Wednesday, April 22, 2009

An Update Full of Updates

Hello blog world!

How are you?
I'm fine, thanks.

As you know from probably staring at the post below, I went to the beach! And my little vacation turned into a blog-cation, as well. I'm nice and rested and have a little menu of what's to come/ what's been going on.
After a nice L-O-N-G season {because of 42 rained out games}, Ollie finished his second season of soccer. His little pot belly {showcased nicely in that polyester-mix jersey} did not inhibit him from running and chasing the ball a lot. No goals, yet... at least not for our team. Actually, the only goal he scored was for some other team- not even one he was playing. He just ran onto a field and kicked a ball in a goal.

I think that counts. Don't you?
Here's an updated picture of the girls from this past weekend. We had a great time that deserves a whole post to be written this week.
Remember our kitchen? Well, it turns out that this is NOT a load- bearing wall- thank goodness! And right now we are looking at a lot of space! YAY! I love it already!
And our breakfast room is "done" and I'll have to give that a whole post, as well, but here is a sneak peek:
Henry is just as happy as can be and is TALKING all the time. He repeats everything you say {can be dangerous, right?}. But he ends anything that ends with an "r" or an "s" with an "ee" sound. Like Thomas is "Tommy" and Arthur is "Artie" {these are both trains}. And he even calls his brother "brothie". I'm off to Tar-jay with little man and "brothie" for a few things for dinner. Thanks for your patience with me and I look forward to giving you the whole low down this week!


LOOK WHO'S MARRIED!!!! said...

Glad you're back. I just went looking for you today! Love the breakfast room. =)

Ivy said...

Glad you are back, safe and sound! Can't wait to hear about all the fun you had with your girlfriends!

Lydia said...

Welcome home! We missed you!

Lori said...

Your breakfast room looks great - I love that color and the prayer! Glad that you had a relaxing vacation... that sounds good right about now! :)

Rebekah said...

Ok so now I know who 'Artie' is! He was telling Lacey all about 'Artie' the other day. We knew it had to be a train but couldn't figure it out. :)

Katie said...

Yay! I missed your blogging Other Mama! I recognize so many of those faces from good ole' T-Roy tech! Glad you had a nice relaxing and refreshing time....back to the real world!

Sabrina said...

glad you're back. i can't wait to hear about your mini vacation!!! I am so jealous that you got out of the house for a weekend without the kids!!!

holly said...

Is that Blake next to you? I couldn't figure out who it was...she looks totally different! Unless it's not her, and then I'll feel like a total genius!

Donna said...

Welcome back- glad you had fun! I missed you in blogland! LOVE the open space from kitchen to den- LOVE IT! Love the breakfast room and prayer- precious!

annieck said...

Welcome back!
Goal-definitely counts!
Beach-you girls look SO great! Glad you had fun!!!
Breakfast room-fabulous!
Henry-too cute for words!!!

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