Friday, May 8, 2009

Friday Play by Play

I think I might have mentioned before that I love to keep up with errands, my day, tasks, etc like I’m playing a football game. It’s me versus the to-do list of that day and most of the time I reign supreme.

Who am I kidding?
Most of the time I’m wiping off slobber {my own} by 3:00 pm begging for mercy {or a nap}.

Today was a rough day, but I’ll let you decide who won.

8:30 am - got to school {showered with makeup!} and was present for Ollie’s Mother’s Day Brunch. +1 point
9:30 am – Went to Sam’s and only forgot one thing {barrels of juice}. 0 points.
Did score enormous {surely riddled with hormones} rotisserie chicken right out of the oven that was delicious-o {as Dora’s backpack would say} + 1 point

10:15 am – Hit mall supposedly just for returns of picture day clothes my kids didn’t wear. And maybe one item that was worn for picture day with the tag tucked in the back. Oh yes. I’ll take that stuff back. Mama doesn’t pay full price for Polo. That’s what TJ Maxx and consignment sales are for. + 1 point
10:20 am - Huge wait/ snafu returning this tie at Dillard’s. {I'm a firm believer that boys shouldn't wear a tie unless you have all your original hair in. I just bought it because it was complimentary to Ollie's that he was going to to wear and thought it might work in a pinch, etc, but he didn't end up wearing it.} Debit card wouldn’t work to accept the money returned- but it apparently WOULD run just FINE to pay for it 2 days ago. *ahem* - 1 point
11:00 am – Happen to find stores for me {who would have thought?} and find something that fits and I like for Mother’s Day AND is on 60% off rack! {Clouds open up and angels are singing!} + 5 points

11:45 am – Forget that blueberry bagels and rotisserie chicken are in the car while I’m in the mall. Car smells like Blueberry Muffin {Strawberry Shortcake’s friend} just ate 4 chickens. – 1 point

12:00 pm – Work, work, work + 1 point because I get a lot done

1:30 pm – Pick up children from pre-school without major wailing of scene leaving AND Ollie gives me a Mother’s Day Card and tells me that he loves me +5 points

2:30 pm – Henry screaming and not napping, but I rock him back to sleep {one of my favorite things to do} + 1 point because he goes back to sleep until 4:30!!

4:30 pm – Snack. I’m feeling generous and fun and so we have popcorn and M&Ms. + 1point

5:00 pm- M&Ms not such a great idea because they are beginning to come back and bite me with children who are jumping off the wall. – 1 point

5:15 pm – start to sort 7 loads of laundry - 1 point

5:30 pm - Find Henry on top of breakfast room table EATING those things that you drop in water and grow into dinosaurs. – 2 points for me {+1 point for DHR}

5:32 pm - Retrieve and account for all puffy tablets that make dinosaurs. + ½ point

5:34 pm – Walk up stairs to find these sunglasses
that were being played with earlier destroyed by ninjas {my brown spare pair, at least}– 1 point

5:36 pm – Find Ollie in bathroom “skating” in his own pee-pee since he couldn’t get his shorts down in time at the potty. His exact words, “Look, Mommy! I get to skate in pee-pee!” as he’s sliding around the bathroom. Nice clean up there. – 5 points

6:00 pm – Jason volunteers to go to Target to get a dozen things for me + 1 point

6:45 pm – He brings me back a bottle of wine that was not on the list. + 5 points and he earns MVP for today

7:30 pm - Start baking for Mother’s Day Bake Sale at church. I’m baking Jeannie’s Shingles, Gooey Turtle Bars, Ultimate Carrot cake and Marbled Chocolate Bundt Cake. {Let me know which recipe you’d like and I’ll post it for you.} I am Queen of the Kitchen with my new Apron that I WON!! My friend Deanna, who re-did this here blog, also has a site called the Apronista. I entered to win this fab-o Apron and I WON!! It’s from Sassy Smox and I feel like such a domestic diva! + 2 points

8:15 pm – Jason has to go to Publix to get a few more things for baking. + 1 point since I’m not doing the errand- running

8:45 pm – Jason gets home and forgot one thing, so he goes back to the store. – 1 point. I’m starting to feel bad for my hubs on his 3rd trip to the grocery tonight.

9:15 pm – Onto 2nd glass of wine while Bundt cake is baking and have 4 loads of laundry either done or in a machine, so I’m doing great! Just have to cook carrot cake and package it all, so hopefully I’ll be to bed before midnight! It’s the packaging that takes so long, you know… + 1 point for getting close to having it all baked!

So, do you think I won today? I’m not sure since I haven’t added up those points, but at least I know that I lived to blog about it! And I learned to never, no never, give children M&Ms by the handful at snack time. Lest ninjas come to destroy my home- or more importantly- my sunglasses.


Heather, aka Jake's Mommy said...

We so had an M&M tragedy today, also. Never let the child have M&M's as a treat if you're planning on going into public one short hour later. YOU WILL REGRET IT!! And, so will the rest of Target!

Lori said...

Love the point system, and congrats on the super cute apron. I'd love the bundt cake recipe!! Happy Mother's day weekend!

Jenny said...

You are cracking me up with the Strawberry Shortcake thing! I could almost smell it with your poetic description. :) Skating in pee-pee got me, too. Gannon still just stands there and cries if he has an accident; the poor kid doesn't like to be yucky. I LOVE the apron, and it sounds to me as though you came out ahead!! You go girl!

Matt, Carrie and Lucy Allen said...

hillary, you are too funny! loved this post! and congrats on the apron, it is super cute

Susannah said...

You really are pretty hilarious! I'm still laughing!! :) Love the part of about Henry skating in his pee-pee. :)

pcb said...

Hey, any time you make it to the end of the day with most of your sanity is a day when you've won!

Rebekah said...

Cute Apron! :) And I was rolling about the skating in the pee pee.

Melody Uptain said...

I definitely think you won. If over half of my to do list gets done it was a good day, especially where children are involved. Hope you had a wonderful Mother's Day. I would love the marbled bundt cake recipe.

Shelley said...

i can totally relate to the puddles, broken sunglasses and LOADS of laundry. you can have the baking sista!

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