Thursday, August 14, 2008

Stalkers Anonymous

Hello. My name is Hillary and I'm a stalker.
I've been stalking for about a year now. Today is my first day to come clean.

I have updated my blog list on the right to include people that I visit every now and again. Some people I just found out had blogs today (Amber, Amy, Eve) and other's I've been checking in on every now and again via somebody else's links. Well, now that blogger has this handy dandy thing for blog lists that puts the ones that have been updated first on the list, I just decided to come clean. This makes my stalking blog reading much easier. Instead of double clicking from one to the other, I can just see who has written something new (when it's working correctly) and just read the top of the list. I know I could go with Google reader, but for some reason I like this better.

So, if I'm stalking you, think of it as a compliment! And I will do the same. I'm so glad to catch up with old friends (from elementary and middle school, even!) and "meet" new people who I think are interesting. Or the people out there that I just know we should have been friends, but somehow missing each other while still having many same friends (Carrie). Well, now is the time that we can be cyberfriends.

Feel free to come clean, too. I will take it as a compliment. Unless you're an actual, certified stalker. Then, I'll have issues...


becky said...

exactly my friend. i have been coming out of the woodworks to people who i don't know, but i know of them or or knew of their husbands...i figure we are all going through this together...may as well have more friends even through blogosphere!! and i haven't forgotten our play date. i'm thinking week after next. email me your boys school/soccer schedule and we'll go from there.

LeAnne said...

hillary, you make me laugh!!!!

Hollie and Janie said...

Oh! You are too funny! "blog browsing" is such a fun way to "stay in touch"!

Lisa said...

Hey Hillary....I admit...I've been reading. I found you through becky. Your little boys look just like you. My fam is on the web to,

Keep writing and I'll keep stalking, I mean reading :)
Lisa Poole Alexander

Carrie said...

I admit it! I've been stalking some of the sites you have listed on your blog. But you're right - it's fun to "meet" new people this way.

Just does someone become a "certified" stalker? Are there college courses for that? ;-)

Matt, Carrie and Lucy Allen said...

Hillary-I know you kinda came clean already, but now its official-I'm added to your blogroll! yeah! And you know I stalk yours too(I enjoy reading your posts, you are always very witty and funny)...I am going over to add you to mine too. Still can't believe we both went to Troy, know so many of the same people and never met! Well, now we can be friends, even if it is over the internet!

ps-I am not sure if all cici's do the pizza thing-we went at 10am before it opened at 11 and I think they do it for like field trips and was fun.

meredith said...

I have to admit....I have been stalking your blog :) I enjoy catching up on what you are up to! Hope all is well.


Amber Brockett said...

Yes I have been stalking your blog as well and I love it. It has been a great way to keep up with your precious family!

Lisa said...

To answer your questions, Nolan was born Sept 30...really close to your little one. Nicholas will be 4 on 11/21. The Julie is my sister, not Julie Neher, but I have her email if you are interested. She is married and lives in Mobile, no kids yet.

annieck said...

You are SO funny!!!

annieck said... can I make my blog list like yours...with updates? I would love to have it so that I don't have to check everyone's blogs all the time. I would love to be able to see on my page that they've updated.
I'm a little technologically challenged! :)

annieck said...

Ok, just figured it out. :) No need to bother trying to explain it to slow-'ol me!

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