Monday, July 28, 2008

The Baptism Song

Well, wouldn't you know it- the pastor reads the blog!

So, here's the whole song per her e-mail and here's Kim with Carrie, Ismael and the girls (Megan- left and Maya- right).
Thanks, Kim!!

Hey, Hillary!

The song you mention in your blog is # 2249 in The Faith We Sing UM Hymnal.

There are 4 verses, but we typically use just the 1st two at HG:

Megan, Megan, God claims you
God helps you, protects you and loves you, too.

(verse 1)
We this day do all agree
a child of God you’ll always be…
(repeat refrain)

(verse 2)
Carrie and Ismael love you so
They vow to help your faith to grow…
(repeat refrain)

You looked great Sunday!
love your blog!


becky said...

oh i know it!! i am the world's worst about not calling or getting together with people i live so close to!!

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