Thursday, July 24, 2008

The Song that's Stuck in my Head

And Jason's head, too, I'm sure.

Owen has been on a Thomas the Tank Engine kick since we did the potty training weekend with him and gave him a train and tracks as rewards (for major progress). Now he's watched Thomas videos pretty often and played with trains every day. One day I told him (when I was trying to tear him away from the train table) that he could pick one train to come with him. So, ever since then, he says, "pick one twain?" as soon as I tell him we have to go somewhere. He sleeps with a train, picks one to take to bath (not IN the bath- they are wooden), picks one to take to breakfast and picks one to take to school. I appease him to get out the door; I don't think that's too terribly bad of a compromise, do you?

Back to the song. This is from breakfast thing morning. Notice he's gung ho around 6:30 AM- momma's boy:

Here are the actual words to the real song (because we've watched a lot of Thomas, too!) so you can try to figure out what words he's using here (he gets stuck on the first verse of the chorus- there's you're hint):

Every day's a special day on Sodor. Changing as the seasons come and go.Gentle spring gives way to summer sunshine. Autumn winds give way to winter snow.

All the engines work the same, Freezing snow or driving rain. They just take it in their stride; Boilers nearly burst with pride!


LeAnne said...

That is the cutest video...i love Harris' reaction. TOO ADORABLE!!

Tara said...

So cute!

Carrie said...

LOL! I love it! I think all songs should end with "more bagel?"

becky said...

that is awesome!!

Emily said...

how cute! i just love his little voice! i wish elizabeth would wake up so takes her a good hour or so to get going..

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