Sunday, May 3, 2009

So, here's the truth

I have been working on this post for-e-VAH! I came in here to tell you all about our great time with Thomas the Tank Engine on Saturday and my computer was typing backwards! I couldn't log into blogger because I knew there was a fix for this and I couldn't just type in my username and password backwards or go to another computer {because I'm stubborn like that}.

And it wasn't typing backwards everywhere, just there. I could research it on google, but nothing that I found was helping me. TIGGNAD! I just knew that the kids had punched something into this hoopty laptop, but I never found out what happened.

Then I just re-started the computer and now it's fine. Jason would be so proud of me. Did you know he's a computer guy? He has a better title, but he's one of those computer people. He always tells me to "reboot" my "machine" before I even call anyone to help me {since I have to call my IT Dept. in Ohio with my work stuff}. I actually like it when he's right- most of the time. Particularly, this time.

Anyway, I'm tired, so the short version is that we had a good time with Thomas. We are getting very close to the age when it's actually pleasant to travel with our children. {Note that I didn't say that we're there, but that we are getting close.}

We braved the swine flu, the possible threat of any germ, {really- with all those kids touching the trains? Germ Central!}, and the floods to get over to Chattanooga to see that big blue engine.
We were running extremely late {slowed down by one dirty diaper once we were all strapped in and a TIME CHANGE? HELLO? Why don't the tickets mention this??}, but we ran- literally- onto our train ride with Thomas at 11:00. Whew!! Close one!
We waited in a short line to get our pictures made with Thomas after the train ride, but he backed away for the next passengers as our kids were getting their turn! That's okay, though. We got another picture as a family in front of Thomas {Henry calls him "Tommy"}, but ended up not buying it. I mean, where do you put that? Your kitchen? I think not...
Hmmm. Now that I think about it, maybe the kids room? Wish I would have thought of that on Saturday. My brain was apparently flooded like the ground.
Then the boys got to play with the trains, of course.And then we got to see animals. Ollie was so excited! He just kept jumping up and down. This picture is really goofy, but this is what he was doing. Hilarious.
Henry felt the same way about his up close encounter with a turkey. Then they got to get on some real trains.
I would recommend Chattanooga over Nashville for the Thomas experience for the vast array of trains they have already running and the amount that you get to "play" on. The food was better in Nashville, but that was it.
I've got to get to sleep now. Two little boys I know will be up "CHOO CHOO"ing bright and early. The swine flu has been somewhat under wraps here in Huntsville, so all schools are back open tomorrow! CHOO CHOO here we come!!!


Lori said...

That looks like a wonderful family outing that even my girls would enjoy. The pics of the train backing up is hilarious!

Jenny said...

That is some fun stuff right there! So good to see all those smiling faces, isn't it? I'm glad y'all had a good time and the weather held out for you.

LeAnne said...

WOW!! what fun!! i know what you mean, traveling gets so much easier as the kids get a little older. they DO still have their moments but the days of listening to a baby scream for NO APPARENT REASON for hours and hours are OVER!! love the picture of all 4 of you guys.

Sabrina said...

Looks like ya'll had a lot of fun!

Katie said...

Glad to hear the swine flu didn't break your little guys' date with Thomas! That pic of Thomas backing away is a hoot! I found that backwards part with our experience to be a bit odd. I mean you rarely see him backing around Sodor right?

Hadley said...

glad you got to go, and that you had a great time!

Anonymous said...

I guess we can all become the uba tuba club! Your mom, A. Renn, Holly T and I all have it in our kitchens.
I love reading your blog so much. It's fun to stay in touch with you, Jason and boys!
In your pictures, in the background, I always see something cute in your house! You have darling taste I can tell...So cute..I think we the same or maybe similar chest/cabinet from Kirkland's. It looks yours is close to your stairs. Mine is in the foyer!
See ya'll the 4th of July!!
A. Berzie

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