Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Dogs Free to a Good Home Any Home But Ours

I have HAD it with our dogs. They are killing me and I am, for the first time, seriously considering giving them away. The breaking point was today when I had to ask our neighbor to come over to sit with in the house with the sleeping children while I had to run a quick work errand and BOTH dogs barked so much that Henry woke up. Ugh. Thankfully he went back to sleep, but I am still angry. {A bad emotion to be channeling when you blog, but whatever!}

Culprit #1:
Background: Named for Princess Leia in Star Wars. She was born on my 21st birthday and Jason and I got her on Halloween weekend in 1999 from the humane society. She was 8 weeks old and 3 pounds. She will be 9 in a few weeks {no birthday jokes in the comments section}. She is "officially" a Dachsund- Poodle mix, but I don't see that. She's just a mutt.

Trademarks: Barks (yips) at anyone who thinks about coming in the door and/ or knocking. Barks (yips) for food. Barks (yips) to go outside. All these can happen at any time of the day {or night}.

Quirks: Makes you let Luke outside when she eats so she can eat by herself.

Positive traits: Still has some spunk in her and loves to play with you- even though she's getting older. Will allow children to pull on her tail and pet her. House trained. Very smart.

Loves: Sitting in your lap and being petted.

Hates: Luke.

Culprit #2:
Background: Jason and I had said that if we got another dog we wanted a male Bishon and we would name him Luke. My co-worker and friend, Dionne- from the Space Center, came into work one day and asked me if I wanted to take a new dog they had gotten. He was a male Bishon named Luke. So, of course we had to take him. We got him in August 2003 and he was still a puppy, but I'm not sure of his birthday. He's a Bishon and Poodle mix. Named for Luke Skywalker from Star Wars- Leia's brother {sorry if that was a movie ruiner for you}.

Trademarks: Barks very loudly and abruptly at all squirrels, chipmunks and neighbor dogs. Is not house trained. Likes to pee on any corner or new stack of anything that you have on the floor. Doesn't like stairs. Overweight.

Quirks: Only walks certain ways around the house. For instance, he will walk around the whole house to go outside instead of directly to the door.
There are certain areas where Luke doesn't like to be petted. He will growl, then snap at you. Not great with children.

Positive traits: Eats anything that's dropped on the floor by children. As in, I haven't bent over to pick up/ sweep crumbs since we've had him.

Loves: Being petted. Long walks. Leia.

Hates: Above mentioned neighbor dogs.

I know there are many good reasons to have dogs. I just can't think of any of those right now. And, when you think about dogs financially (specifically these dogs), it definitely doesn't make sense.

Here is what we're paying for the dogs (just off the top of my head- I know there are more things):

Trips to the groomer- $45/ mo. on avg.
Dog food (only a certain kind that they'll eat): $10-$15/ week
Dog sitters: $40 every weekend we go out of town
Vet bills: $800- $1000/ year

There was a time when I loved the dogs, happily provided for them and lovingly walked, fed, bathed and took them to the doctor. Here is a picture from that time:
This was summer 2005 when I was pregnant with Ollie and our air conditioning went out. I had a fan blowing on me, no makeup on, was sweating, but still allowed the dogs to lay on me. Now that is love.

I wish I could muster up some of that love now, but it is all gone. Maybe it's the kids or work or life- I don't know. But the love is GONE. Poor dogs. If anyone out there wants the dogs {and I don't know how from the above mentioned traits} you can come get them. You'll know it's our house from the loud barking when you get to the door.


Jenny said...

Poor puppies; however, I can totally relate as we still want to get rid of our dogs, as well. We just aren't actively looking for homes since they are old and need to go together! Bummer! I hope you can find a good home for them. They are cute, and you present them very well. ;-)

annieck said...

I can totally relate! I have a yapper too. He barks at EVERY little noise. It drives me crazy!
The funny thing is that before I had Tristan, that dog meant the world to me. I loved him so much that I honestly worried if I would love my baby as much as I loved him. Crazy, but true.
Of course, then I had Tristan, and Flipper took a back seat.
These days, I still love him but spends lots of time being frustrated with him. I often say I'm going to get him a bark collar or that I'm going to give him away. I know, though, that if anything ever happened to him, I would be devastated.
Weird relationship, huh?
When Tristan was a baby, Flipper's yapping constantly woke him up. Fortunately, Asher is able to sleep through it. Praise God!
Good luck with your dogs. You're not alone! :)

annieck said...

I meant to say "spend" not "spends". I need to take a refresher English course! ;)

jenniferbernheim said...

Helllo there Hillary! I am not writing to you about dogs (as I didn't like them in college and still don't...I think I tried to feed your dog chocolate one time -kidding) but I do want to say hello! Eve gave me the link to your blog - it's so great to see and read about your family. We just had our first baby two months ago... ironically, we named him Owen as well (I guest AGD presidents have the same great taste). You can check out his webpage at http://owenbernheim.site.shutterfly.com/
Also if you get a chance send me an email. I would love to hear from you. I'm at jenniferbernheim@hotmail.com
Hope all is well...love your blogging site! Jennifer Martin Bernheim

Amy Nunnally said...

I'm right there with you! I have one dog that I have totally lost my love for ... actually I don't think it was ever there ... after having 2 kids. Just YESTERDAY, this 3 year old lab ate an entire plate of cookies that I had just worked for an hour baking! She hasn't been allowed inside since (not even to sleep)!

Emily said...

i can so relate to you, hill. like annie, my dog, marty, was my baby before elizabeth. not long after she was born the dogs became "outside" dogs..and there they still are today. i would get rid of them if mike would let me! hope you are able to find a good home for them!

Shana said...

ya'll are ALL cracking me up. So glad to call you all my "sisters"!

and so sorry for the pups...it's a hard knock life....

shana :)

Matt, Carrie and Lucy Allen said...

Hillary-Thanks for the comment on my blog, and I will admit, I have read yours too..(as you can probably tell since hilary did my layout too!)we do have lots of troy friends in common! I wasn't in a sorority (I was on the track team for a couple of years)but I know most of them through Campus Outreach. You probably would know matt...he does look a lot different from when we were at Troy though, but he played football and I think he went to some Alpha Gam formals and date things...anyway, I could probably go on and on...oh, this post is hilarious by the way! we don't have dogs, just a cat Matt found in Troy (and we still have him 7 or 8 years later!)he has adjusted pretty well post Lucy and tolerates her poking and proding!

Carrie said...

I'll trade you Abby for Leia if you can handle hairballs...

Donna said...

Mama hears you. I am trying to let Renny go- he's so young he'll be here forever! I thought I'd never love a baby like my dog- but when I walked in the door from the hospital with newborn Marky I kicked Renny (gently) and said "get out of the way" and that was the end of his joyride. Poor dogs- they need people who will appreicate their yappy selves.

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