Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Polka Dots- Not So Hot

Hello everyone!
I hope to get back into the blogging groove very soon. For now, here is an update on my littlest guy and his new skin design.

Henry is polka dotted.
Or else he has the Big Dipper on the side of his face.

I know. It's horrible.

Please don't get me started on the level of guilt I feel. As if we need more mom guilt...

These are mosquito bites. Apparently he is allergic to them. According to the Internet {which I always believe, don't you?}, it's more common for young children to have stronger reactions to the bites since they haven't developed an immunity. He was bitten a few weeks ago on our way back from the scrubbed shuttle launch, but I thought the severity of those might be from the Florida 'skeeters. But, backyard Alabama 'skeeters have the same effect, so I'm thinking it's just those darn bugs in general.

It doesn't help that he is genetically pre-disposed to "being sweet". That's why people used to say I'd get eaten alive by them. I don't know if it's a blood type thing or what.
{I'm O+ as are both of our kiddos (Jason is O-), so let me know if you know anything about that.}

But, from the wise old Internet, I should go straight for the DEET from now on. "They" say a 20%-30% formula for young children is safe. Apparently they make straight DEET that will kill bugs from 2 miles away, but it's not safe for pregnant women or young children- sounds fabulous, huh? I know some of my all-natural friends will be anti-DEET, but please look at that child's face again and let me know if I should go with DEET or a lovely head net that was recommended on one site:
It's all the rage at the playgrounds.
In other goings on, we went to see Thomas Live on Stage last night! As you might know, both our boys are HUGE Thomas fans, so this was a special treat. Our engineers were pumped and ready for the show. They didn't care that there were grown adults acting like goofy characters. They LOVED it. It was a very good show- even though one of the train engineers sounded and acted like Ross the Intern. A friend pointed that out to me on Facebook during the performance. Gotta love technology.Here is the other side of Henry's face. He was bitten on the top of the ear and it looks AWFUL! His ears are normally the same shape and go back to his head, but now one looks like Dumbo! {Or Sloth, but you know his own mother would never say that.} Here is Ollie when the peeping got to be a little too loud. Or else he didn't want his own mother to make fun of his ears. I'll let you decide.
With all the events of the day, I decided to interview Henry about the show.
Just ignore the big ole diaper genie {or whatever that model is called} and the diaper on the floor.
Oh and the big light behind my child's head. Let's just say this video won't win any videographer awards.
Without further ado:

A little Gordon-centric, you think? They both claim him as their favorite. Which is great if they want to be big bullies when they grow up.
Kind of makes me all warm and fuzzy.
Like a mustached man in a head net.


mary caroline said...

mom says they bite me because I'm sweet too :)haha. My "summer perfume" is mosquito repellent and I always have a travel size in my purse. Aunt Sister can relate!

Steph @Red Clay Diaries said...

Well, I'm actually allergic to DEET. It gives me hives. But it does work very well on the bugs with my kids. Supposedly there are some other essential oils that work almost as well tho.

On a totally different topic: We were on St George Island last Wednesday! We drove over there from where WE were on vacation. We played in the park by the lighthouse and ate dinner at that Blue Parrot restaurant. Hope you had a great vacation! We definitely relaxed.

Carrie said...

Maya has the same problem with bug bites. Poor girl had three bites on her shin, and her whole shin swelled up.

Love the video! So cute!

Btw, we need to get together soon!

Anonymous said...

I think Deet may cause breathing problems---like asthma....Maybe you better call the doctor---
Love you, Mom

Amy Kennedy said...

Bless his heart Little polka dotted face! I think they do affect the little ones twice as bad. Hayes has had some bites and they take FOREVER to go away. She has one now in the middle of her forehead that's been there for a week! Guess we need some deet too or just need to stay inside more. The Thomas show looked fun-glad they enjoyed it!

Diana Williams said...

I've always been sweet to the skeeters and I have A+ blood. I picked up some Badger Balm anti-bug stuff, but I haven't had a chance to try it out. Once I do, I'll tell you how it worked.

The Gunters said...

My mom's O+ and they eat her alive. I am too, but they leave me alone....mmmm I guess my mom is sweeter than me! :)

pendy said...

I have a similar picture of my son when he was about the same age...these things happen. Wonder if there's any truth that vanilla repels mosquitos? Around here, though, we have skeeters, which are monster mosquitoes...

Anonymous said...

Hillary, I use a product put out by Cutter that attaches to the hose and you spray on the grass and yard early in the morning. It will last about 2 to 3 months. I use it at the Lake in Eufaula so my grandchildren don't get eaten alive. It works well. I think it is called "Bug B Gone"
Kathy Granger

Sabrina said...

The first time Lucius got skeeter bites I thought that it had to be a spider bite. They were as big as a quarter! They don't get so big now. We use the kid friendly bug spray. It contains little to no DEET.

Katie said...

Oh no! Dang skeeters! You should ask if the city is spraying your neighborhood often enough. We get sprayed at least once a week and it helps a ton. Well, not us personally, but our hood.
When I saw the Thomas promo on TV for your area, I knew you'd be going. It came to B'ham, but we didn't catch it. Maybe next year. I do love Ross the Intern and I'd love to see him as a train engineer instead of a piece of fruit which he usually plays.
Hope the bites are better soon. We should compare Sloth pics sometime. I've got one of one of mine that would make you pee your pants and it is eerily Goonie if I do say so myself. Have a great weekend.

BTW, the model in the background, is a Diaper Champ for clarification purposes. Can be seen here too.

Holley McWilliams said...

That is exactly what happens to me and both my kids!! We swell up like that and then they turn into itchy little red bumps for days!! Not fun or pretty!!

The HoneaBees said...

The same thing happened to my baby a few weeks ago. (I blogged about it too!) The pictures just don't do the GIGANTIC ears justice do they? He was bitten 2 times on 1 ear so it looked like he had my dad's ear on.
They go down, but you can't help but laugh at it in the process!

Sarah said...

LOL - I am O+ as well and get eated alive..

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