Monday, May 18, 2009

What's old is new again

Why do we buy our children new toys? I found out today we have perfectly good ones just lying in piles around the house. You might remember that I tried a great toy storage system back in January when I had the energy and wherewithal to believe those sorts of things work. January is good to you like that, you know?

I have gone round and round with different cycles of toys and I think they are just going to have to win. I just can't keep up with them. Those plastic and cardboard trains, cars, puzzles, balls, games, stupid-ball-on-the-end-of-the-paddle-thing that I can't get through the hole and directions to all such paraphernalia have overtaken this home. What we have now is just different piles of toys and those bins are still in the closet and have NOT BEEN TOUCHED. Hmmm... One mama with some sense might just throw them out {or sell them!}...

This afternoon, Ollie found 2 huge teddy bears that were gifts from Jason's Aunt Jane {who we love!}... from Christmas 2007. He thought they were the coolest ever! They discussed their bear-hood together and apparently got into a bear argument about which train was the fastest engine on the Island of Sodor. Who knew they were so opinionated? Then Ollie decided to just play with one and take him on a horse ride. (This is in Henry's room.)
They hugged, talked, bonded, etc, and then teddy got the best seat in the house - the most coveted throne that only belongs to he who is the coolest:
He got to ride on Thomas. What a crowning achievement for the poor teddy bear who has been in hiding for- say- 18 months.

Henry wasn't quite as impressed with the duo and promptly threw them off of his train.
Don't worry, he didn't go down the stairs on the train... not today at least.


On the kitchen front, the install guy came today to measure for the new counter tops! We {and "we" here clearly means Jason} had to take all the current counters out, tear out the sink and the cook top and basically disassemble the kitchen in order for the proper measurements to be taken. The worst part is that my junk drawer was in plain view for the world to see and it ain't purdy isn't pretty. Good thing is that my hubs is super duper handy, so we {you know I mean he again, right?} put back all the counters and re-assembled the sink today so I wasn't scraping any more meatloaf down the bathroom sink around the corner. That smell combination just wasn't working for me.

It was a neat process to see the guy {not hubs- we hired someone for the install} build the template for the counters and I'll give you a little hint as to what might be in there very soon {Thursday or Friday!!!}:
I can't wait!


Lydia said...

OMGosh!! You are getting Uba Tuba Granite???? My favorite! (I'm soo jealous, but super excited for you!)

Lisa said...

You will love Granite. Are you going to undermount your sink? Definitely do this. You can just wipe the crap from the counter right into the sink...wonderful!

Susannah said...

Hilarious about the bears! Anderson has the same Thomas the train and he won't touch it!

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