Thursday, April 2, 2009

Good Goobley, Miss Moobley

No, that title is not a children's book I'm reviewing {although it should be!}, but it's what my dad used to say instead of "Good Grief".

That's all I can think of to tell you what life's been like around here this week!
We are all healthy, but if errands were a sickness, I should be in the hospital.

Here's the low down on just the family stuff {not included are WORK, meetings, volunteer stuff and trips to coffee shop (3)}:
Monday- soccer game for Ollie {exercise for Mommy and Daddy trying to keep him on the field. He literally stopped and came over to me at one point in the game and said, "Mommy, do you see that bird?" "Yes. Yes I do. Why don't you go chase the ball?"
Watch out David Beckham.} The U4 division is a trying one... for the parents.

Tuesday- clean for Bible study. Hubs gone all night at meeting. So feed, bathe children, try to keep house clean before wonderful women arrive at 7:30. Well- meaning friend asks if I'm sick because I look tired.

Wednesday- Idol is not going to watch itself, people. So glad Megan went home. That weird squawky action was the last straw for me.
Also, my parents arrive in town. Dad is visiting a back specialist that does a new surgery here.

Thursday- crazy thunderstorms that keep tornado sirens going all afternoon. Hubs flies out of here in that weather to Chicago for 4 days. He made it safely, thank the Lord! Mom and dad over for dinner. Dad set for surgery tomorrow morning.

Friday- Henry scheduled for photo shoot for Sew Beautiful magazine! FUN! Dad has surgery first thing in the morning. Would you mind saying a little prayer for my sweet Dad?

I will keep you updated on the photo shoot and the surgery tomorrow!

Good Night, Miss Moobley.


Susannah said...

The squawky action was a little too weird as was the Lady Gaga performance! I was actually scared at one point! Funny about the soccer game!:) Prayers for your daddy to have a good surgery.

Gray Matters said...

Saying a prayer for your daddy (and your mom).

Ivy said...

Praying for your daddy this morning! I had lower back surgery 2 years ago and it was the best thing I ever did! Hope you have a restful weekend:)

Darby said...

Yes, I am certainly praying for your dad. Please keep us all posted!!!

Katie said...

Oh Other Mama! You do make me laugh! I took a moment and prayed for your daddy this morning when I read the blog. Didn't have a moment to comment until now, but wanted to let you know I did.
Uh hello?! My schedule was just like this this week - gymnastics on Monday, cleaned on Tues., IDOL, IDOL results, company over on Thurs., SEVERE weather sirens all day, worked a kid's overstock sale, Easter photo shoot today! So much laundry to catch up on it's insane. Why that durn thing won't load itself I have no idea?!!!
I'd love to hear your real thoughts on she on drugs or what?! That girl is an odd bird...apparently literally. I mean I'm all for marching to your own drum, but squawking to your own drum is a little strange. I say, "Don't get your wing caught in that stage door!"
Have a great weekend. Hope it's dry, siren and squawk free, and relaxing.

Donna said...

Okay- is there an inside joke behind the squaking? I haven't been following closely so I was totally confused with flailing tattoo acted that way. Fun week you had- and now another baby in a national magazine- are you getting too big for your britches or what?!!!

Elyse said...

Henry? In Sew Beautiful? Do you know what he was wearing? I love that magazine and just shuffled through my last few magazines to find outfits for this boy that's coming. There are so many more things for girls than there are for boys. My choices are a bit limited. But, that should keep me less overwhelmed, right? I hope so!

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