Thursday, April 30, 2009

Swine of '09

Is anyone else con-"swine"-d at home? We have 2 probable cases of swine flu in the county, so all schools, pre-schools, day cares- anything that usually welcomes a child- is CLOSED until Monday. Apparently there are 2 children at a kindergarten class at Heritage Elementary {which is a very good school, by the way} who have symptoms of the swine flu. I’m still unsure what the difference is in the swine version vs. the regular old flu, but I’m pretty sure you shouldn't be eating bacon.

Um, seriously. I know that last part isn’t true. They’ve only said it 482 times on the radio. They’ve also said “not to PANIC, but to be PREPARED”. And then they casually mentioned that there is a rush of hand sanitizer in every store in town. So you can see that no one here panics.

I cannot believe that I am about to admit this, but I went to Wal-Mart at 6:00 am. That’s right. I have become ONE OF THOSE PEOPLE. But I wanted to get some stuff to stock up and didn’t want to drag the kids {aka germ catchers} out, so I had to go while Jason was home before he left for work. I just got a few things
and a little bit of hand sanitizer.
I know. I’m the problem. And I’m okay with it. If any neighbors need anything when we are in lock down, Defcon stage 9 ½, I’ll have it.

So, what are we doing today? Well, I still have to work {I am teaching 3 trainings today!} and the kids are getting closely reacquainted with Thomas the Tank Engine.
As if they hadn’t talked to him in a while…

And they might possibly be watching more than the recommended daily amount of television today.
It’s not like we haven’t camped out at home for MANY days, but now there’s the pressure to not go ANYWHERE! No playgrounds, no stores, no book stores with train tables. Those are my regulars. I feel kind of like I did with a newborn- but with more sleep and without maternity leave.

And the MAJOR thing I’m worried about is the Day Out with Thomas that is scheduled for this Saturday in Chattanooga. We’ve had tickets since January and if this durn pig thing messes that up, I might have 2 sad little train fanatics. We’ve had a big countdown calendar on the fridge that casually disappeared this morning- just in case.

Alright, we’re on to Diego, now. He’s returning condors to their home nest today. I hope that in the next episode he returns some swine to Mexico.


Melissa said...

You are too funny! But I kinda do the same thing! Hope ya'll get to see Thomas this weekend!

Melissa said...
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Ashley said...

Hey Hill, I found myself last night going over doornobs, light switches, the norm, ha, with lysol wipes. The kids on the other hand are trilled to be out of daycare today! Exact words were "you mean we have 4 home days" LOL
Hope your day goes smoothly!
Ashley Hart

Ashley said...

Hey Hill, I found myself last night going over doornobs, light switches, the norm, ha, with lysol wipes. The kids on the other hand are trilled to be out of daycare today! Exact words were "you mean we have 4 home days" LOL
Hope your day goes smoothly!
Ashley Hart

Ivy said...

No schools closed here in Tallahassee...yet. Luckily I always stock up at Bath and Body when they have their sales so I have plenty of hand soap! I don't know whether to worry about this swine flu or not?? This really isn't funny but...My Dad keeps oinking when we talk about the swine flu..he has a weird sense of humor.

annieck said...

You are so funny! Enjoy your time at home and your stock in hand sanitizer. :)

Becky said...

if it meant quitting bacon, i'd just have to get the flu. that's the truth b/c it IS nature's most perfect food. i'm just sayin.

Katie said...

Thought about you guys as soon as I heard it on the news last night. Also thought of my bro and SIL and their crew who live in Arab and both coach/teach at Arab High. Maybe you could run them down some hand sanitizer!
Have a nice few days at home with the kiddos and I REALLY hope you guys get to see Thomas. So much fun. They will be overcome with love for that big cheeky engine!

Heather, aka Jake's Mommy said...

Oh, I can't wait for the hype of this whole pig flu to calm down! I seriously was a little skeptical of making my weekly grocery trip yesterday. ... And hey, NOBODY PUTS BABY IN A CORNER!

Okay, I couldn't resist it. And, whoa with the hand sanitizer. We only bought *3* bottles. Ha! Scared, much? We are!

Lori said...

You had me rolling with this one! Stay well! :)

Sabrina said...

Too funny! We were at the docters office yesterday (Maggie has a ragging ear infection) and spoke with our doctor about the swine flu. She said that really its no diff than the regular flu that everyone gets during the winter. Its treated the same. Made me feel better about things. Esp when the news reported last night that there is a nurse at a doctors office here in dothan that 'prob' has it(they are testing) guess we will prob be shut down next week from daycare too. Have fun with the kids!

Allyson said...

Found you from Kellie's blog, and I'm right there with you. We have one case here in town at a school about 20 minutes from us. I always have lots of hand sanitizer around - because have never used it that faithfully! Not anymore. We use it like we're getting paid per pump now. Even my 3 kids walk around with mini bottles in their pockets at school and Mother's Day Out.

Thanks for the post and making me feel not so OCD about this.


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