!!! So thrilled for you guys and your eight great years together. Your wedding was beautiful and so much fun. It was an honor to attend!
Happy anniversary to an awesome couple!!!

holly said...

Happy Anniversary! This was a big step for humanity! I love how you said "This isn't the best pic of Jason." I just interpreted that as "look how pretty I look in this pic!" J/K. you were fab. good times.

Donna said...

Awww...HOLLA! Mama was there with bells on and it was a GORGEOUS wedding! And there was no parking on the dance floor. I loved how you had wedding pictures of family members all over the room- I copied that at mine. Jason is truly your soulmate- and humor is the best glue for a marriage- and you have it in spades! Love you!

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