Thursday, May 14, 2009

As FAR back as

You know that I love my hubs, right? He's funny, smart (*ahem* he married me!), handy and pretty athletic.
But when he got this e-mail, it did crack me up:

"As you know, this Saturday is the 3rd Annual HGHS Soccer Alumni Game for the guys. I am expecting an excellent turnout with alumni from as far back as 1993..."

Why might that crack me up? He WAS in the class of 1993. And his class started the soccer team at his high school when they were sophomores, but never had anyone older than them play.
So, Jason and his class mates grabbed their walkers and hobbled out to the field to play against the younger alumni who were all about 20.

It was a classic butt-whooping. And it wasn't pretty for the old guys. I think I heard someone asking for oxygen, but that was muffled by the screams for icy hot.
Well, it wasn't THAT bad, but the younger group had the advantage because most of them had played together at some point... within the past decade, you know?

Here's Jason with some of his class of '93 cohorts (Chris, Jason, Aaron and Jeff). This was at half time. We didn't stick around for the whole game because it was late and Ollie was having serious screaming fits a word or two about daddy getting to play soccer and not HIM. You can see that he wasn't even thinking about leaving this picture.

Jason hobbled around the rest of the weekend and then on Monday came home with these.
**Foot hair not included on all models.
What are they? Some sort of fancy running shoe.
I know. They are the UGLIEST things I have ever seen. I do not know what the advantage is and he just keeps telling me that I should read an article about them. If anyone has such an article as to why this hideousness should be allowed in public, please forward to me (e-mail link above there). Thank you.

AND, he wouldn't tell me how much they cost which means they were ridiculously priced. (He was very proud, though, that he used a coupon. At least he's picking up a few things after 10 years...) Why would you pay for your toes to be painfully separated like you're having a pedicure without the foot soaking? I don't know.
I'll let you know if he loves the shoes or not soon. He went to test them out Monday night and came in 5 minutes later hobbling. Apparently, he "popped" (injured) a calf muscle that he said was initially quasi-injured/ worn out in the soccer game. Poor guy has been hobbling, wrapping and icing that leg all week.
I wonder if it occurred to him that the Class of 1993 happens to be in their mid thirties now? Or if he should be try to play around like it's "as far back as" the early 90s? Actually he's pretty in shape, usually, but I think we are more prone to injury the older we get. Or else we just get stupider. I'll let you look at those shoes and decide.


JasonDunham said...

Here's the article in case your readers want to know what the heck those shoes are for.

Jenny said...

I have to say they're even uglier in person. If I met a stranger on the street with those things on, I would seriously question their sanity. But I know Jason's sane... LOL! :) I'm curious to know if they are awesome or not.

pcb said...

Definitely hideous and apparently $80. Here's a link:

They don't say if they offer the model with the foot hair. :)

Ashley said...

LOL, I love how he says "your readers", it's true though, I did copy and paste and read the article!

Becky said...

i'm not sure it matters what they do when they are that hidioderous. you know? and how come micah wasn't invited. i mean, he's a youngster in the class of '96, but he was all county. that may help the old birds out. course, he's in his 30s with 3 kids too lol!!

Melody Uptain said...

You are so funny. i think the shoes are awful. It seems like they wouldn't have enough padding on the bottom. They remind me of those socks with a place for each individual toe minus the rainbow stripes on them.

Carrie said... the my brother thinking! I love you, Jason, but you're silly!

Lisa said...

Hey Hillary! I happened to come across your blog today. :) I love it! My sister has a great blog that she keeps up with pretty well, but I always let mine slide. As a matter of fact, I haven't updated since November! For shame.

I'll be following along with you now.

Lisa Adkins

P.S. Tell Jason his slippers look like bad Mary Janes. LOL!

LeAnne said...

TOO FUNNY!! you'll have to let us know how those are working out for him. and i saw the rest of your boys' pics on facebook and they are so AWESOME!! those are surely some handsome little men:)

Allyson said...

Hillary - I've posted once before. I'm over from Kellie Patton's site.

I'm loving the "as far back as" language. Was it really that long ago? Hubs and I are 92 grads and this is the first time it made me feel like it was truly a long time ago! Ouch...

As for the shoes (if that's what you'd call them), I've been tempted to try them on at a local store here, but they are just so stinking strange. Plus, my second toe is longer than the first, so I don't think they'd fit. Just my luck! I'll stick with the tradition running shoe where your toes get blisters from rubbing together.

Praying for your friend and her loss.


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