Friday, May 22, 2009

Let me, let me upload

Hello blog land!

Happy Friday night before a long weekend. We are doing thrilling and exciting things tonight like replacing a garbage disposal. I hope your evening is just as romantic.

What our week has lacked in the romance department has been made up for in the busy department. I thought I would just upload a little bit of visual love as to what's been going on this week with us.
{I have been trying to get these dang pictures on the blog from using flickr and I'm having a hard time. It seems to be a common problem from what I've read, but if anyone knows any special tips, I would gladly accept them. Thanks!}
Wednesday afternoon, Henry found this awesome ladybug outfit and insisted that I put it on him.
He played and played and was having so much fun; he even added a necklace to the ensemble {found in the dirt}!How could I possibly tell this little man that this is a DOG COSTUME? I couldn't. So, he was happy and played as a lady bug. UNTIL, after dinner we went out for ice cream! {He had to be de-ladybugged for public consumption.}
Ollie had gotten SUCH a good report at pre-school that I promised him a special trip to get ice cream! I have plenty to say about this, but the short version is that Ollie is not such a big fan of school. His favorite things are running, screaming and playing outside. And at pre-school, they want you to learn letters, sit and listen to stories and do art projects. You can see how the two ideas collide.
But Wednesday, Ollie's teacher told him he could read the names off the job chart that day IF he sat still and participated in circle time. AND HE DID IT! This is really a huge accomplishment. {Too bad she only thought of this bribe the last week of the school year.} So, I was so excited to hear a positive report without the mention of jumping, throwing or hitting - and actual OBEYING- that I brought out the big guns.
There are no ice cream pictures because our children can't eat it fast enough {obviously not OUR children} and we were just trying to lick/ wipe ice cream. But, our little Bruster's around the corner does have awesome sidewalk chalk.
Or war paint and guns. You know. Whatever works for you.
Thursday was the big day for this: {I love this shot with the guy's head sticking out like Wilson's from Home Improvement!}
More info to come later, of course, but know that it is going to take a while for the finished product.
Thursday was also haircut day for my poofy-headed child. Here's a good before shot of the big man.
I knew without a shadow of a doubt that we might be a while waiting for the haircut, so I packed a train or two for the wait and we set up shop, well... in the shop.
I loved the lighting in this shot and am going to have to come up with a way to edit it that doesn't make me think of the germs that Henry was acquiring while on the floor there.
The best thing about a hair salon is that it already has it's own built in train tracks. Just FYI- Ollie gets his hair cut the same place I get mine cut {by the same gal} and we love her. I love the way she cuts hair, but she charges $15 for him. Is that too much? I'd like some opinions, please.
{OH MY WORD at the length of this post. I am even getting bored here. You deserve some kind of award for reading this long.}
From there we went to Jason's company picnic at the Huntsville Stars baseball game. Here's a good after haircut shot of the O-man.
One of the baseball players threw Ollie a ball in the warm ups and he had it signed by Homer the Skunk. Or, as he calls him, the "STOOONK". Huge hit! That baseball has been everywhere with him last night and all day today. Why a skunk? Get the whole story here. Henry does not share in the "Stoonk" love. Here he is running away from that darn skunk. One thing they can both agree on is the cotton candy at baseball games. You can't go wrong there! We left after 1 1/2 innings because 1) Henry could care less about the game and he wanted to run and play and 2) it was raining.
So, I'm off to help hubs with the garbage disposal and the faucet installation. Then maybe tomorrow we will tile a back splash! It's almost as much fun as last year's Memorial Day Project.
And don't forget I'm running in a 10K on Monday like a moron. I would- seriously- covet your prayers not to finish the race {which is my only goal}, but to not injure myself! I will be sure to keep you updated on that and kitchen progress as it comes along. We've got a few hurdles with both this weekend!


Heather, aka Jake's Mommy said...

Good luck on the race on Monday! 10k is unbelievable!

And, the new kitchen addition looks great. :-)

Susannah said...

Ollie's hair looks adorable! I'm the same way about germs on floors of public places;) Love Henry's ladybug costume. How old is he now?

Lydia said...

The countertops are awesome!! (Insert just a teensy weensy bit of jealousy here!!) I am living vicariously through you.

We have the same haircut is $15 for Jacob to get his hair cut.

Prayers are being sent your way for Monday!

Amy said...

Here's some comment love for ya. Sorry I've been lacking in this area.
Loved the post. Kitchen looks great. What do I have to do to get a trip to Brusters?
As far as the ladybug goes...great blackmail material. You do have a file with that label for your boys, right? It was really too cute and you could tell that the little guy was a proud little ladybug.
Hope the race goes well!

Lori said...

Your kitchen is lookin' great! Have a fun weekend!

Rebekah said...

When Nathaniel was 3 he called the Skunk the 'Kunk'.

Rebekah said...

When Nathaniel was 3 he called the Skunk the 'Kunk'.

Donna said...

Yay for behaving in school!! I really do wish that teacher had thought of some incentives before now! Sheesh! LOVE LOVE LOVE the granite- and the open view with breakfast bar- LOVE IT I tell you! Run fast- and finish- Katie Holmes style- don't give up with a bad leg like P.Diddy.

LeAnne said...

i'm lovin' the new kitchen...AWESOME!! and i pay for both my kiddos haircuts at the same place as mine...usually $35 for the two of them. maybe it's too much but it sure makes life easier when we all just go to the same salon. not to mention that Kaye LOVES my kids SOOOO much...she cried last week when we went in for their last haircuts before the move.

glad to read that the race went well for you...YAY, GOD!!!!

and a big thanks for the blog love for military very sweet of you!!

Emily said...

Hilll...lurve the kitchen!! it looks soooo good!! and $15 is what i pay for the girls. dont think it's too much.

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