Saturday, May 23, 2009

Would you do me a favor?

Would you please pray for my sweet friend Monica? We met at the Blissdom blog conference in February and sat next to each other the whole time. She had just found out she was expecting then and was thrilled to be pregnant. This was actually her fifth child to be expecting, but she has just one son, Seth.

I got an e-mail this week that they had discovered that her baby's heart had stopped and she delivered him on Tuesday. You can read the whole story here. I hadn't posted it before because I wasn't sure if she was up to sharing information, but she has stories and pictures on her blog. Please visit, comment and say a prayer for God's grace and caring hands to be wrapped around them and for the strength of their family. She is a strong woman of God, but I can't imagine the road she is traveling right now.


Lori said...

My heart hurts for your friend and I'll be sure to stop by and pray for her. You're a good friend, Hillary.

Donna said...

God bless sweet Monica- and that precious baby.

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