Sunday, July 13, 2008

Let the Babyproofing Begin!

We moved into this house last May with one child who was already running and jumping at 21 months. I've {all too quickly} forgotten the level of babyproofing that happens between the stages of crawling (9 months-ish) and playing with toys by yourself (18 months- ish). So, this house- stairs and all- ick!- has never been babyproofed. Now, our house is safe for kiddos- we have 2 that live here, you know- but I'm talking about taking things off the bottom shelves, putting up gates, making sure certain cabinets are locked and only feeding the dogs when Henry is sleeping.

I've found that I'm not the type who thoughtfully goes around and puts the baby plug things in all the sockets before they get there. I'm more of the "OH NO! Push that piece of furniture in front of the plug! I can't find another outlet cover!!". So, it's official, let the babyproofing redecorating begin!

Here is Henry crawling away:


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