Friday, November 7, 2008

Just your average Thursday night...

At the Dunham home.
One child who thinks he IS Buzz Lightyear (we are going to have to surgically remove this costume):One child whose favorite toys are in the trash (ok- recycling bin): And a little explosion:

The culprit:
Don't ask me how it happened like my husband did. I shook up the salsa- like you always shake salsa, so you don't get just the juicy part at the beginning- and it just popped when I opened it! And it went everywhere! I had a red polka dotted shirt, a phone with an onion stuck in the earpiece and salsa in my EYE! Ouch! Thankfully my eye is fine, but there is never a dull moment around here. I'll invite you all over next time for tacos and show you my little trick. It's kind of like a pinata... just with salsa.


LOOK WHO'S MARRIED!!!! said...

I always shake salsa.....this is hilarious.

Jennifer said...

Thanks for the laugh! I am ready for the weekend... and now some chips and salsa!

annieck said...

Your boys are SO cute!!!
I have NEVER seen that happen with salsa before. You are quite talented. :)

LeAnne said...

TOO FUNNY!! now i'm gonna be paranoid about shakin' my salsa:)

Carrie said...

Are you at my house? I swear all of the above is happening here right now...only Megan is in underwear instead of a Buzz costume...

~w said...

i've shaken salsa a million times! only you! that is TOO funny!

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