Monday, August 11, 2008

Sew Proud

I am "sew" excited! I just got several copies of the September/ October issue of Sew Beautiful magazine and our very own little Ollie is in there modeling! You can go buy the issue (Nancy Grace from CNN- or SNL, if you know her that way- is on the front with her twins) and turn to page 47. Or, if you don't sew a lick (like me) and wouldn't use the rest of the issue, here's the only important page:

Isn't that fun?!?!
Our little Ollie is a super model! Okay, well, just that one page. But super models have to start somewhere, right?
Would you like the whole story as to how our little guy is in a national magazine? I thought you might.
I wish I could say a talent scout spotted him at the mall, but the truth is, he usually has a snotty nose or could be throwing a fit for trains at any time. What really happened is a little less thrilling. At a parent meeting for Ollie's school back in February, I saw a mom who wasn't talking to anyone and I felt like she needed a buddy. (I'm sure this shocks you all if you know me in real life.) So, I started talking with her and sure enough her child was new to our school and she had a lot of questions. We chatted for a while and I asked her what she did. She is the editor of Sew Beautiful magazine and I had no idea that they were based out of Huntsville! I'd heard of Martha Pullen- she's like a sewing queen- but didn't realize that she and the magazine were related. They are and those of you that sew (if there is anybody out there in this category) could be laughing at me.
Long story short, the mom needed some models for a photo shoot the next week, asked Ollie's size and he fit! She did see a picture of him before she asked, but I think she would have asked me even if he wasn't so darn cute. We shot this so long ago I'd almost forgotten about it, but it was really neat to do. The coolest thing was the camera that the photographer had. It took pictures several times a second and it was impressive! Especially compared to my digital that always takes forever to reset while I'm missing the cute shot in real life AND on camera.
And another thing to note is that Ollie woke up with some sort of huge zit on the side of his face that morning! I don't think that's ever happened before or after. Anyway, I have some originals from the shoot and they definitely photo-shopped that big ole' blemish outta there!
What does Ollie think of his "rise to fame"? Well, there are a couple of other kids from his class in this issue and one was on the opposite page. I showed Ollie the magazine and asked him who was on the page. He said, "That's Nicholas and he has a train that's broken" (part of the train was on the floor).
At least he's not letting the stardom go to his head.


Donna said...

That is SO AWESOME! He looks beautiful- I love the sweet outfit. That girl is putting the moves on him though! J/k they kind of look like siblings.

Emily said...

oh my gosh, hill! what a little star you have! he's adorable..what a precious picture of him. love it!

Laura said...

Tell Owen that I would like an autographed copy please.
He looks adorable!

Connie said...

I think you have a model on your hands! Owen looks so cute. And, yes, I may be one of the few who knew what Sew Beautiful is about. Sadly, my kids are way too old to be sewing for...

Connie Templeton

Jenny said...

Too cute! Owen is a star! :)

LeAnne said...

that is such an adorable picture...super models look out! thanks for all the sewing background...i would've had no clue (sadly)!!

annieck said...

Oh, Hil! He looks ADORABLE!!! He IS a little star!!! I know you're so proud of him. =)
Stage moms, beware...Hil is coming through, and she's got her little super model with her!

Amy said...

So cute!

Tara said...

Adorable picture! Isn't it great meeting new people and you have a little superstar model in your house :)

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