Saturday, August 2, 2008

Church Signs

I'm down in Dothan this weekend to give a wedding shower for one my very best friends from high school- Laura. Most of the gang is back in town for this and I had a wonderful time last night laughing with Laura and getting to know her hubby-to-be, Chris.
Jason opted- on his own accord- to stay in Huntsville with the kiddos. I still can't believe I had 5 hours driving down here to myself AND a whole weekend to not wipe a nose or cut up chicken fingers. WOW! Thanks, Jas! {I must add here that I feel like my right arm has been cut off without Jason and the boys around and I'll be happy to get home, but you know a little break can be nice.}
So, on the way down here yesterday, I got to pay attention to the road and surroundings more than I have in the past 3 years. Usually I'm passing back goldfish, contorting my arm to put a passy in or arranging a blanket in a window to shield the sun from someone. I know this path home by heart, obviously, but it is always changing. Some of my favorite changes are the church signs.
I'm talking specifically about the signs outside of small little churches- not the "Go to church or the devil will get you" sign on I-65; although that one is always a doozy. Gives you that warm and fuzzy of God's love, right? You'll be happy to know that the people who live there have added, "America: Love it or Leave it" to their repitoire of signs on their property. Apparently they have some trouble comprehending the Bill of Rights {although they take a lot of liberties in the freedom of speech area in their yard}, but I don't have time to stop by their water wheel and explain it, so I just drive on down the road.
My favorite little church sign I saw yesterday said, "Your life may be the only Bible that someone reads". Pretty good one. I don't know that I've ever thought about it specifically that way.

Sadly, it's usually the pithy ones that stick with me:
1) God answers Knee-mail.
2) What's missing? CH_ _ CH
3) Eternal life- inquire inside.
4) Without Jesus there would be hell to pay.
5) Come to church and get a faith lift.

I have always wondered if there is a committee that gets together and decides on these. Or is a church secretary? I am pretty sure that most senior pastors don't have time for this. I've never attended a church that had these so I'm not sure of the process. Do they buy a book with 52 of them? Or just get updates through a church service online? It's very curious that there are so many with the same sayings. And yet there are so many with just, "9:45 Sunday School, 11:00 Traditional Worship". I wonder if they didn't buy the book.

What are your favorites? Post in comments if you want to-


Sherill said...

Our sign has both--one side worship times and the other pithy sayings--and yes there is a book. And no I don't pick them--honestly I wouldn't. As nice and inspiring (?) as pithy saying might be, they don't bring people to a relationship with Christ--as far as I can tell. And it is much better to let folks know when they can worship with us than to tell them something that they actually expect to read on a church sign! Just the thoughts of one pastor who has does read church signs as a form of entertainment!

Holly said...

I've seen a book at the Cracker Barrel's Ye Ol' Country Store!

Laura said...

Hey Hill! I'm at the beach with my laptop on our front porch, "borrowing" someone's wireless connection...had so much fun visiting with you this weekend! I wanted to add in my favorite sign - though not a church, it was supposedly posted there by one. I used to see it on the drive to Tuscaloosa from Dothan. Not sure exactly where it is, but I feel like it is somewhere near Canton (the place with the peach water tower). Also, it seems that someone told me it wasn't there any rate, it is: "Go to church or the devil will get you!!"
Blunt and to the point, and even had a little devil cartoon with a pitchfork in case you didn't get it.

Jen said...

Post some photos!!!

Laura said...

somehow I missed the paragraph in this post where you said you were not talking about the devil sign. oops. I'm dumb! :) it's still my fave, and I'm glad to know they've added!

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