Monday, May 25, 2009

We Did It!

Today was a good "God day" for me. You know when you “feel” God helping you in something? I hope you have felt that before.

I finished the Cotton Row Run 10K this morning in 1 hour and 10 minutes. I guess it’s not too terribly shabby since I just started training 2 weeks ago and all. {That’s #1598 of 1838 people- or 97th out of 127 in my gender/ age group if that makes me feel any better}.You know me and prep work just don’t get along.

I was just happy not to need that ambulance {that was calling my name} at mile 4.

Since headphones are “strictly prohibited”, I and almost everyone else there snuck in our contraband under shirts and through under garments. {I just put one headphone in so I could hear the ambulance if it actually DID call my name…}
If you would like to run to some fast paced Christian praise music {don’t think Christian rap is like Vanilla Ice; it’s actually good}, here was my playlist specifically for today:

  • Movin - Group 1 Crew
  • No Ordinary Love - TobyMac
  • Here to Stay - Group 1 Crew
  • No One Like You - Barlowgirl
  • Feelin’ So Fly - TobyMac
  • Get Your Back Off the Wall - Family Force 5
  • Live Out Loud - Group 1 Crew
  • Boomin’ - TobyMac
  • Bring the Party to Life - Group 1 Crew
  • One World - TobyMac
  • Gimme that Funk - Group 1 Crew
  • Grey - Barlowgirl
  • I am God - Kirk Franklin and TobyMac {This is from “Be still and know that I am God.” Just so you know they don’t have the wrong impression here…}
  • Let Go - Barlowgirl

There were a few more in there, but just shoot me an e-mail if you’d like some other suggestions.

It was a great race with people cheering you on the whole time, residents blasting the Rocky theme from HUGE speakers outside their homes, pop ice being handed out, etc. I think there is a great feeling of togetherness whenever you do something with 2,000 of your closest friends. It was much like a football game when your team wins and everyone is euphoric at the end. But here they give away free pizza and ice cream at the end. Can’t get much better, right?

As much as I covet and appreciate your comments and feedback, I’m going to turn off comments today. I have a feeling they’ll be something along the lines of “Great job, Hillary”, etc, and I really want to give that to God, so just say a little prayer thanking God for something awesome He is doing/ has done/ will do in your life.

And Happy Memorial Day. If you need a military family to thank, hope over here to my friend Leanne’s blog. Her hubs is headed to Saudi Arabia for a year in one week. What a great service. We sure do appreciate him and all the others who risk their lives every day so we can enjoy our freedom.

Love y’all!

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