Friday, November 28, 2008

You Turkey!

Hope you're having a wonderful Thanksgiving. We are down in Dothan enjoying time with Mom and Dad and extended family. Jason is not "enjoying" it so much since he is down with the funk, but thankfully dad got him some good drugs this morning. He'll be back to normal by tomorrow, we hope (we- meaning me- hoping I don't have to drive the whole way home!).

Does your family have that picture? The one where you take the same picture in the same spot every year?
We have one such picture spot at my grandmother's house. She has many pine trees in the front yeard and has a white iron circular bench around one. I've never seen another one of those, but she has had it there for-e-vah. I think it's even rusting a bit and I was afraid we might break it (I would hate to be the final picture there!). But, it managed to hold us as it's held different family members hundreds of times before. Here's the outcome:

Now, I'm at my mom's house and can't figure out how to recrop. (Photoshop? Any help here?) That uneven-ness is driving me a little bonkers, but I think I'll manage to get over it. Hope you do!
So that's our update from the road: loads of food, friends and family. We're loving it!


Shana said...

Hill! I didn't even notice the unevenness until i read about don't worry about it! The picture is great and OF COURSE, your family looks amazing!

happy thanksgiving!

Anna Blumenfeld said...

It was so fun seeing you in Dothan!

mary caroline said...

Great family picture!! I hope your Thanksgiving was wonderful! This time next year little Sally Kate will be toddling around holiday family gatherings :)

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