Tuesday, November 11, 2008

This is what I feel like today

A rotten pumpkin. I have the crud. The yuck. The funk. Whatever you want to call it. I think it's probably just a sinus infection, but it's pretty bad.

Aren't these lovely pumpkins? Jason took them to the trash this morning, finally and we are excited to not have neighbors running away now. At one time the were cute, but we did pumpkins way to early this year while decorating for Harris's birthday, so they went bad about a day after Halloween. They went well with the dead mums that I did not water ONCE. Nice, huh? I guess we'll toss those, too.

I had my big class presentation yesterday and I am so thankful to have that over. I stayed up late all weekend working on it and I think that's why I'm sick. It was on the Cold War's effect on the Space Race, so I got to polish up my space history- I love it. I have to tell you that it was a good show. I love standing up and talking in front of people- what, you don't?- so, I was in my element. I even passed out space ice cream at the end. I think it was a hit.
I cancelled a meeting about school fundraising this morning because of my cruddiness and the fact that we were supposed to meet at a pregnant friends' house. I don't think she wants me over there. But, good news is that the other girl who was going to be at this meeting has a husband who is an ENT who is sliding me in at 12:45!! WOOHOO!
And my kiddos are at pre-school today. So that makes things a little easier. I know. I fundamentally disagree with them being in school on Veteran's Day, BUT our school calendar was a little different this year. The board (me included) decided to send ALL of our teachers to a conference in February and close the school for 2 days. With that, we had to come up with 2 days to make up somewhere since our elementary classes have to be in school for 180 days. Blah, blah. I'm just rambling now. And breathing through my mouth. Ugh. You should call me. I sound like a creature from the black lagoon... on drugs.
Off to take more meds and lay on the sofa. I might even watch Chuck again! Do y'all watch that show? It's great! And they toally teased the Jon and Kate wedding/ vow renewal! It's not until NEXT week. How can they drag out one trip to 4 weeks!?
Thank you, Veterans! We wouldn't be here blogging about whatever without you!! I love my freedom!


annieck said...

Oh, Hil. I'm sorry you feel so bad. Asher has had something for two weeks. It's so sad! And now that he's finally getting over it, he's passed it along to me, Tristan, and Channing's mother. Nice, right?

Hope you feel better soon!!! Try peroxide in the ears. That usually helps us. :) If only Asher would let me put it in his ears! :P

becky said...

sorry you feel like a dumpster. i keep thinking i'm due to get something...

and i have even gotten all choked up with the preview commercials for "family night on tlc"...i am not to be disturbed on monday nights.

LOOK WHO'S MARRIED!!!! said...

Ugh. I've had the sickies for quite a while now. We aren't as young as we used to be...and we certainly don't bounce back from being sick like we used to. I'm going on 8 days....and I'm still coughing. Ugh.

holly said...

what? you? like to talk in front of people....No way?!

Jenny said...

Hope your crud goes away soon and stays away from the rest of the family! LOOVE Chuck!

mary caroline said...

We missed you at girls weekend too Hil!! It was great, as always, to see you mom though :) Congrats on your presentation and I hope you feel better soon! Did you know that the Radcliffes love space ice cream!?!?

Amy said...

Hope you're feeling better today...

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