Tuesday, August 5, 2008

The First Soccer Practice

Well, it's finally here. An organized sport. Team moms. Uniforms. Minivans. That one thing you forgot. I have a feeling we're in this for the long haul.

Tonight was Owen's first soccer practice.

In case you don't know my hubby, Jason, he is a soccer geek star. He spent 3 of his elementary school years in Germany and played soccer over there, so he got some cool European training. He's a keeper- NOT a goalie- that's hockey. He's played since he was 4, all through childhood and was on the first soccer team his high school had. He's played for traveling teams, adult teams, indoor leagues, has coached all levels... you get it. This was a big day for him. Even when I was pregnant- before we knew we what brand of baby we were having {and it wouldn't have mattered}- he was already talking about tiny soccer balls.

This is Owen at 5 months old- he had just learned how to sit up and Jason was rolling him a ball. {Apparently we were feeding him steak. I had forgotten how big he was!!}
This is Owen at 10 months old watching the World Cup {it only happens once every 4 years} in a soccer uniform from Mexico {courtesy of Aunt Carrie and Uncle Izzy}.

And this is Jason trying to teach Owen how to kick... at 10 months old. FYI- he wasn't even crawling.Needless to say, there has always been a soccer ball around. This is July 4th, 07- Owen was 23 months. So, as I said, today was a big day. Jason was putting on Owen's shin guards and I asked him if he was tearing up. He looked at me and said he might, but then Owen said he was ready for the "baseball field". And we then realized AGAIN that this child is not quite 3 and doesn't understand any of this.

So, off to soccer practice. They did a few drills where they lined up and took turns kicking the ball in the net. Then they played a "game" with the team divided in half. Here's what soccer practice was like for Owen:

Okay, really it wasn't all that bad, but he didn't get the concept of going after the ball- or staying on the field. He was really good at kicking it in the goal when they did the little drills, but I guarantee you Jason will be working with him on the whole "game" idea. The whole practice lasted 25 minutes and then the coach said, "To the Playground!" and everyone ran to the playground. They were super sweaty and hot, but happy! Here are some pictures of Owen having fun before (and the last one during) the "game".

Looks like the U4 league at the Y will at least be entertaining! I'll be sure to keep you updated.


LeAnne said...

that video is great...i love it. is anything more entertaining than preschool sporting events. ryan and kylee anne start practice next week...should be good!!

Carrie said...

I know Jason is so proud! For his sake, I hope Owen loves it as much as he does. I was laughing along with you on that video. Too funny!

Donna said...

I laughed out loud at that video! Yay for Owen- I had no idea that Jason was so into soccer! Marc (the dad) has gotten REALLY into soccer and roots for Celtic. He wants to learn more about it. Marky starts Sept. 2 and I am ridiculously excited about it. Something so sweet about little soccer socks and shoes- we are now soccer moms.

Emily said...

OMG..i love that video clip..hilarious! now yall (you AND donna) just have to get MV's (dont act like you dont know what that stands for)!!!

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