Thursday, July 31, 2008

Walking through The Park and Reminscing

Oh my! We have had a FUN day today. Donna and her two kiddos, Marc and Julia came up to Huntsville to visit us today from Birmingham. Shana got to come, too (even though she didn't get home until 1:30 last night from work), and we had such a great time reminiscing. We talked about everything from step shows that we (okay just I) participated in in college (there was a sorority group- it wasn't me by myself) to the Trojan Room- our dining facility of choice on campus. All of us lived in our sorority house at the same time and it was a blast.

Don't you just wish you knew how much fun you were having while it was happening? (Did that make sense? You know what I mean.) Spring semester of our senior year, Donna and I would lay out at the pool across the street pretty much every day (or close to it). I was taking 9 hours (3 classes) and was only considered full time because I was graduating. Ahhh. That was the life. Why were we so eager to get into the real world, again? Someone please remind me.

So, it was fantastic to see Donna and Shana and the kiddos today. Marc is 4 and Julia is 2. Owen thought Marc was super cool and that he had acquired a new best friend. He cried on the way home and said he wanted Marc to come over. Awww. I am glad they hit it off and played well together. The kids played in the playroom for a while with Cooper while we hung out and caught up. Then we all went to Chic-fil-A (our dining facility of choice NOW) for lunch and ice cream.

I have taught about a dozen people this trick, so I guess I should reveal it to all of blog world.

*** DID YOU KNOW- You can turn in your unopened Chic-fil-A toy in a kids meal for a FREE kids ice cream?? *** We do it every time and I think it's a must. E.g. When I told Owen we were going to CFA, he said, "ice queem?".
Then, we went out to Bridge Street to play in the fountains. We've never been there before, but I've always seen kids running around there when we go, so we thought we'd give it a try on this hot day. It was a hit with the older kiddos and I finally remembered to get out my camera:Owen and Marc playing in the water- no fear at all- lovin' it. Owen fell/ slipped several times and just kept going. I think the bottom picture shows a slip in action. Julia was too cool for the water, so she hung out on the sidelines in the shade. My kind of girl.
And Harris would like the world to know that he doesn't believe in "matchy matchy"... or even "quasi- matchy"... or in "matchy" of any sort.
When we were leaving the parking lot we were trying to get the kids to hug/ high 5 and they did that well- before I could take a picture, of course- but this is what I got. Owen as a force-hugger: "Come here and wrap your arms around this belly, baby."
A wonderful day! Thanks to Donna and Shana for coming all the way up to Huntsvegas to see us! We loved every minute of it and can't wait to see you again soon! I'll come down next time!


Donna said...

Hey Hill- we had the BEST time- Marky loves Owen! You, your home and your boys are beautiful. I'm so glad I got to see your world first hand! You post made me think about our leisurely senior year- I mean- take a class or two, go to the gym, lay out at the pool, grab some lunch, lay out at the pool, complain about being 'busy'. We should have savored every second!

LeAnne said...

ah, don't you love to talk about days gone by and the ole' alpha gam house. looks like a really fun day for you guys...i love the pictures. you three look great...looks like a cute "snap" to me!! wow...what a chick-fil-a tip...i'm doing that next time.

becky said...

oh hey...i remember donna! and why didn't i know bridge street had those fountains? i will be making my way there every week now b/c micah can walk from his office. fountains followed by maggie moos...i'm dying!!

Emily said...

awww...i'm so jealous! i want to get together and reminisce! how fun. yall all look great!

Shelley said...

you'll have to come down mid may when jill and i are there!

Shelley said...

and where was i when yall were at the pool? i must have been studying hard for my social work classes!

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