Thursday, May 7, 2009

Mama of the Week

This week's (okay, we all know I don't get to this every week, but just in case I miraculously do at some point) Mama of the Week is my good friend Alana at Gray Matters.

We go WAY back. I mean WAAAAY back 30 years because she was my next door neighbor growing up. Her brother, Josh, was my age and in my grade so we hung out often and even beat Zelda together one summer, but Alana was MUCH cooler and older and always fun to be around. We even have the same birthday, so I knew she was special at a very early age.

I mentioned in this post that I have a fond memory of Alana bleaching her jeans outside in between our houses on a 1980s sunny day to the tune of "Red, Red, Wine" being blasted from her silver boom box. What I didn't find out until later (in her comment) is that she had to leave school the next day because freshly bleached jeans + skin= no good news.
I'll choose to just remember the bleach bottle whipping back and forth in rhythm to UB40 and not the bleached skin, okay? You are still cool in my book.

Now, Alana lives in Maryland and is super crafty, smart and funny. She keeps up with a husband and 3 kids and even has time to QUILT?? What? I know! How do you people do it? Her blog is all about great green living tips, crafts, her family, her journey, etc. It's great.

Alana also has an amazing journey of faith with God that she shares on her blog. She tragically lost 2 daughters in a car wreck almost (I think) 5 years ago. Please read her posts about that on the sidebar under posts that matter. She sheds wonderful and impacting stories about God's grace in those posts and I know you will be touched, like I continue to be.

Please go visit Alana and tell her hi! She is an awesome and deserving Mama of the Week- especially this week for Mother's Day! Love ya', my friend!


Gray Matters said...

You just made me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. Thanks so much of thinking of me and writing such sweet words. You were then and are now one of the kindest girls I know. I'm thrilled I get to watch your children grow and you thrive as a wife and mom.

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